Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits Volume 1 Kindle Launch & Giveaway

Do you believe supernatural beings exist?

Gu Yu, an ordinary college student, finds his world turned upside down when he encounters a handsome and powerful exorcist living in a mysterious old manor behind his university. Their paths had never crossed before, yet their fates become intimately entangled after one chance meeting.

A coffin that knocks in the dead of night, a forgotten god, a weeping girl in a box… the mysterious exorcist will guide Gu Yu on a path into the world of the grotesque and motley, weaving an urban tale of demons and spirits.


One of our very first licenses has just made its debut over on Kindle!

Urban Tales of Demons and Spirits Volume 1: Book of Thunder is available for JUST $4.99!

Get your copy of it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087ZRPJ1T

This has been a long time coming, and our team has worked really hard to make this happen.

A big shout out and thank you to all our translators and editors that worked on this volume – MomoePom, Kelaude, Linc, Draygan and CheshirePhoenix. Without you, this volume wouldn’t have come to fruition. We would also like to give our thanks to Rynisyou for the lovely illustrated cover. Thank you for bringing Gu Yu to life! If you would like to follow Rynisyou, please check our her works at https://rynisyou.com/.

In celebration of the release, we also have a giveaway running on our Twitter account. Stand a chance to win a free copy of UTDS. Simply follow us on @chaleuria and share our giveaway tweet. We’ll choose the lucky few by the end of the week!