Happy White Day~ Announcement for DITA, Cover Previews & New Releases, oh my!

Happy White Day, ma cheries~

We have a slew of goodies for you today in celebration of this day amidst all the gloom of the world.

First, we would like to take this opportunity to release an announcement from Kotoni that we had previously released on Valentine’s Day via our Twitter account. Many readers have been eagerly anticipating new chapters from Deep in the Act (DITA) since last year. We would like to apologize for not posting a hiatus notice sooner to all of you. Since July 2019, Kotoni has been re-translating the first 32 chapters of the first volume for the upcoming eBook release. In that interval, a lot of things happened to her. Health and personal issues got in the way of both updating and re-translating so she’s been on an infinite hiatus. However, we’ve spoken with her and she has confirmed that updates will resume in June! As an apology, we will release a sneak peek preview of the cover for DITA Volume 1 that was illustrated by the lovely, Sayuuhiro. You can check out more of Sayuuhiro’s works here: https://sayuuhiro.tumblr.com/sayuuhironetworks



For fans of Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days, we have this pretty WIP cover by ZeldaCW for the upcoming Volume 1. Isn’t Fishy adorable? Please come pay tribute and give ZeldaCW lots of love and thumbs up here: http://www.zeldacw.com/


Did you catch the slew of Rest in a Demon’s Embrace updates yesterday? Rest in a Demon’s Embrace Volume 2’s Troubles of a Demon Prince has launched on Kindle. Get your copy for only $3.99: amazon.com/dp/B085VFLW8R


Lastly, we have an awesome new update from BlueJay’s Our Memories Together. He’ll be launching his next short story, Neon Street Lights. Stay tune for the exciting juicy tale. Out sometime today~