CGPA – Chapter 116

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Editor: NomNom

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Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen

Su Yuyang wrung out a towel and meticulously cleaned every part of Ling Miao’s body.

“Xiao Miao, when I was in a coma, this was how you took care of me, right?” Su Yuyang smiled and said, “Suddenly, I realize that both of us have pretty fragile hearts. The moment we get agitated, we fall unconscious. Why did you make the same choice I did?” Hss—Su Yuyang had made too large a movement and pulled at the wound on his back. A heart-piercing pain made him cry out.

Su Yuyang rested a while until the pain subsided then continued his work. As he cleaned Ling Miao’s body he kept talking: “Xiao Miao, did you find taking care of me too tedious, so now you’re getting me to repay you with interest? Actually, even if you wake up, I’ll take care of you like I’m doing now. I just fear you won’t want me to take care of you at that time.

“Ah, yesterday Yan Li was showing PDA on her microblog again. Feng Ji and An Yan are also together now. I’m envious and jealous. Hey, Ling Miao, if you don’t wake up, I’m finding someone else!” Su Yuyang said, deliberately using a ferocious tone, but his eyes betrayed his love for Ling Miao.

“Xiao Miao, I don’t know what you said to Tang Xuan, and I don’t know whether Tang Xuan killing himself had anything to do with what you said. But I believe that no matter how big the matter is, running isn’t a solution,” Su Yuyang said warmly. “So, open your eyes, and we’ll face all the problems together, okay?”

Ling Miao didn’t move. Su Yuyang inhaled sharply, his voice choking up: “Just now, a couple of nurses passed by. They laughed when they saw me talking to myself. They’re probably laughing at me for being silly, but I don’t care. If you’ll wake up, what does it matter if people call me silly?”

At first, only a few of the nurses had known of Su Yuyang and Ling Miao’s relationship, then the news had spread. Now, all the doctors and nurses on every floor knew about his relationship with Ling Miao. Somebody had even recognized Su Yuyang and asked him for his autograph.

Su Yuyang’s thoughts were all on Ling Miao. As he autographed, his hands were trembling and his handwriting was crooked, which made him feel bad. But that nurse had been rather adorable.

Thunk thunk. A knock at the door. Su Yuyang turned and looked—it was the nurse.

“Great Shu, you’re cleaning Ling Miao again?” The nurse walked carefully over carrying some books. Su Yuyang nodded and smiled. Looking at the books in the nurse’s hand, he smiled and said, “Need another autograph?”

“Ah…” The nurse seemed embarrassed. “Great Shu, my boyfriend and I are both die-hard fans of yours. We met in your fangroup. I want to give him a set of your books when I propose to him…” After saying this much, the nurse’s voice was unsteady, as if worried she would hit a sore spot in Su Yuyang’s heart.

Su Yuyang smiled; he didn’t mind. He replied to the nurse: “After meeting me, you want to propose marriage with a set of autographed books?”

“There are too many books, and I can’t carry that many at a time, so I could only bring a few over at a time.” The nurse looked shyly at Su Yuyang.

Su Yuyang understood. He asked, “How many are left?”

“These are the last two.” The nurse hurriedly placed the books in front of Su Yuyang, who said apologetically, “I’m cleaning Ling Miao right now. You can leave the books there and I’ll sign them and give them to you later. Also, you can write down you and your boyfriend’s names too.”

“Thank you, Great Shu!” The nurse wrote down her and her boyfriend’s names, placed the books on the cabinet, then excitedly ran out.

Seeing the nurse’s joyful demeanor, Su Yuyang smiled along with her. He kissed Ling Miao and said, “Xiao Miao, my books are matchmakers. It’s a pity you didn’t see the nurse’s expression or you’d also be infected by her joy. Ah, Xiao Miao, she wants to propose to her boyfriend with a set of my autographed books. When I propose to you, just me will be enough, right?” As Su Yuyang finished, he began to laugh. As he laughed, tears flew from the corners of his eyes.

Su Yuyang inhaled deeply. He packed away the towel and the washbasin, then picked up the books the nurse had placed on the cabinet.

Seeing these two books, Su Yuyang could not help exclaiming: “Fuck, a limited edition copy of Demonic Song Defying Heaven.” Su Yuyang hadn’t been paying attention the first few times and hadn’t noticed the nurse’s books. Today he looked closely at them. This set of books was limited to 1,111 copies in the entire country; even he didn’t own a copy.

Su Yuyang signed the books and wrote his well-wishes. Then he put the books aside for the nurse to pick up when she got back and took out his phone to watch videos.

But before he could open a video, his hand went numb from the vibration of QQ notifications.

They were messages from the fangroup.


There were too many messages and Su Yuyang didn’t read them all. He just looked at the most recent few.

Fangroup \ Circles: The Great Shu didn’t update this morning?

Fangroup \ Tofu: No, he didn’t.

Fangroup \ Circles : This doesn’t make sense! If an update is delayed or he’s only updating once, he will notify us beforehand. He’s done that for five years. Today, why… ah, I’m not used to this.


Su Yuyang had drafts stockpiled but he hadn’t queued them. Now that Ling Miao was in this state, he wasn’t in the mood to worry about his book. He thought about it then got in touch with Mu Yu to ask him to post a chapter mentioning that he was taking a leave of absence.

Then he opened a side chat with Tofu and told him to notify the group and the forum. Tofu didn’t ask why. He told Su Yuyang to take care, then began to post the notices.

Having settled the matter of his book, Su Yuyang began to watch a video.

Su Yuyang hadn’t watched for very long before the nurse returned. Su Yuyang glanced at her and handed the books over. The nurse said, “Thank you,” and retreated. She was very agitated.

When Feng Ji got there, he passed by the nurse who was walking out happily.

“Why is she so happy?” Feng Ji grinned.

Su Yuyang explained, “She’s my fan and asked me for an autograph. She wants to propose to her boyfriend with my autographed books.”

“Pft—” Feng Ji couldn’t control his laughter.

Feng Ji placed the food in front of Su Yuyang and asked, “It’s been seven days. Ling Miao is still the same?”

“Still the same.” Su Yuyang caressed Ling Miao’s hand.

Though Su Yuyang seemed to be in good spirits, Feng Ji and Su Yuyang had been friends for many years and Feng Ji could see through Su Yuyang’s pretense at a glance.

“Write,” Feng Ji suddenly suggested.

“Not in the mood.” Su Yuyang gripped Ling Miao’s hand tightly.

Feng Ji said, “You need to change your mood up. Or, the way you are now, I guarantee that you’ll be sleeping in the next room tomorrow. I was going to suggest you go out and take a walk, but you definitely won’t. So, try using your keyboard to vent your feelings. If you’re worried the noise from the keyboard will disturb Ling Miao, I can give you pen and paper. Xiao An!”

At Feng Ji’s call, Xiao An placed Su Yuyang’s laptop, a stack of paper, and a pen on the cabinet.

“You rascal.” Su Yuyang grimaced.

Feng Ji picked up the pen and scribbled on the paper. He said, “You don’t have to write anything formal or logical. Even doodles are alright.”

Su Yuyang ran his hands over his laptop. Excitement in his fingertips, he opened the laptop and tapped at the keys a few times.

Remembering the word sprints he’d had with Ling Miao, Su Yuyang inexplicably began to smile.

He didn’t notice that Ling Miao’s fingers were gently tapping the bedsheet.


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