IPC Chapter 11: Name Change

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 11: Name Change

There’d only ever been the cases of Xiao Lingyu flirting with other people, but him being flirted with was unheard of—so, when even he himself looked incredibly stunned, everyone in the Xiao family laughed so hard they almost choked, thinking afterwards, only kids with strong characters like this one are interesting.

On the other hand, after he’d recovered, Xiao Lingyu’s take on this little incident was to think, Alright boy, you’ve got some nerve, just you wait!

The Xiao family had already replied to the Lei and Feng family’s decision, so regardless of what everyone thought, the wedding was still being prepared for in a very lively manner. 

Less than two days later, the eldest sister, Lei Lingqin, who Lei Jue had not yet met, and her husband, Kong Fangyu, came with their child. Apparently, the eldest brother, Lei Lingqu, was in the key phase of an experiment and would probably arrive on the eve of the wedding. 

It was a rare thing for Xiao Lingyu to be at home every day these days, so the number of times Lei Jue met him rose up all of a sudden. 

Luo Yuling gave her orders, telling Xiao Lingyu to accompany Lei Jue on a shopping trip and to buy everything that he liked! And so, Xiao Lingyu accompanied Lei Jue while they roamed the streets, or shopped online—either way, it was nonstop buying every day. 

Xiao Lingyu was surprised to discover that Lei Jue was the same as him, and really liked hi-tech products such as aircraft, mecha, fighter jets, as well as photon computers, communicators… Lei Jue liked them all. On the contrary, he didn’t have much of a taste for clothes and shoes and the like, which, to Xiao Lingyu, was a little unexpected. 

“And here I thought that you only liked animals,” Xiao Lingyu said. “Now, we finally have something in common to talk about.” 

“One day, when I learn how to be loose wherever I go, just like you, we’ll have even more things in common to talk about,” Lei Jue said as he looked at merchandise. 

“Do you even need to learn anymore? You’re already incredibly loose right now.” Xiao Lingyu tapped on a bottle of perfume in passing, and after smelling it, he commented, “The scent’s pretty good, but it’s not as fragrant as your body.”

“Is my body very fragrant?” Lei Jue casually lifted the sleeve’s opening on his arm and took a whiff. “Seems like it really is. Later on, I’ll gift the underwear I wore today to you.”

“…Are they briefs?”

“No,” Lei Jue laughed, “But I have a pair of scissors, so I can cut two pieces of fabric off for you while I’m at it.”

“Excuse me, but can you not stare at my trouser’s crotch when you say ‘cut two pieces of fabric off’?” Xiao Lingyu felt his rod ache. 

“Okay, I’ll take note of it for next time.” Lei Jue brought his gaze upwards, looking at Xiao Lingyu. “Oh, right, is it difficult to get a name change?”

“Name change?” Xiao Lingyu didn’t understand why he suddenly asked this. “It’s not difficult. As long as you don’t have a criminal record, you can change it. Why, did you want to get a name change?”

Lei Jue did in fact want to change his name. He thought that the ‘Jue’ character wasn’t very nice[1]. In truth, the original owner had wanted to change names when he had still been alive, but he’d been too young at the time and needed the approval of his guardian. However, Lei Jianying and the rest hadn’t approved, so Lei Jue hadn’t been able to change it. The current Lei Jue also wanted to change it, but the situation had initially been quite sensitive, so he hadn’t raised the topic. Now, he felt that it was more or less the right time. 

Xiao Lingyu also felt that the meaning of “Jue” wasn’t that nice either, so he took Lei Jue to the Household Registration Office. 

It wasn’t too different from that time when they registered for marriage, in that he needed to scan his biometrics again. After confirming that he didn’t have a criminal record, he paid the service fee and it was changed. Now, this world’s Lei Jue had truly become him, Lei Jue[2]. Right when his new name took hold, he suddenly felt the center of his left palm grow hot. When he looked, he discovered that a strange change had occurred on the lines of his palm. His life line had turned a faint green, and his wisdom line had become a faint gold!

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Lingyu saw that Lei Jue was staring at his hands, and also took a glance. He didn’t see anything special about it, though. 

“It’s nothing.” Lei Jue took one glance at Xiao Lingyu’s expression and knew that he hadn’t seen anything. 

“Oh that’s right, what does your ‘Jue’ mean?” Xiao lingyu asked. 

“Two joined pieces of…” 

“Two pieces of what?”

“Two pieces of jade.” Lei Jue looked at his palm once again. He notices that the colours of the two lines were a little paler than before, but they were still there—they existed as if they had a life. Did it have something to do with him changing his name, or was it just a coincidence? Was it the A3 plan? Or was it something else? He wasn’t sure. 

The people of the Xiao family felt that the name change to Lei Jue was pretty good, especially the eldest sister, Xiao Lingqin, who believed that a good name could make the owner of it more confident and think healthier, brighter thoughts.

At night, the whole family crowded together. With the addition of a little kid laughing and running circles around everyone, the family-like atmosphere was exceptionally strong, making Lei Jue, who had almost never experienced the warmth of family, feel his heart grow hot. 

At this moment, Xiao Lingqin’s daughter ran over, feet tapping on the ground. She hugged Lei Jue’s leg, tilting her little palm-sized face upwards. “Uncle Little Jue, can you take me to see the snow marmoset?”

Lei Jue smiled. “You’d need to ask your mom and dad, and you need to ask your Second Uncle, too. I can only take you if they all agree.”

“Dad, mom, can I?” The little girl immediately swivelled her head towards her parents. 

The Xiao Lingqin couple smiled as they nodded. At this moment, Xiao Lingshu asked, “Xiaoxiao, why didn’t you look for Second Uncle directly?”

The little girl replied, a little embarrassed, “Second Uncle isn’t as good looking as Uncle Little Jue!”

Xiao Lingshu had the expression of someone who’d just been shot. “Sweetie, if you say that, Second Uncle will be very sad. I made you that robot doll all for nothing.” 

“Mom said that what’s been gifted away can’t be taken back!” The little girl immediately went on her guard, putting her hands around the incomparably exquisite doll in her pocket. “Second Uncle, do you want to take it back?”

“If I wanted to take it back, would you give it to me?” 


“Hahahahaha, the little rascal.” Everyone in the room couldn’t help but laugh, and Lei Jue picked up the little girl, taking her to see the snow marmoset.

The snow marmoset now had a name, Curly—a name given by Lei Jue. Lei Jue would come to visit Curly and the other little animals almost every day, so he was already very familiar with them. He held Kong Xiaoxiao in his arms and squatted down, allowing Curly and the other two squirrels to run laps around them.

“Uncle Little Jue, they’re really cute.” The little girl wanted to touch them, but also seemed a bit afraid. 

Seeing this, Lei Jue fished out some food from his pocket. “Uncle Little Jue has some yummy food here, and in a moment, if Xiaoxiao feeds it to them, they’ll be more friendly to you. But Uncle’s telling you, just like what you said when we were inside, what’s been given away can’t be taken back. Some little animals will be very infuriated if their food is stolen. Got it?”

“Got it.” Kong Xiaoxiao grabbed a small handful and passed it out. Curly and the two squirrels hurried over, with Curly taking the semi-moist dried fruits that were specially produced at home, while the squirrels took the rest of the nuts. The little girl saw how they peered intently at her after they finished eating and laughed unstoppably, then asked for more feed from Lei Jue. 

Lei Jue gave it to her, but after he handed it over his joy died a little. He discovered that the colour of the lines on the hand which he had used to give out the food had suddenly become very dark and seemed to be a bit beyond his control. He had to exert some effort before he could keep his hand in check so that it wouldn’t move out of his control.

Very quickly, he discovered that the target of the hand was Curly!

“Uncle Little Jue, what’s wrong?” Kong Xiaoxiao very astutely realised that something was off with Lei Jue. 

“It’s nothing,” Lei Jue replied, and he shielded the little girl as he reached out a hand and grabbed Curly, who was in the middle of eating. 

Normally, no matter how good their relationship was, Curly would still get angry, since marmosets hated having their food stolen away or being disturbed while eating. However, not only was Curly not displeased in the slightest, he even reluctantly split half of the dried fruit he’d taken quite a few bites out of with Lei Jue!

But this wasn’t what astounded Lei Jue—what surprised him was that, when he grabbed Curly, it was as if he could feel Curly’s emotions and could even influence him!

“It’d be nice if Curly would let me hold him for a photo.” At this moment, Kong Xiaoxiao spoke with a sweet, expectant smile. 

As if performing a spell, Lei Jue repeated the young lass’s thoughts within his mind. Then, something strange happened; while still eating, Curly reached out his two little arms towards the little girl!

Kong Xiaoxiao was terribly excited, her little body squirming as she sat on Lei Jue. “Uncle Little Jue, does he want me to hug him? Can I hug him? Can I?”

Lei Jue replied, “Okay… oh, but you must be careful. Hold him properly, and Uncle will take a photo for you.”

Kong Xiaoxiao hurriedly picked Curly up, and Lei Jue successfully took a few photos. Afterward, he was still a little disbelieving, so, in his head, he repeated the thought that he wanted Curly to go pat the two little squirrels. As a result, Curly immediately went and patted them, scaring the two squirrels so much that, with a rustle, they rushed far away in an instant, even dropping the nuts. 

Lei Jue’s eyes crinkled, a sliver of joy flashing through them. Following that, he picked up the little girl, who was feeling a little cold now. “Xiaoxiao, say goodbye to Curly and the little squirrels. We’ll see them again tomorrow, okay?”

Kong Xiaoxiao waved, and Curly waved back—the latter was from Lei Jue’s thoughts, which Curly carried out.

Before Lei Jue left, he took another glance at Curly, and Curly also watched him for quite a while. It was an indescribably strange feeling.

At night, when he returned to his bedroom, Lei Jue looked at his left hand once again. The life line and the wisdom line on it were still just as obvious. He couldn’t resist calling Loquat, who had mostly recovered with the help of his supplementary treatment, over. He stroked him with this hand, just like he had done many times before. He quickly discovered that Loquat, just like Curly, was starting to understand the simpler thoughts in his mind. 

“Loquat, go bring your pompom toy to me.” Lei Jue directly spoke aloud this time. 

“Meow.” Loquat happily used his paws to push the ball over to Lei Jue, until it finally reached his feet, then curled himself up into a ball. 

Lei Jue looked at the little thing, pondering whether he should make a trip to the Pet Market during the day and check it out. There were many species of animals there, and there’d definitely be a few that were quite fierce. He wanted to see whether or not he could influence those ones. 

Pity that the day hadn’t really lightened when a message came that forced Lei Jue to drop this idea. 

The message was sent by Lei Jianying. He wanted Lei Jue to follow tradition, return to the Lei residence, and wait to be received by Xiao lingyu. To send a message at this hour was obviously a result of this person not even thinking about things such as time differences, and moreover, not caring whether other people needed to rest at this time. 

Lei Jue himself really didn’t like having his sleep interrupted, so he really hated the type of person who would, but this time he needed to become this type of person. He had no choice though, there was an A3 plan in his brain, and regardless of what it was, he needed the Xiao family members to have some guard against it. Otherwise, if it really was the sort of thing that could control people, it’d be bad if he did something to harm the Xiao family while he wasn’t aware.

The sky had just begun to brighten when Lei Jue knocked on the door to Xiao Lingyu’s room. 

“Did you need something?” The door opened and Xiao Lingyu looked at Lei Jue sleepily, his upper body bare and a black pair of sweatpants on his lower body.

“…” Lei Jue really didn’t do it on purpose, but his gaze indeed slipped casually down where it really shouldn’t be while he was curiously checking out Xiao Lingyu’s abs. 

“Can you visually measure how many sizes bigger than you I am?” Xiao Lingyu followed Lei Jue’s gaze down, asking smilingly. 

“I can’t.” Lei Jue leaned against the doorframe. “How about we take it out for comparison?”

“Let’s not, I worry that you’ll feel discouraged.” Xiao Lingyu made way. “Did you need something?” he repeated.

“Yes.” Lei Jue withdrew his slightly envious gaze and smiled. “I’d like to ask for your advice on a few problems.”

[1] 雷绝,雷珏: Both Lei Jue. The first character 绝: sever, exhaust, die, extreme, hopeless, desperate, superb – this is the name of the original owner of the body. The second character 珏: two pieces of jade joined together – this is the name of the main character, which he had before he transmigrated. Despite the ‘superb’ part of the meaning, the first character has too many negative things associated with it, hence why Lei Jue doesn’t think that it’s very nice. 

[2] 雷绝,雷珏: Lei Jue (the original’s identity) had truly become Lei Jue (the main character)