IPC Chapter 12: Return to the Lei Residence

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 12: Return to the Lei Residence

Lei Jue held a communicator, and Xiao Lingyu also held one. Xiao Lingyu was explaining to him a few things that needed a very high amount of skill. Lei Jue listened carefully by the side, asking questions from time to time. 

Just like this, more than an hour passed by in the blink of an eye, then a knock sounded on the door. 

“Little Five, is Little Jue here with you?” The person who came was Luo Yuling. 

“What’s wrong, mom?” Xiao Lingyu opened the door. 

Luo Yuling didn’t feel happy, because this time her son was wearing an extra pair of pants more than the last time, but instead looked a little depressed. “Someone from the Lei family is going to come to pick up Little Jue, they might arrive in another fifteen minutes.” Her forehead furrowed deeply, and she looked at Lei Jue. “Originally, your Uncle Xiao and I didn’t want you to go back to the Lei family again, but they were set on doing this. Also, if we do it according to the marriage traditions of both places, it should indeed be like so. So Little Jue, you should prepare to go to the Lei residence.” 

“Okay Aunty, the Lei family already told me about it earlier in the morning.” 

“Mm, your Elder Brother Lingshu and Elder Brother Linghua need to go over beforehand to prepare a few things too; they’ll probably leave only a little bit after you. If you really do have any problems, then go look for them, okay?” 

“I got it, thank you Aunty.” Lei Jue returned to his room as he put on the communicator. 

When the door closed on Lei Jue’s end, Luo Yuling abruptly gave Xiao Lingyu a hard pat on his arm and lowered her voice, “How come you guys ended up in the same room again?”

Xiao Lingyu hurriedly rubbed his arm, which was burning from the pain. “He said he had questions for me, so he came. Should I have chased him out?”

Luo Yuling apologetically gave her son’s arm a gentle rub. “Mom’s wrongfully accused you then. But you need to pay attention a little too, don’t get too…don’t get too close, got it?”

Xiao Lingyu nodded. 

Luo Yuling looked at her son with worry, then sighed and left. 

Xiao Lingyu closed the door and sat on his bed, his gaze unfocused as he picked up his communicator and played around with it by his sense of touch, throwing it up and catching it, then throwing it up again. There was no window into his thoughts. After a moment, he said, “Carrera, keep an eye on Little Jue’s vitals.”

A “yes” was voiced from the communicator, and afterward there was no more sound. 

The person that the Lei family had sent over to pick up Lei Jue was Su Erman, and Lei Jue’s impression of this person was incomparably poor. Lei Haige had quite a number of lackeys, but Su Erman was the worst of them, since the guy was a little extreme. Just because the original Lei Jue had rejected his younger brother when he’d still been alive, Su Erman had always scorned him. 

Of course, the one who was scorned had now become him.

Lei Jue had only just sat down on the aircraft when Su Erman shot a glance over without a single sliver of goodwill, and afterward, just like that other time when he picked Lei Jue up, he told Flying Wolf to return home. 

Although Flying Wolf’s speed wasn’t as fast as the S-15 fighter jet, its edge was that it was flying at full speed, so the trip to the Lei residence  didn’t take much time in the end. Returning to this detestable place after a few days away, Lei Jue felt an instinctive sense of disgust. However, he couldn’t show it too much, either. 

Because the big day was soon, the Lei residence was decked with lights and various colors. Regardless of whether they were actually happy, or just faking it, joy was displayed on everyone’s faces. Lei Jue even discovered that Lei Haige had undergone a slight surgery. At first glance, he looked the same as he always did, but when one looked carefully they’d discover immediately that his chin, eyes, and nose had obviously been tweaked and his eyebrows were thicker than they were in the first place, too. In addition to that, since the technology for it was so advanced now, it looked quite natural. If it wasn’t for the fact that the original owner of his body had faced this hateful visage for numerous years, Lei Jue might not actually be able to tell at all. 

“Little Jue, you’re back.” Yu Fenglai smiled as she came over and grabbed Lei Jue’s hands. “Hmm? Are you too nervous because the wedding is going to happen soon, and didn’t sleep well? Why do you look like you’ve gotten skinnier?” 

“Thank you for your concern, Aunty,” Lei Jue said. “I’ve actually gotten quite a bit fatter. It’s just that when Uncle contacted me I was still asleep, so maybe I got up a little too early.” 

“So that’s why.” Yu Fenglai’s smile grew, though it didn’t reach her eyes. “Look at him, he must’ve forgotten about the difference in time zones again. He’s been too busy these days. Anyway, it’s good as long as you hadn’t gotten skinnier. I’ve been worried the whole time that you wouldn’t be used to the food there. You should go sit down for a little bit first, and chat with your elder brother. He mentioned you to me just this morning, too, saying that he’s not used to you not being at home all of a sudden.”

“Mm, I quite miss him too.” Lei Jue thought inwardly, how could he get used to having one less person to torment?

A fair number of relatives from the Lei family had come. At the moment, they were all seated everywhere, chatting. Since it was still summer here, there were quite a few people outside, too. If Lei Jue didn’t listen to Yu Fenglai and find Lei Haige, the damn pervert might stir up some trouble again. He said a few casual words to the relatives who, under the excuse of greeting him, actually wanted to snoop on gossip on the Xiao family, then went to the back garden. There weren’t many people here who truly welcomed him, anyway. 

Lei Jue’s father was an adopted child of the Lei family. Although he’d been adopted when he was young, there wasn’t much difference between his situation and Lei Jue’s when he’d been alive, suffering Lei Jianying and his cousins’ ostracization in the Lei family. He, too, had suffered all the way until he grew up and could rely on his own abilities to carve out a place in the army. Unfortunately, he died of severe injuries in order to save his teammates on a mission. 

Nobody cared for him when he’d been alive, so naturally nobody missed him after he died. The only one left who would think about him was the original Lei Jue, and now he was gone too. 

Lei Jue didn’t want to see those gazes of fake sympathy, so he leisurely strolled among the flowers in the back garden, looking for Empress butterflies. 

Empress butterflies were few in number, and they looked both beautiful and noble. On top of that, they symbolized peace and prosperity, so many people liked them. Lei Jue was wondering whether he could find one and gain some good luck. After roughly ten minutes of strolling and looking, a cloud of gold finally slowly flew in from the distance. 

Since the two families were both inheritors of nature abilities, the location of the wedding was set on a floating mountain’s natural scenic district. It was about a five hour journey from there to the Central district, and there was a floating mountain specially set aside for natural ability users’ marriages. 

The original Lei Jue had gone there before when he’d still been in school, so the current Lei Jue wasn’t exactly unfamiliar with the place. 

At night, in front of many people, Yu Fenglai and Lei Jianying gave Lei Jue all the gifts they needed to. Part of it was money, another part accessories, an aircraft of his own, and even a house. The original Lei Jue’s father had a house with both a very good location and very good build quality. However, Lei Jianying and Yu Fenglai had sold that house many years ago, buying another one later that was bigger than the original, although it’s location was not as ideal. No matter how bad it was, however, the praises coming out of Yu Fenglai’s mouth made it sound as beautiful as a flower. 

Either way, there was no one who would go against Yu Fenglai at this point in time, so it was fine as long as Yu Fenglai went through the motions for the sake of image. 

Lei Jue hadn’t put any hope into getting much of anything, but even if it was the size of a mosquito’s leg, meat was still meat, and some was better than none at all. He gave his thanks and accepted it, then borrowed the excuse of not having slept enough this morning and returned to his room in the Lei residence. 

Lei Haige had resisted the urge the whole day, but finally couldn’t resist any longer and followed behind him, saying, “Oi, are you actually stupid or just playing dumb?” He fiddled with his communicator a few times, and very ‘accidentally’ brought out many sweet romantic photos of him and Feng Gu. Only after that did he finally connect with someone Lei Jue didn’t recognise. 

Not long after, a video was projected onto the surface of the wall. It looked exceptionally clear, because it had been restored to its original resolution. In the video, there were two men embracing each other and kissing like mad, as if they wanted to suffocate the other in the kiss. Afterward, the stronger man directly held the other down on the sofa and tore the clothes off the other’s body…

Lei Haige froze the image on that moment. What the two were going to do was obvious. 

Lei Jue saw the face of the strong man clearly. A sliver of urgency and ferocity twisted through it, and it actually looked quite sexy. So he said to Lei Haige with a smile, “Although it’s a little embarrassing to say it, but cousin, don’t you think that Xiao Lingyu is a lot hotter than Feng Gu? His figure’s a few galaxies ahead of Feng Gu, too. Tsk, there’s just such a sense of security when being hugged by him.”

Hearing this, Lei Haige almost fell backwards from rage. “Lei Jue, are you fucking missing a part of your brain! Didn’t you see that your man’s run off to make love to someone else on the day before marrying you?!”

“I did see, yeah.” Lei Jue smiled ‘shyly’ while pretending to be the original Lei Jue. “But what does that matter? He’s got good endurance, so I told him earlier to go find some release first, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take it. I’m not like you, cousin—you definitely don’t have to worry about stuff like this, since either way, you can tell at a glance that Feng Gu’s the type that looks strong on the outside… but is actually empty on the inside.“

”You!” Lei Haige was so angry that he laughed. “You’re insane, aren’t you?”

“Perhaps. After all, I was asleep for such a long time in the Regeneration Capsule.” Lei Jue shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, opening his bedroom door. “Do you have anything else? If you don’t, I’m going to sleep first.”

“I don’t, but there is someone who does.” There was a hint of malice in Lei Haige’s eyes. “Emily, teach the Young Master Lei Jue what rules are. It’s fine as long as you can’t tell there’s something wrong tomorrow morning. Anything else is up to you.”

“Yes, Eldest Young Master.” Emily politely dipped her body and watched Lei Haige leave. On his side, Lei Jue had only just closed the door, when the AI lock was once again easily unlocked by Emily. 

Fuck your mother, Lei Haige! Lei Jue was utterly speechless with this son of a bitch.

It was a pity that Emily would never disobey Lei Haige’s orders. She quickly walked over and gripped Lei Jue’s shoulders like a vice, using so much strength it was like she wanted to shatter Lei Jue’s shoulder blade with her bare hands! Accompanying this intense pain was wave after wave of a sonic wave attack that would make anyone almost collapse. Instantly, Lei Jue felt as if his brain were going to explode.


It was only when his face had become ashen and his breathing was obviously wrong that Emily let go of him. 

Lei Jue slid directly down onto the floor. 

He was still conscious, or, one could say that he was in so much pain he was unable to faint. What made him feel worse than the pain was that it seemed like the whole world was spinning!

But it seemed like it wasn’t enough for Emily. It looked like she wanted to wait for him to recover a little, then continue her attacks. 

But in this moment, something strange happened. Emily acted like she’d suddenly short-circuited, losing signs of motion. When she recovered, she looked as if she had a question that she didn’t understand, thinking with her head tilted the whole time. Less than two minutes of thinking later, she went to the doorway and stood as straight as a pencil. 

Lei Jue still felt a little giddy, but after his self-regeneration ability activated, the uncomfortable feeling disappeared relatively quickly. He sat pondering on the ground for a little while, and with a forehead of cold sweat, he breathed the word ‘designer’ into his communicator and asked, “Second Brother, is it you guys?”

A moment passed, then Xiao Lingshu’s worried voice came from within, “Mm. Are you alright, Little Jue?”

“I’m fine, thank you.” Lei Jue breathed out a long sigh, and at the same time thought back to the stuff Xiao Lingyu had taught him before he had come. Lei Jue felt somewhat suspicious, but that suspicion didn’t last long. When he heard from Xiao Lingshu’s mouth that Emily would only recover the next morning, and wouldn’t remember the order that Lei Haige gave her, he stuck his hand in his trouser pockets and, trembling, began digging something out from it. 

Xiao Lingshu and Xiao Linghua watched the image displayed on the main console of the aircraft, asking a man with a stubbly beard beside them, “What does he want to do?”

The man shrugged and shook his head. At that moment, the screen suddenly darkened. It turned out that Lei Jue had shut off the lights. 

Lei Jue opened the window and five or six black bugs, about the size of broad beans, flew out of his hand.