IPC Chapter 34 Part 2: Crimson Flame Lion

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 34 Part 2: Crimson Flame Lion

Lei Jue knew just by the look on Zuo Zhihuan’s face that this wouldn’t be the end of it. Zuo Zhihuan would definitely look into this matter. This way, Zuo Zhihuan would inevitably come to learn that Zuo Yan’s wound was inflicted by Zuo Feng, and, with Zuo Zhihuan’s temper, Zuo Feng would definitely suffer for letting outsiders know of it. 

Although it happened a little differently from how he had envisioned, they’d accomplished their primary goal, so Lei Jue said, “Uncle Zuo, I’m done resting, let’s continue the treatment.”

Zuo Zhihuan did not want to put his own family’s messes on display in front of outsiders, so he, of course, did not object to Lei Jue’s suggestion and the treatment process began once more. But right when the shining green net climbed its way across his whole body again, the door was pushed open and two people walked in. One was Zuo Qiu, the other Zuo Feng. 

Yes! Lei Jue inwardly cheered when he saw the new arrivals. Then, immediately afterwards, he snatched back his hands like a startled rabbit, quickly hiding behind Xiao Lingyu and calling out in an unnerved voice, “Hubby….”

His features were already enough to bring entire countries down under his spell; now that he put on such a fragile expression and gave such a pitiful cry, it made Xiao Lingyu think that if it weren’t for the fact that they were in public, he’d get hard just from this one word! He hurriedly patted Lei Jue’s hand and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Suspicion arose within Zuo Zhihuan. “Little Jue, don’t be nervous, this is my eldest son Zuo Qiu and second son Zuo Feng. They heard you were coming and said they wanted to come over and visit in the hopes of getting to know you. You guys are more or less the same age, so it’d be good to become friends with each other in the future.”

Zuo Qiu thought that his father was being quite considerate, nodding along and adding, “Hello Lei Jue, thank you for coming over in order to treat my father.”

After recovering from his shock, Zuo Feng, on the other hand, was less considerate. So when he said there was something important at home, it was just this? He inwardly grumbled. What was so important about seeing Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue!

Lei Jue glanced at the two, then abruptly lowered his head again. He stage whispered, “Hubby, let’s go home.”

Xiao Lingyu said in a troubled tone, “But you still need to give Uncle Zuo another round of healing.”

Lei Jue’s head shook like a rattle-drum. “I don’t want to continue the treatment, I want to go home.”

His terrified and nervous expression made Zuo Zhihuan and Ding Yuwen feel incredibly awkward. Ding Yuwen smiled. “What’s wrong, Little Jue? Is our hospitality inadequate?”

Lei Jue shook his head even harder at this, gripping harder to Xiao Lingyu’s clothing. “If I’d known he was here beforehand, I wouldn’t have come.”

Zuo Zhihuan frowned. “Little Jue, are you talking about…”

Lei Jue pointed at Zuo Feng. “Uncle Zuo, this guy took my friend captive on Mount Rikalun, and even threatened us, too.”

Zuo Feng’s mind thrummed, and his smile grew a bit stiff. “When did I ever threaten you?”

Xiao Lingyu chimed in, “Yeah, babe, it was a misunderstanding. That aside, don’t you have me here? Don’t be scared.”

Lei Jue shrank even further into Xiao Lingyu’s arms. “But he clearly knew you, yet he still refused to let him go. He even told you that you need to keep an eye on someone as pretty as me because it wouldn’t be safe for me to be on my own. That was a threat—it even gave me nightmares.”

Zuo Feng watched Lei Jue say all of this, the very picture of an innocent rabbit, as his head steamed with rage. “That was just a joke,” he said, looking straight at Xiao Lingyu. “Xiao Lingyu, your wife’s so easily frightened.”

Xiao Lingyu gave a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “You were holding a gun at the time, of course he was easily frightened.”

Zuo Zhihuan looked grave. “Little Feng, apologise.”

“But it was their men who shot my friend first,” Zuo Feng said. “It was their fault to begin with.”

“We were only using paintball guns; if you got shot, the most you’d get is a dirtied piece of clothing. Moreover, my friend had already apologized, but didn’t you still refuse to free him? You even specifically wanted my husband to apologize to you.” Lei Jue retorted quite huffily, words tumbling from his mouth one after another.

“Zuo Feng, I told you to apologise!” Zuo Zhihuan gave a shout. “After apologizing, get your a*s to the ice room immediately and reflect on your wrongdoings!” The ice room was used by Zuo Zhihuan to discipline his children. They had fire abilities, so they feared fire and heat the least, and cold the most. Zuo Feng’s cheek twitched. “Sorry.”

Lei Jue turned to Xiao Lingyu. “Hubby, he’s so scary,” he whimpered.

Xiao Lingyu replied, “Don’t mind him, it’s because he isn’t happy about being punished.” He stroked Lei Jue’s head. “Be good, let’s hurry and treat Uncle Zuo.”

Lei Jue gave an ‘oh’ in reply, then very obediently went to treat Zuo Zhihuan for the second time. Zuo Feng went to undergo his punishment with a bellyful of rage that he couldn’t let out, under the watchful glare of Zuo Zhihuan. Before he left, he pointed a finger at Lei Jue threateningly, and Lei Jue was so ‘frightened’  that he shrunk back in response. When he tried healing again, the green net ‘refused to take form no matter what’. In his panic, he said to Zuo Zhihuan while looking like he was on the verge of tears, “I’m so sorry Uncle Zuo, I can’t focus whenever I get nervous.”

Zuo Zhihuan thought, What kind of problem is that? He nodded. “Then you should take a break. Also, don’t be scared Little Jue; if that brat Zuo Feng did something wrong, I will make sure to discipline him. I promise that he won’t dare to bully you in the future.”

Hearing this, panic covered Lei Jue’s features. “It’s not that serious, it’s fine as long as he doesn’t scare me.”

Zuo Zhihuan nodded. “Little Qiu, go keep an eye on Little Feng. Without my permission, no one is allowed to let him out.”

Zuo Qiu wanted to say something on his brother’s behalf, but in the end, he nodded and left without a word.

Lei Jue bit his lip, “Sorry Uncle Zuo, did I make you unhappy?”

Zuo Zhihuan waved his hand. “It’s not your fault. I’m already very grateful that you were able to come and help treat me.”

There were so many people in their galaxy, and there were more people that wanted Lei Jue to heal them than one could count. Even if the common people weren’t included in this number, there were still a multitude of people amongst the rich and the nobility that wanted Lei Jue’s help. The only reason that no one dared open their mouths and ask was that Lei Jue was a part of the Xiao family, and in the process of treating Xiao Zhicheng. If it weren’t for his current status, he genuinely wouldn’t get the chance to meet this kid. 

Lei Jue gave a faint smile. “Your praise is too generous, Uncle Zuo.”

Despite knowing clearly that Lei Jue was only pretending to be polite and obedient, when Xiao Lingyu looked at him, he still had the strong urge to pull him into his arms and give him a good squish. But the fact remained that they were outside, and there was even a senior present, so Xiao Lingyu could only tuck a strand of Lei Jue’s hair that had slipped back behind his ear and say, “Your hair’s getting a bit long, do you want to cut it?”

Lei Jue shook his head. “No, I like it as it is right now.”

“Okay, then we’ll keep it like this and not cut it,” Xiao Lingyu replied. 

Seeing their loving interactions, Ding Yuwen inwardly sighed, I wonder when my son will find a partner that he likes. Then, at the thought of her son, she mentioned in a timely manner, “That’s right, how about letting Little Yan take Lingyu and Little Jue for a stroll in the garden?”

It was such a rare opportunity for her children to get to know Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu, after all.

Zuo Zhihuan had also thought that it wouldn’t be appropriate for them to just wait here, so he agreed to his lady’s suggestion. “Little Jue, there is an indoor greenhouse. I heard that wood ability users like stuff like that, do you want to go take a look?”

Lei Jue indeed was quite interested in this indoor greenhouse, but he had walked too quickly earlier and hadn’t gotten a close look at it. So upon hearing this, he nodded. “Thank you then, Uncle and Auntie Zuo.”

Zuo Zhihuan gestured to his youngest son with his chin. “Little Yan, take good care of Lingyu and Little Jue in your dad’s place.”

Zuo Yan politely replied, “Okay Dad.”

He gestured politely for Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue to follow him, and took them to the indoor greenhouse. The greenhouse was massive, and was enclosed by the tube-shaped residence. There were many plants that Lei Jue had never seen before, and on top of that, there were fake mountains and running water, as well as butterflies and birds. Lei Jue thought that this arrangement was pretty good, and found out a little later that the ice room—a see-through, empty crystal cylindrical structure—was built right in the garden. Zuo Feng was currently standing inside the cylinder, shivering and unable to come out. 

Lei Jue took a few glances and almost burst into laughter.  He suddenly felt that the Zuo family was pretty interesting. It must be so torturous for Zuo Feng to look at the blooming flowers and dancing butterflies from inside the freezing cold tube, knowing that he would warm up the moment he stepped out of the ‘ice room’, but being unable to.