CGPA – Chapter 127

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Editor: NomNom

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Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-seven

When Feng Ji reached Ling Miao’s apartment complex, Su Yuyang and Ling Miao were still packing up Ling Miao’s things. Feng Ji found Ling Miao’s house with the address Ling Miao had given him.

Su Yuyang’s shirt could no longer be worn and out of habit, he tossed it to the side. The moment Feng Ji entered the house he saw Su Yuyang walking around half-naked.

“Yo, you two get pretty into it!” Feng Ji looked at the buttons all over the floor and said meaningfully.

Su Yuyang rolled his eyes at Feng Ji and stuck out his hand. “Give me the clothes.”

Feng Ji stood in the doorway and glanced around. He looked at the empty bookshelves and the empty closet and said in surprise, “Is Ling Miao moving house?”

“This place doesn’t really count as my home.” Ling Miao’s motions halted and he spoke in a low voice. “I think that in the future I’ll have only one home and that’s with Su Yuyang.” Ling Miao turned his gaze to Su Yuyang, who coincidentally also raised his head to look at Ling Miao. The two smiled as their eyes met, and all was said nonverbally.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Feng Ji ruined the mood. He glanced at the time and hurried them: “Quickly. Xiao An is still waiting for us for lunch.”

Hearing Feng Ji’s sour tone and the anticipatory look in his eyes, Ling Miao asked, “Since you can’t bear to be away from your Xiao An, why didn’t you bring him with you?”

Feng Ji sighed helplessly.

“A few boxes of books, a suitcase of clothes. Damn, you’re even taking your desktop computer. Su Yuyang’s so poor the only thing he owns is money. Won’t he buy you even a computer?” Feng Ji tapped the things Su Yuyang and Ling Miao had packed.

Ling Miao touched the box containing his computer and his lips lifted. His eyes glazed over with a warm expression and he said, reminiscing: “My mother bought me this computer. It’s probably the only thing she left behind.”

His sorrowful tone brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Su Yuyang caressed Ling Miao’s hair and consoled, “When are you taking me to see your mother? I have to answer to her for taking her son away.”


“Ah ah ah, let’s go. I’m hungry.” Feng Ji felt that the atmosphere now was too heavy and quickly spoke to defuse it.

Thankfully, this building had an elevator. If there wasn’t one, carrying the things in the room down eight flights of stairs would leave the three of them so tired they wouldn’t even be able to drive.

On the way back, Ling Miao kept talking and Su Yuyang occasionally answered him. Eventually, Ling Miao fell silent. He turned his head to see that Su Yuyang had leaned against the car window and fallen asleep.

Ling Miao scooted over to Su Yuyang’s side. He lightly pulled Su Yuyang’s head to rest on his shoulder so that Su Yuyang would sleep more comfortably.

“He’s very tired.” Feng Ji suddenly spoke. Ling Miao froze and guilt surfaced in his eyes.

Feng Ji continued: “When you were unconscious, he stayed by your side the whole time. Every day I’d bring him food and he’d either be cleaning you, or holding your hand and telling you he loved you, or staring at you in a daze.

“He used to be a man full of life, and because of you, he turned into a dead fish. Seeing him grow more haggard day by day, I really wanted to drag you off the bed and give you a good beating. But Su Yuyang protected you and I couldn’t even scold you.

“Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t have the right to hit you or scold you. I could only hope that you would wake up sooner.”

“Thank you, Feng Ji.” Ling Miao wasn’t sure what to say and could only say ‘thank you’ to express his feelings now.

“You and he are a match made in heaven,” Feng Ji laughed. “I’ve heard more thank yous lately than in the last year, and almost all from the two of you. It’s lost its meaning.”

Feng Ji’s manner was carefree with a hint of a smile. Ling Miao watched Su Yuyang with a tender expression, his fingertips tracing the bags under Su Yuyang’s eyes. He fussed: “He never used to have eyebags. He slept early and woke early. He had very good living habits.”

“It’s all due to you, dumb cat, who walked into his life and now can’t escape,” Feng Ji teased. “You seem listless too. Do you want to sleep a while too? Relax, I won’t sell you and Su Yuyang off.”

“Wake me when we get there.” Ling Miao kissed Su Yuyang’s face, then shut his eyes.

Feng Ji called An Yan to update him on the situation. An Yan said he’d prepare lunch immediately.

W&S wasn’t open today and An Yan was the only one in the shop.

Feng Ji parked the car and woke the two men who were sleeping soundly.

“We’ve only been away a day but it feels like a year,” Ling Miao said as he looked at his surroundings.

Su Yuyang went up and took Ling Miao’s hands. He said gently, “We’ll never leave again.”

Ling Miao nodded.

An Yan had prepared an entire table of dishes. As Su Yuyang and the others walked through the door, they immediately smelled the delicious scent of food. Feng Ji swallowed, cleared his throat, and called, “Xiao An, we’re back.”

An Yan heard Feng Ji’s shout. He picked up a plate of food and exited the kitchen. “Feng Ji, get the utensils.”

“Roger!” Feng Ji followed closely behind An Yan, looking like a dog who’d been praised by his owner. Ling Miao was so surprised he couldn’t shut his mouth. He asked in shock, “Damn, is this the Feng Ji I know?”

“This is the real Feng Ji!” Su Yuyang exclaimed.

“He treated you like that, too?” Ling Miao’s tone suddenly grew severe.

Su Yuyang seemed to notice he’d said something wrong. He listed his body from side to side as if trying to dismiss the matter. But looking at Ling Miao he knew that if he didn’t explain himself, Ling Miao wouldn’t let it go.

“He’s quite subservient,” Su Yuyang admitted, and tried his utmost to remember the time when they were dating. “When we were dating, he did almost everything for me. If I was even a little bit unhappy, he’d get worried.”

“He even washed your underpants?” Ling Miao asked darkly.

“I washed them!” Su Yuyang denied. “That’s too personal. Better to wash them myself.”

“Hmph!” Ling Miao huffed, his chin angled up slightly as he pouted, looking very put out. Su Yuyang got up and covered Ling Miao’s pink lips with his own. Ling Miao was shocked by the sudden kiss and if not for Su Yuyang holding him up, he would definitely have fallen on the floor.

Feng Ji and An Yan walked out, one carrying utensils and the other the lunch dishes. As they got to the counter they saw Su Yuyang and Ling Miao kissing and Feng Ji sighed, “Ah, hey, if no one was around you’d already have gone all the way, yes?”

Su Yuyang let go of Ling Miao’s lips and looked at Feng Ji in challenge. “If you’re envious, there’s someone next to you too.”

Su Yuyang’s words were very forthright, and when An Yan heard them his face went instantly red. Feng Ji sighed, “Let’s eat.”

“Ha ha!” Su Yuyang and Ling Miao began laughing in unison and An Yan’s face grew even redder.

Around the lunch table, Feng Ji mentioned the one-year vacation again and Su Yuyang very generously approved it. After lunch Feng Ji drove Su Yuyang and Ling Miao home, but he wasn’t going to help Su Yuyang carry Ling Miao’s things upstairs!

Su Yuyang and Ling Miao had to force themselves to move all the things on their own. After they finished moving the several huge boxes, they didn’t even have time to catch their breaths before Su Yuyang’s phone rang.

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