CGPA – Chapter 115

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

Translator: Jury

Editor: NomNom

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

Morning light pierced the cloud cover and shone into the room through the gap between the curtains, disturbing the peaceful stillness in the room. Su Yuyang opened his eyes and stared blearily at the golden light.

The vexing rain had finally stopped. Sunlight shone on his face, bringing a hint of warmth. Su Yuyang raised his head and looked at Ling Miao. The sunlight shone on Ling Miao’s face, laying a soft golden glow over his pallid face. Su Yuyang stared at him in a daze, a hint of a smile at his lips.

Feng Ji pushed open the door and entered, and the first thing he saw was Su Yuyang’s besotted expression. He stood awkwardly in the doorway—it was difficult to go forward or back.

“Feng-ge, why don’t you go in?” An Yan’s uncertain voice came. Feng Ji hurriedly pulled An Yan away and prepared to flee the scene, but An Yan’s call had shocked Su Yuyang awake and now Su Yuyang inwardly grinned as he watched the two of them.

“I brought breakfast,” Feng Ji explained.

Su Yuyang gratefully nodded.

While Su Yuyang ate, Feng Ji looked closely at his face. Su Yuyang had gotten much thinner than before. His skin was gray and his hair was in disarray. The bruising under his eyes could be a national treasure. Feng Ji surmised that after a few more days Su Yuyang would be as thin as a bamboo pole.

“An Yan, when did you come back?” Su Yuyang had noticed that Feng Ji was staring him and found a topic to redirect Feng Ji’s attention.

An Yan snapped, “This morning.”

An Yan was someone who couldn’t hide his feelings and he didn’t try to hide anything in front of Feng Ji. Su Yuyang saw the dissatisfaction on An Yan’s face and the faint traces of hatred, so he didn’t keep pressing the matter. But Feng Ji explained from one side: “Xiao An was tricked into going back for a blind date. Last night he phoned me to go and save him. When he left, his mom was still yelling at him.”

“Tsk tsk.” Su Yuyang appeared calm, but inwardly he was happy at the misfortune: Feng Ji’s future mother-in-law seemed not to have a good temper!

“Hm. She’s not only sick, it’s a terminal illness.” An Yan’s countenance was cold and his tone was unfriendly, as if the person he was talking about wasn’t his own mother.

Su Yuyang surmised that An Yan didn’t have a good relationship with his family and didn’t ask further. He gulped down his breakfast and told Feng Ji, “I’m done.” Feng Ji glanced at the container: it was fairly clean. Satisfied, Feng Ji packed up the tableware and said to An Yan, “Xiao An, I’ll take out the trash and go to the toilet on the way. Wait here for me. Yuyang, take care of Xiao An for me.”

An Yan was a grown man and his health was fine, but Feng Ji had told Su Yuyang to take care of An Yan. That was entirely extraneous. But Su Yuyang knew what Feng Ji meant. He looked passionately at Ling Miao and thought, Xiao Miao, An Yan and Feng Ji are about to get together. Yan Li is showing PDA on her microblog every day and I can tell she and Ji Linxi are very happy. Now it’s just you and me left.

We started a relationship first, but now that everyone has found their happiness, you…

Xiao Miao, when you wake up, we’ll go back to see your parents, then get married. I want to keep you by my side all my life. No one can take you away!

An Yan stared at Su Yuyang’s profile. He saw the passion and resolution in Su Yuyang’s eyes. Though he couldn’t tell what Su Yuyang was thinking, he was envious of Ling Miao. He also wanted someone as passionate as Su Yuyang by his side.

As An Yan thought this, his gaze drifted reflexively to the doorway. That person hadn’t come back yet.

Fuck, did he fall into the toilet?

Suddenly, An Yan felt an impulse to run to the bathroom and look for Feng Ji.

Just as An Yan had picked up his feet and was about to go, Su Yuyang’s questioning voice came: “An Yan, Feng Ji said to wait here for him.”

An Yan frowned and said worriedly, “But he’s been gone so long…”

“Are you worried that he fell into the toilet?” Su Yuyang teased. “Or are you worried he’s been stolen away by a beautiful girl?”

“Even a woman who looks like an angel from heaven couldn’t steal him away!” An Yan said haughtily.

Su Yuyang said “Mm.” Did Feng Ji already tell this guy that he likes men?

An Yan’s reply confirmed Su Yuyang’s conjecture. An Yan hummed, “Maybe he’s been kidnapped by a silver-tongued, good-looking man!”

“Pft—” An Yan’s expression as he spoke was that of someone who was about to try to catch their lover cheating. Su Yuyang was unable to keep a straight face and broke into a smile. He tamped down on his impulse to smile and said, “Feng Ji doesn’t like people who are good with words. He likes people like you.”

“Ah?” A process in An Yan’s brain suddenly stopped responding. Su Yuyang gravely repeated: “Feng Ji has never liked people who are good with words. He likes quiet, meticulous people. For example… you.” Su Yuyang deliberately dragged the words out. At the point where An Yan was about to be unable to breathe, he spat out the word ‘you,’ and simultaneously pointed at An Yan.

“You… how do you know?” An Yan’s reaction was a little slow. He probably needed to clear his cache. Su Yuyang smiled slyly. “Feng Ji told me. If you don’t believe me, go ask him.”

“I… I…” An Yan stuttered for a while and didn’t get anywhere. His face seemed to be on fire—it was so red that Su Yuyang couldn’t help smiling again. “An Yan, you have feelings for Feng Ji, don’t you?”

An Yan’s eyes went wide with surprise. An Yan had thought he hid it well, but he had never imagined that Su Yuyang would find him out.

“You haven’t known him long. Was it love at first sight?” Feng Ji’s love at first sight for An Yan had already surprised Su Yuyang. If An Yan had also fallen for Feng Ji at first sight… damn, would this still be a fun game?

An Yan had already been caught totally off guard by the discovery of his crush. Now Su Yuyang’s further conjecture left An Yan no choice but to nod obediently.

“You two, really…” If Feng Ji were here, Su Yuyang would laugh.

Su Yuyang pulled out his phone from his pocket and said into the receiver, “Feng-zi, did you hear that?”

“I heard it,” Feng Ji said excitedly. Several seconds later, an out-of-breath person appeared in the doorway of the sickroom. The person took two big steps to stand in front of An Yan and hugged him tightly, as if the sky would grow desolate and the ground old before he let go.

An Yan suddenly fell onto a warm, broad chest. At first he struggled a little, but as he heard the man repeating “Xiao An, Xiao An…” by his ear, his arms encircled the man and hugged him back. “Feng-ge.”

“Xiao An,” Feng Ji called his lover’s name passionately. An Yan said aggrievedly, “Feng-ge, I can’t breathe.”

Feng Ji let go of An Yan. He kissed An Yan’s lips and smiled: “We both really are silly.”

“So you’re a match made in heaven,” Su Yuyang suddenly said. Feng Ji and An Yan turned to look at Su Yuyang, and they separated from the hug.

Though Su Yuyang was smiling, both An Yan and Feng Ji saw the dejection and envy he was trying very hard to hide.

“Yuyang…” Feng Ji wanted to comfort Su Yuyang, but Su Yuyang spoke first and cut him off: “Relax. I’m fine.”

“Xiao An and I will go back first. If there’s anything, just call.”

Feng Ji and An Yan left. In the quiet room, only the low voice of a man could be heard: “Xiao Miao, please, wake up quickly.”


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