IPC Chapter 13: Wedding (Part 1)

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 13: Wedding (Part 1)


It wasn’t even daybreak yet when a piercing, earth-shattering scream could be heard from Lei Haige’s room. It turned out that Lei Haige, who had gotten up really early to wash up and get dressed, had found several large boils growing on his face. The boils were red and angry. There was no pain if they were left untouched, but visually they were quite the eyesore.

Lei Haige, who had been planning on sleeping well and having a better complexion than Lei Jue, was very angry. He hurriedly called over a cousin-in-law with healing abilities from among his many relatives to help.

However, although this cousin-in-law was a plant ability user with healing powers, the extent of her healing was really limited. Even after two tries, she only managed to heal the boils a bit. It wouldn’t be possible to tell that they had been treated if one didn’t look carefully.

“Why can’t you fix such a small problem, aren’t you B-rank?” Lei Haige was already furious, but this enraged him even more.

“She is B-rank, but she’s only a plant type user who has healing powers, not a wood element user. Isn’t it normal that she can’t heal it?” No one would be happy to get berated this early in the morning, let alone when the beloved wife you’d always doted on was being scorned by a cousin younger than you. Lei Haige’s elder cousin did not have a good expression on his face.

“I’m sorry Cousin, but it seems you will have to find someone else.” Lei Haige’s cousin-in-law carefully pulled on her husband’s sleeve and shook her head, signalling that he shouldn’t clash with Lei Haige on a day like this. She did her best to quash her own distaste and continued warmly, “Cousin, you can go to a hospital now, or you can wait until you’ve reached the wedding venue and find someone with stronger healing powers to help. Those people will definitely be able to do it.”

“You want me to go out with this face?!” Lei Haige glared in irritation. “Su Erman, you go! FInd me a wood type user. Get me one within half an hour!” 

If Su Erman couldn’t find someone soon, Lei Haige would have to greet guests with this face!

“This… eldest young master, how?” Up until now, Su Erman had always complied with Lei Haige’s orders with no questions asked. However, it was quite obvious that Lei Haige’s demand this time was crossing the line a bit. Element ability users were already hard to come by; were there any who didn’t enjoy special treatment by the nation? Not to mention that, out of all of them, wood type users were the rarest of all element users, did Lei Haige think he could call one over whenever he wanted? Did he really think that the entire world had begun to revolve around the Lei family?

“I don’t care! So long as you figure something out!” Lei Haige felt that he wanted to kill someone each time he looked into the mirror.

Su Erman could only say that he would do his best and left. Lei Haige didn’t want to waste more time, so he contacted the family’s own doctor. Although the Lei family doctor wasn’t an ability user, he was still knowledgeable. At the very least, he could take a look at the boils and figure out what was wrong. Such things had never grown on his face before! 

Could it be that there were complications with his facial reconstruction? Lei Haige called Emily over and got her to contact his doctor.

Due to the hubbub, over half of the family relatives knew that Lei Haige had boils growing on his face. On the other hand, however, Lei Jue was still snoring away. Before Emily had made her assault yesterday, she’d increased the sound-proofing in his room so he couldn’t hear any of the ruckus outside–including Lei Haige’s amazingly shrill scream.

It was only when Xiao Lingshu contacted him to wake him up that he remembered he had a wedding to attend today.

Lei Jue wasn’t like Lei Haige, who always had servants around to wait on him. Therefore, once he had gotten up, he went to brush his teeth by himself and took a shower before drying his hair and changing his clothes. The clothes were ones that he had brought with him when he returned from the Xiao residence, which just so happened to match well with Xiao Lingyu’s clothes. Despite not doing anything else after he changed his clothes, the person in the mirror looked like he’d just stepped out of a painting.

By this time, Xiao Lingyu had already arrived in Lin City and was just waiting for the auspicious time to receive his partner. There were many people in attendance at this wedding today, all of them either rich and powerful, or those with status. There were scores of media here to get the scoop on the wedding as well.

Due to local customs, most of the elders had already gone straight ahead to the scenic area on a floating mountain; only the younger people stayed behind to watch the festivities. It was an open secret that Lei Haige had stolen the person that Lei Jue liked, after all. Lei Haige thought that only a handful of people knew, but in reality, many people knew. 

Someone looked at Lei Jue, then said to Feng Gu’s younger brother, Feng Tao, “Man, your brother was really willing to ditch him? Such a good catch, and yet….”

Feng Tao saw Lei Jue walking in his direction, as if he wanted to go over to the main gate, then laughed and said to his friends, “What? And yet he’s being gifted to the lecher surnamed Xiao?” He paused, then continued, “Isn’t it perfect then? My brother’s unwanted broken goods pairing up with a lecher; they deserve each other.”

The volume of his voice was neither loud nor soft. The people surrounding Feng Tao and Lei Jue, who was walking closer, could hear him, and there was a burst of creepy laughter. Of course there were some who didn’t laugh. Lei Jue walked over and stood before Feng Tao, flicking a spotless sleeve. “So you’re saying that your elder brother is my leftovers?”

“What did you say?” Feng Tao froze; he had never thought that Lei Jue would actually dare to say such words.

“I’m saying that you’re really shameless.” A taunting smile hung on the corners of Lei Jue’s mouth. “Your brother is as thin as a rack of ribs. To tell you the truth, I really couldn’t take a fancy to him. That’s why you should stop talking him up, else you might strain your tongue.”

“You! I dare you to repeat that!” Feng Tao could not take this kind of tone at that moment. Dammit, this Lei Jue was far too different from the meek Lei Jue who wouldn’t even dare to fart after being tormented. Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed?!

“Who do you think you are, and why should I listen to you?” Having said that, Lei Jue directly walked over to Xiao Lingyu.

If it weren’t for the fact that this wasn’t an appropriate venue, Feng Tao almost couldn’t restrain himself from slapping him!

The lad who had said that Lei Jue was a catch froze for a moment too, then his Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped. He stared at Lei Jue’s retreating silhouette. “Damn, this bitch seems to be more fucking attractive now; it’s making me itch.”

Feng Tao coldly snorted, “Then why don’t you go grab him?”

That person glanced at Feng Tao and lowered his voice slightly, saying, “You think I don’t want to? But now’s not the time. Once Marshal Xiao goes down, I will definitely be able to. After all, Xiao Lingyu has so many lovers, he wouldn’t mind if someone borrows his husband for some fun. Besides, how could I be scared of him? His slightly stronger physique’s the only thing he’s got going for him. With Marshal Xiao gone, he won’t be worth a single penny.”

Feng Tao thought his friend’s logic was wonky, but he did have one thing right: once Marshal Xiao was gone, anyone who wanted to fuck Lei Jue could do so.

At that moment, someone beside him asked, “Feng Tao, why isn’t your brother coming out yet? It’s almost time.”

Feng Tao found it strange as well. His elder brother had been inside for forever; Lei Jue had already begun chatting with Xiao Lingyu, but his older brother and Lei Haige still hadn’t come out yet.

Inside the house, Lei Haige was frustrated and his eyes were bloodshot. No wood ability users could be found; however, the family doctor did arrive. Once he had checked the boils, he slathered on some special medicine, but the recovery rate was slow. He said they were caused by the stings of metallic-backed wolf wasps. Even though it was fast-acting medicine, it would still take over an hour for the boils to be gone. Lei Haige had waited for a good while after the medicine was applied, so the boils were more or less gone. However, the marks were still there, their color far darker than the rest of his skin.

There was no helping it; Lei Haige could only let the makeup artist pat some powder on to help mask it. He didn’t care that the doctor said that it might affect the potency of the medicine.

Feng Gu saw that Lei Haige’s face was more or less even, and his complexion was not as awful as before. Lei Haige’s looks had not been as much to his satisfaction as Lei Jue’s had; if Lei Haige were to go out with those boils, he would be even more unbearable. Thankfully, they were gone in time!

The two of them linked hands and exited the house. A group of nosy gossipers looked at Lei Jue, wanting to see if there was any envy on his face, or perhaps even pain or dismay. However, everyone realized that Lei Jue was in an extraordinarily good mood, with no negative emotions whatsoever. Those who had seen him before could only think that he was a lot livelier than before, his complexion was better, and his entire person seemed to be in high spirits.

“You would’ve thought that after dawdling in there for so long they’d have something to show for it, but in the end it’s still the same old face with nothing special to speak of.” Once Xiao Lingyu had finished speaking, he held Lei Jue in his embrace and got on the aircraft without caring about what the bystanders thought, as insufferable as ever. However, everyone else seemed to be used to how he acted like the kind of person with a powerful father, so even though they were furious they didn’t say anything publicly.

Feng Gu already disliked Xiao Lingyu. This time, the dislike morphed into unspeakable loathing. After Feng Gu had boarded the aircraft, he told Feng Tao and let him carry out the plan that had been set beforehand. Not long after the aircraft had ascended, an entire fleet of aircraft the same make as the one that Feng Gu and Lei Haige were on followed behind them. There were a total of twenty of them. They all arranged themselves into a line, then fanned out to form an enormous heart.

Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue saw this from their aircraft too, however, neither of them took any of it to heart.

Xiao Lingyu propped his leg up in a rude manner and took out a small box. “During the wedding, there will be a segment where you have to give the other’s parents gifts of gratitude. You take this, I helped you pick it out. My parents will probably like it.”

Lei Jue took the box and glanced inside, before realizing it was a pair of matching couples’ collar studs. It was perfect for people the same age as Xiao Zhicheng and Luo Yuling.

However, he didn’t keep it and returned the box to Xiao Lingyu instead. “I’ve already prepared a gift.”

Xiao Lingyu straightened his posture in curiosity. “What is it? Can you show it to me?”

Lei Jue looked out of the window at the lush green forest. The scent of nature filled the air; it was a wedding venue that looked like a paradise. Without even considering it, he said, “No can do.”

Xiao Lingyu didn’t continue to question him. They had already reached the destination anyway, so he’d know sooner or later.

At this time, most of the guests had already reached the venue and were gathered at the largest floating mountain–Suspension Mountain. There were no seats here, all the attendees had to stand at the wedding because they would not stay in one place for too long. This was a characteristic of local weddings here.

Carrera opened the door to the aircraft and Xiao Lingyu bent his arm slightly. Right at that moment, the sound of cheers and laughter could be heard outside. Raucous applause followed after the wedding officiant had announced the arrival of the two couples.

It wasn’t known what Feng Gu had done, but the ground beneath his feet and Lei Haige’s feet became white. It was as if mist was floating around them, making it look as if they were immortals descending on a cloud.

Although it wasn’t much of a feat to conjure up mist, it was still more impressive than not doing anything at all. So practically everyone had their gazes locked on these two, Feng Gu and Lei Haige. Watching them clasp hands and smile as they walked on the misty, hazy path, the Feng and Lei families talked cheerfully amongst themselves, praises falling out of their mouths.

Only the Xiao family and those who were exceptionally close to them looked at Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu and clapped for them. Xiao Lingyu’s heart stung faintly when he saw his parents and siblings’ expressions, so he turned his head to look at Lei Jue. Lei Jue was continuing to walk forward as if he hadn’t noticed anything, the careless smile on his face unchanging.

Not even a moment later, the applause and conversation died abruptly, as if someone had pressed pause. Everyone turned to look in the direction of Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue’s backs simply because a kaleidoscope of butterflies suddenly flew out around the two of them, who had been unremarkable until now. Not only were there empress swallowtail butterflies, but there were also red blossom butterflies which resembled cherry blossoms, indigo spangle butterflies… green ones, purple ones, pink ones; butterflies of various colours, sizes and species, and there must have been hundreds of them at least! They flew out from the aircraft to surround Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu. Wherever they stepped, the butterflies followed after them as if encircling them within a ginormous wreath of flowers.

“My goodness! So many butterflies…” someone couldn’t help but exclaim; however, they didn’t have the words to describe such a scene.

“These butterflies are actually following after thems, how in the world did they do it? It’s just too beautiful!”

The members of the Xiao family were stupefied too. This… why did they not know there would be such a scene as this?!

“What are you gawking around for? Hurry and take photos! If we don’t photograph such a scene now, we probably won’t be able to ever see it again!” a younger press-member cried out loudly in a bid to urge his fellow press members. It was then that everyone seemingly snapped out of their stupor and focused all their attention upon Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue, as well as the enormous kaleidoscope of butterflies. After all, any C-rank and above water ability users could produce mist. Heck, even a machine could replicate such an effect! But the butterflies were a different matter!

Casweirans idolized element abilities, valued life, and believed in the beauty bestowed by Mother Nature. This was why everyone thought that the couple, Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue, must have received the blessings of the God of Nature for them to be able to encounter such an amazing event.

Xiao Lingyu was also very surprised on the inside, but his expression was still fairly composed. He bent down a little and whispered into Lei Jue’s ear, looking extremely intimate as he did so, “Did you do this?”

Lei Jue glanced at Xiao Lingyu but didn’t answer, simply walking to the center of the wedding venue amidst the sound of thunderous applause.

Feng Gu and Lei Haige’s faces were green already. They had wanted to steal the limelight, but now the tables had been turned. How could they continue to shift the attention back to themselves? Their glory had been completely stolen instead.

Lei Haige ground his teeth. “There’s definitely nothing wrong with the gifts for my parents, right?”

Feng Gu gave an affirmative grunt. When he thought of the gift he was going to present, he snuck a glance at Xiao Lingyu with slight satisfaction.