IPC Chapter 34 Part 3: Crimson Flame Lion

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 34 Part 3: Crimson Flame Lion

Zuo Feng gnashed his teeth with hatred when he saw his Third Youngest Brother coming with Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu. He raised a middle finger at Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue.

Zuo Yan suddenly remarked, “This ice tube was originally used to reduce the temperature in the greenhouse and emit mist in the summer. It’s both environmentally friendly and beautiful at the same time, and has existed since my great-grandfather was still alive. However, later, another function was added to it for some reason, and it’s being used to punish the juniors now.”

Lei Jue nodded. “It provokes discussion on how to admire a beautiful scene of springtime from within a world of ice and snow. It’s creative.”

Zuo Yan choked on his words for a moment. He kept feeling as though the Lei Jue who said these words wasn’t the same person as the previous Lei Jue, who had timidly told on his brother.

Lei Jue, on the other hand, didn’t ponder that much. He held hands with Xiao Lingyu and strolled around in the garden. After strolling around for a while, he came across a huge area surrounded by fence and wondered to himself, Don’t tell me that they plan to raise some small animals here or something? Then again, there’s no need to make the fence so high, if that’s the case. And just look how wide the steel plates are! However, before he could get near it, Zuo Yan, who was next to him, interjected, “Don’t get too close, guys. That’s the place where my Second Older Brother raises his crimson flame lion. The lion is ferocious, and isn’t so good with strangers.”

Xiao Lingyu knew that the crimson flame lion was the most ferocious animal here, just like the arctic grey wolf. He immediately pulled Lei Jue away. “Be careful!”

However, Lei Jue was a brave one. “I just want to have a look! Besides, I have you, don’t I?”

Xiao Lingyu was rendered speechless right away. With no other choice, he could only stay by the side to protect him. 

Lei Jue approached the fence and Zuo Yan, who had been feeling irritable in the ice room, suddenly smirked as if to say, Go closer then! Go closer! Don’t say that it’s my fault if you get bitten later!

As though he had sensed something, Lei Jue glanced at Zuo Feng and asked Zuo Yan, “Does your Second Older Brother treasure this lion a lot?”

Zuo Yan didn’t understand why he would ask, but he still nodded anyway. “Yes. It’s not easy to come across such a handsome lion, let alone catch it, after all.”

This lion was captured by Zuo Feng almost half a year ago. Even though he hadn’t been able to tame it yet, he was still very proud of it. 

Lei Jue glanced at it, then raised his fingers to his mouth and blew a whistle at the lion.

This lion had been locked up in the enclosure for a long time now and had started to reluctantly accept reality. He knew that he couldn’t get out, so would usually just ignore it if somebody called out to him. This time, however, he abruptly stood up after hearing the whistle for some reason.

Good boy! Lei Jue thought. It must be about two meters tall!

The lion walked over, and Zuo Yan was beside himself with joy. How he wished he could just run to open the door for Lei Jue so that the lion could just pounce on him and kill him on the spot! However, this was impossible. Lei Jue also knew that he couldn’t let Zuo Yan open the door for him now. After all, he was a guest; not only that, this wasn’t his lion anyway.

Well, it wasn’t his lion yet, anyway.

Lei Jue smiled. “Let’s go. I’m almost recovered now. Let’s go give another round of treatment for Uncle Zuo.”

Xiao Lingyu knew the moment he saw Lei Jue’s expression that he must be thinking of some evil plan now.

As expected, the instant Lei Jue entered the house, he put on a sorrowful expression.

“What’s the matter, Little Lei? Was my greenhouse not interesting enough for you?” Zuo Zhihuan asked. 

Lei Jue shook his head. “It’s interesting! It’s very interesting. It’s just that the crimson flame lion looks too pitiful. It doesn’t like this place at all. We wood ability users respect every single life, so I couldn’t help but feel sad when I saw it like that.”

Actually, Zuo Zhihuan did not really support raising all these things in the house, but his second son liked it so he didn’t forbid it. Now that he heard Lei Jue saying so, he couldn’t just say that he would release it so he just casually remarked instead, “Well, I suppose it’s not used to this place yet. It’s still wild, after all. Perhaps it’ll take a long time to adapt to this place.”

Lei Jue looked like he was about to speak, but stopped again. Some moments later, he finally opened his mouth, looking as though he had made up his mind about something. “Uncle Zuo, how about this arrangement: I’ll take the time out to come to treat you a few more times in the future, but can you give that lion to me?”

Zuo Zhihuan was originally figuring out how he should bring this matter up with Lei Jue. After all, Lei Jue’s healing ability was so much better than Elder Ming’s, so he had planned to ask Lei Jue for help in the future. Now that Lei Jue had raised such a request, he didn’t even take three seconds to consider. “Why not? It’s only one crimson flame lion, and we can always catch more anyway. I’ll just give it to you, since you like it.”

Zuo Qiu happened to walk in just then and heard his father’s words. “Dad, in that case, ask Little Feng to let the lion out then. No matter what, he’s raised it for almost half a year now, so the lion is at least a little obedient in front of him. With him there, the lion shouldn’t have a chance to hurt Lei Jue.”

Otherwise, it was too agonizing staying in that ice room. Zuo Qiu ached for his younger brother. He knew just how much his younger brother loved that lion, so he wanted to give a chance at redemption to his brother.

Zuo Zhihuan saw through the thoughts of his eldest son, but his anger wouldn’t be appeased if he just let his second son out just like that. Thus, he answered, “Lingyu, Little Lei, why don’t the two of you have dinner here first before leaving? As for the lion, you can always release it later before you leave.”


Lei Jue smiled and nodded. “Thank you in advance then, Uncle Zuo.”

After finishing the treatment for Zuo Zhihuan, he finally got to savor the golden shredded meat [1] Zhuo Nian made for him. It was made from mutton, but looked like real golden wires. He didn’t know how Zuo Nian had done it. The gold-coloured shredded meat was cut very finely and was spicy, numbing, and sweet when it was put in the mouth; it tasted really delicious.

Lei Jue was a glutton, but he paid attention to his image when he was outside. For this reason, he only had small bites when he ate.

Zuo Nian could tell that he loved it. “Big Brother Lei, I’ve made a lot so you can bring some back to savor it, if you like it.”

Lei Jue thanked her. “In that case, I won’t be shy. Remember to come visit Bulacca City with your Third Brother when you have the chance. We have many local specialty dishes too, and I’ll treat you to some delicious food as well!”

Zuo Nian nodded excitedly. “Sure! Sure!”

Zuo Yan chimed in with an expressionless face, “Thank you.”

Zuo Qiu glanced at Qing Yan and secretly sighed. How would he catch Lei Jue’s attention with this temperament? He already had a low sense of presence, yet this Lei Jue had still seamlessly gouged out a piece of his brother’s heart today.

As expected, Zuo Feng did indeed fiercely react to Lei Jue’s plan to take away his crimson flame lion. He had only just been released from the ice room, and he almost jumped up when he heard Zuo Zhihuan’s words. “Why? Why can’t you just send somebody to catch a crimson flame lion for him if he wants one? Why must you take mine? It’s so obvious that you’re purposely doing this against me!”

Zuo Zhihuan had had his authority provoked by his second son in front of outsiders time and time again today. It was already good enough that he didn’t raise his fist. “Why? It’s because you don’t even know how to behave, despite being so old now! You know very well what you did at Mount Rikalun! Let me tell you, not only will I give your lion to Lei Jue today, you’ll even have to send it to his door yourself!”

Zuo Feng replied, “But it’s already started to recognize me as its master! They won’t be able to raise it even if I do send it to his door!”

Lei Jue interjected with certainty, “I can raise it! Not only that, I can even make it yield to a new master.”

Zuo Feng rolled his eyes. “Don’t think so highly of yourself. Do you really think that you’re all-powerful just because you’re a wood ability user?” The reason Zuo Feng could make the lion fear him was because he was an A-rank fire ability user. After all, it was in an animal’s nature to obey a stronger being. However, what did Lei Jue have? The ability to heal if he was bitten? Or to rely on Xiao Lingyu’s physical capabilities?

Lei Jue looked at Zuo Zhihuan.

Zuo Zhihuan was even too lazy to argue with his son now. “How about this? Little Feng, get the lion out first, and if it really resists strongly, I’ll arrange a few more people to escort Lingyu and Little Lei when they leave.”

Zuo Yan was so furious that he almost choked in anger!

Lei Jue replied, “There’s no need to go all this trouble, Uncle Zuo. The lion will definitely be willing to follow me back.”

Zuo Feng nodded angrily. “Alright, you said so yourself. If the lion is willing to leave with you, I’ll just admit defeat and give it to you! However, I’ll say what needs to be said right now—don’t blame me for not reminding you in advance if it bites you!” He’d raised the lion for so long, and didn’t believe the lion would follow Lei Jue back!

Without so much as turning his head back, Zuo Feng went to get the crimson flame lion. However, it was soon followed by an infuriating scene. After the lion was released, it walked up to Lei Jue and laid down docilely in front of him. It even rubbed its head gently against Lei Jue’s leg.

Lei Jue patted the crimson flame lion’s head and said, “Good boy! Let’s go, I’ll bring you to your new home!”

The lion licked Lei Jue’s hand and proceeded to walk beside him out of the Zuo family’s towering building without so much as turning its head back.

The surroundings fell into silence, so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard. This went so smoothly that even Zuo Zhihuan froze.

Zuo Qiu gave his second younger brother a sorry look.

His second younger brother’s face had turned green now. Judging from his face, he seemed so furious that he couldn’t even speak now.



[1] 金丝肉: Jin Si Rou: golden shredded meat: a common household dish made mainly from fried strips of egg and pork that’s also cut into long strips