Happy Chinese New Year 2020

Happy Lunar New Year, Chaleurians!


Wishing everyone on this blessed eve a safe journey home to your loved ones. May your reunions be filled with abundance of joy, wealth and prosperity to usher in the new year. As the saying goes, new year… new luck!


To celebrate this auspicious event, we’ll be releasing batches of chapters from some of your beloved novels throughout the day so you can read them as you’re on your way to your relatives.


We also have a sneak peak of Tina’s Rest in a Demon’s Embrace’s webtoon that will eventually go live on Line Webtoon exclusive for Chaleurian readers. Read it here first before it goes live there! (Click here! Here!)


Lastly, Blue Jay will be publishing a very special original anthology of stories tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for it. (owo)/