Chaleuria Announces 3 JJWXC Danmei Licenses – Fake Slackers, Green Hat System & Interstellar Super Couple

Hi everyone,


Bookmark your calendars! Rounding out licenses for the year 2019, we bring you not one, not two, but three licenses from JJWXC. Debuting in November, please join me in welcoming Fake Slackers by Mu Gua Huang, Green Hat System – A Breakup You’ll Never See Coming by A Kitty That Hates Mewling and Interstellar Power Couple by Kun Cheng Xiong Mao.



The team for Fake Slackers is none other than our lovely Jury & Nom Nom. If you’ve read the Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant, you’ll be familiar with their work.


Working on Green Hat System is my friend, Immortal Dreamer. You may know him from some of his R-18 novels. *winks*


Finally, please welcome the following trio who will be working on Interstellar Power Couple: Leslie, LalaPigeon and Vemmy. LalaPigeon and Vemmy are no newbies to the translation community. You would have seen them around the danmei communities. The team is still learning the ropes as they translate, so if anything amiss, do give them a shout!


We’re really excited to bring these three projects to you, and are looking forward to bringing more licensed works to you. If you’re interested to work on gongzicp and JJWXC works with us, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


With this announcement, we will also be bringing some crazy changes to Chaleuria soon. Keep your eyes peeled out for those coming soon!