CGPA – Chapter 126

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

Translator: Jury

Editor: NomNom

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Six

Hu Yueyuan had to admire the beautiful scene before her. She smiled excitedly: “Ling Miao, you’re really involved with this man! Your dad doesn’t know, does he? If I told him about this…” She didn’t finish her sentence, the threat left hanging to make him panic.

Hu Yueyuan waited for Ling Miao to name his terms of his own accord.

Ling Miao didn’t say anything but Su Yuyang sat up from the bed and asked, “Your terms?”

Hu Yueyuan was very satisfied with Su Yuyang’s answer. She looked at Su Yuyang with approval and thought wistfully, Why is a man like that with Ling Miao? It’s a blasphemous waste.

“I want Ling Miao to move out.” Hu Yueyuan didn’t stand on ceremony. Since she had a handle on her enemy, she had to use it well! How else would she live up to her discovery? “I also want his name off the title deed!”

“Just that?” Su Yuyang asked nonchalantly, a mocking expression on his face as if Hu Yueyuan’s demands were chump change. Hu Yueyuan was even more pleasantly surprised. She activated every brain cell to think about what else she could get from Su Yuyang and Ling Miao.

“Two hundred thousand!” Hu Yueyuan thought about it and decided on something material. “Aside from what I said just now, I also want two hundred thousand!”

Ling Miao shrugged nonchalantly. Su Yuyang glanced at Ling Miao, took a cigarette from his pocket, and lit it. White smoke rose from between Su Yuyang’s pale lips, veiling him thinly. He stared out the window, a mocking smile on his lips. He said in a low voice, “That’s a little much, isn’t it?”

Hu Yueyuan was stunned. She retorted, “Didn’t you ask me to state my terms?”

“I said state your terms, so you stated them. So if I ask you to… scram, you’ll scram?” Su Yuyang tapped the ash off his cigarette. He was dismissive of Hu Yueyuan.

Su Yuyang was about to say, “If I ask you to die, you’ll die?” But he was worried about provoking Ling Miao, so he switched from ‘die’ to ‘scram,’ decreasing the severity by a lot. Ling Miao shot Su Yuyang a grateful look, which Su Yuyang didn’t discover but which Hu Yueyuan did. She interpreted Ling Miao’s look as being flirtatious.

Now that Hu Yueyuan had been played by Su Yuyang and also thought she saw Ling Miao flirting with him, her anger flared. She huffed and cursed, “People like you and Ling Miao should burn to death!”


A crisp slap reached Su Yuyang’s ears and he looked at Ling Miao whose expression was calm.

“Have you said enough?” Ling Miao was like a block of ice. His gaze and tone radiated a chill and Hu Yueyuan trembled.

Hu Yueyuan might have been slapped silly by Ling Miao, because she clutched her face and stood frozen to the spot not knowing what to do. Tears of incomprehension, shame, and anger leaked from the corners of her eyes and fell.

“What are you looking at? If you’re done talking, then scram.” Ling Miao kicked Hu Yueyuan out of the room and shut the door with a slam.

For a while, neither Ling Miao nor Su Yuyang had anything to say. They lay side by side on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

“I didn’t realize you smoked,” Ling Miao breathed in the faint scent of tobacco and reproached.

Su Yuyang explained, “I quit long ago. I only smoke when I’m frustrated or when I need to calm down.”

“And just now?”

“To calm down!” Su Yuyang laughed lightly. “She was so aggressive, I had to smoke in order to calm down! Actually, I brought these cigarettes for your father but he wasn’t home.”

“My dad doesn’t smoke,” Ling Miao said. “Thankfully he’s not at home today. You, too—why didn’t you check before coming?”

“It’s my fault, alright?” Su Yuyang bit down on Ling Miao’s ear. “Let’s go home.”

Ling Miao pressed his face to Su Yuyang’s chest, feeling the warmth of Su Yuyang’s body. He said softly, “I want to take everything with me.”

“Everything?” Su Yuyang was stunned. He looked at the things in the room and asked, “Do you think the two of us can take all of it? Besides, taking the train won’t be easy while carrying so many things.”

“Then you…”

“I’ll help you pack!”

Before they packed, Su Yuyang called Feng Ji and asked him to drive over and bring a change of clothes in the process. On hearing ‘change of clothes,’ Feng Ji was overjoyed. Su Yuyang knew what Feng Ji was imagining and didn’t explain, only hurried Feng Ji over.

By the time Ling Miao and Su Yuyang had packed, Hu Yueyuan had woken up.

Ling Miao had forgotten to lock the door. Hu Yueyuan turned the door handle and the door opened.

“Ling Miao!” Hu Yueyuan completely lost her reason. The moment she entered the room she rushed toward Ling Miao, and Su Yuyang and Ling Miao were taken aback by her speed and power. Before either could react, Hu Yueyuan had Ling Miao by the throat.

The things in Ling Miao’s hands scattered over the floor. His mouth was open but he couldn’t get a breath of air. His hands pushed at Hu Yueyuan, trying to push her away from him, but it was futile. Su Yuyang went up to pry Hu Yueyuan’s hands away but Hu Yueyuan was extraordinarily strong and not only did Su Yuyang fail to pry her hands away, he was almost sent sprawling to the floor.

Seeing Ling Miao gradually grow weaker, Su Yuyang had to be vicious—he knocked Hu Yueyuan unconscious.

Cough cough! Ling Miao was dizzy due to lack of oxygen. He sat on the bed and took deep breaths, staring at Hu Yueyuan all the while.

Su Yuyang hugged Ling Miao from behind and said regretfully, “I almost lost you again.”

Ling Miao took ahold of Su Yuyang’s hand to give Su Yuyang strength: “With you around, it’s a little hard to take my life.”

“What about her?” Su Yuyang looked at Hu Yueyuan and asked.

Ling Miao said coolly, “Let’s just leave her there. If she wants to talk about us, let her talk. My dad will find out sooner or later, anyway.”

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