CGPA – Chapter 117

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Editor: NomNom

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Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen

Ling Miao had woken, but what made Su Yuyang unsure whether to laugh or cry was that it was the sound of the keyboard which had woken Ling Miao. The doctor had only this to say: the sound of the keyboard had agitated Ling Miao’s mind, so he had woken.

Su Yuyang had called him for nearly half a month and Ling Miao had given him no reaction at all. He’d typed for only two hours and Ling Miao had woken. This made him both happy and melancholy.

Feng Ji received Su Yuyang’s call and rushed over like he was on fire. As he entered the sickroom he saw Su Yuyang’s face, which was sorrowful and joyful at the same time.

After hearing from Su Yuyang the reason Ling Miao had woken up, Feng Ji very traitorously began to laugh.

Su Yuyang glared at Feng Ji, who smiled and said, “So your place in Ling Miao’s heart isn’t as high as his books?”

“Up yours,” Su Yuyang laughed. “What are you doing here? Go do what you need to do.”

Mm, Su Yuyang had called Feng Ji over to be menial labor. Since Ling Miao had regained consciousness, Su Yuyang didn’t intend for him to remain in the hospital. The doctor had also allowed him to be discharged.

Feng Ji had no intention of being menial labor. He sat down and said mysteriously, “I think something’s not right with Ling Miao.”

Su Yuyang grew doubtful. He had thought that Ling Miao’s current condition seemed good. Feng Ji pointed at Ling Miao’s face and explained, “Examine his expression. There’s no light in his eyes. His whole face looks blank, like he’s a scarecrow.”

Now that Feng Ji mentioned it, Su Yuyang took another look—indeed, that was the case. Ling Miao’s responses to both the doctor’s questions and the policeman’s interrogation were slow, his movements stiff, like he was a puppet.

“Doctor.” Su Yuyang pulled the doctor to a corner and asked worriedly, “Xiao Miao’s like a puppet. Will he not return to how he previously was?”

“It’s hard to say,” the doctor said wistfully. “Mostly, it’s because he still has a knot in his heart. If the knot in his heart can be undone, he’ll naturally return to his prior condition. As for what the knot is, you’ll have to find that out yourself.”

The knot in his heart? Su Yuyang thought deeply. Is it Tang Xuan?

Su Yuyang returned to the sickroom and found that the police officers had left. Ling Miao was staring at the ceiling, his eyes dark. He was like a grassy plain burned to the ground after a fire—without a hint of life.

Su Yuyang went slowly over to Ling Miao’s side. He grasped Ling Miao’s hand and kissed it: “Xiao Miao, the doctor says there’s a knot in your heart. Tell me what you’re thinking. Didn’t you want to keep walking down this road with me? In that case, I want to share your pain. Tell me, won’t you?”

Ling Miao’s lips parted and shut as if he was saying something. Su Yuyang moved closer to listen, but he didn’t hear anything.

“Xiao Miao…” Su Yuyang squeezed Ling Miao’s hand, low sobs slipping from between his lips. Ling Miao turned to look at Su Yuyang, and although his gaze was still blank, his eyelashes twitched.

Feng Ji had been observing Ling Miao’s expression the whole time, and the change on Ling Miao’s face didn’t escape his eyes. Feng Ji walked to Su Yuyang’s side and said joyfully, “Ling Miao is reacting to you. When you cried, his expression changed.”

“Really?” Su Yuyang looked at Ling Miao with surprised joy and said passionately, “Xiao Miao, if you really care about me, tell me what your troubles are. I’ll share them with you, and solve them with you.”

Su Yuyang had more or less packed all of Ling Miao’s things before Feng Ji had arrived. Now Feng Ji picked up the suitcases and told Su Yuyang, “I’ll bring the things down first. You and Ling Miao come quickly.”

“Thanks,” Su Yuyang said with a smile.

“Forget it,” Feng Ji said dismissively. “You’ve said thanks too many times recently. It’s devalued now. Besides, if you really want to thank me, give me something concrete.”

Feng Ji wasn’t really asking for something material; he was reminding Su Yuyang of something. Su Yuyang suddenly understood and said, “A year’s vacation, right? Sure, but, with Xiao Miao like this…”

“When you can give me the vacation, just let me know,” Feng Ji said understandingly. “Right now your main task is taking care of Ling Miao.”

When Feng Ji had gone, Su Yuyang checked the sickroom and verified they hadn’t left anything behind, then said to Ling Miao, “Xiao Miao, let’s go home.”

Su Yuyang helped Ling Miao sit up and put on socks and shoes. As he was about to carry Ling Miao off the bed, Ling Miao began struggling.

“You want to walk on your own? But…” Su Yuyang looked at Ling Miao with worry. Ling Miao got out of bed on his own and walked to the door. Su Yuyang picked up his things and frantically followed. “Xiao Miao, wait for me.”

In the elevator, Su Yuyang ran into the nurse who had wanted his autograph. He found out that her proposal had succeeded and was happy for her. At the same time, he thought about when he should propose to Ling Miao.

At the thought of proposing, Su Yuyang reflexively clenched his hands, which were still holding Ling Miao’s.

Feng Ji leaned against the car. Looking at the loving couple walking slowly over, he couldn’t help adding: “You two are really slow. You weren’t doing R-rated things in the sickroom, were you?”

Su Yuyang cursed, “Scram. If you want to do R-rated things, close the door and do it with your An Yan.”

Feng Ji drove Su Yuyang and Ling Miao home. After more than ten days away, Su Yuyang thought he would definitely return to a dusty house, but… fuck, why was it so clean? And why was there the smell of delicious food?

The person in the kitchen heard the noise, stuck his head out, and asked, “You all are back?”

Su Yuyang focused his eyes. The person in front of him wearing an apron—who could it be if not An Yan? An Yan held the pot handle as he greeted the three of them. Suddenly, he cried out, “Fuck, the meat!” As he spoke, his silhouette vanished.

“Sit down. The food will be ready shortly,” An Yan said hurriedly.

Feng Ji saw the surprise on Su Yuyang’s face and explained, “An Yan and I came every day to clean. An Yan heard that Ling Miao was discharged from the hospital today and took the initiative to cook. He says it’s to celebrate.”

Su Yuyang laid Ling Miao on the sofa. He looked at Feng Ji and was about to thank him but Feng Ji instantly cut him off: “Don’t say thank you. My ears can’t take it.”

Su Yuyang smiled and a rascally expression appeared on his face. He said, “Hey, Feng Ji. You’re working really hard for that year-long vacation.”

An Yan walked out of the kitchen carrying food. Hearing the exchange between Su Yuyang and Feng Ji, he asked curiously, “What year-long vacation?”

Feng Ji laughed drily and said dismissively, “I’ve worked for Su Yuyang for so long. I suddenly wanted a vacation, so I asked for one.”

“Let’s eat.” An Yan’s tone was somewhat unfriendly. Su Yuyang watched Feng Ji delightedly and thought, You can take your time explaining to An Yan. You can lie to him, even though your words are true.

After eating the food without tasting it, Feng Ji took An Yan and left. Su Yuyang remained in the kitchen washing dishes and Ling Miao kept watching Su Yuyang busy himself in the kitchen.


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