IPC Chapter 37: Flying Off The Handle

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 37: Flying Off The Handle

The bodyguard was plain and nondescript, and he wasn’t built like Wei Li. Although the advances in this country had made it possible for one to easily change their body type, the damage to one’s health from undergoing those procedures was irrevocable. So while the means existed, most people wouldn’t do it, let alone two people with such differing heights. This meant that the transformative surgery would be a huge procedure, and not very practical.

So why did he think that this person seemed familiar?

Lei Jue didn’t spare a glance for his ‘rival in love’. On the contrary, he studied the bodyguard a little closer.

Although Xiao Lingyu knew that Lei Jue was aware he was a virgin, with someone talking to him this enthusiastically out of the blue he was a bit nervous, and worried that this might upset Lei Jue. When the people around him shot him looks that signalled ‘you’re done for’, and when he saw Lei Jue scrutinizing that bodyguard for some reason or other, he really did feel like Lei Jue would get angry. In an instant, the room turned so silent that you could hear a pin drop. Xiao Lingyu didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, terrified out of his wits.

Suddenly, Lei Jue smiled and opened his mouth. “Look at that flustered face of yours. Lingyu, do you owe this guy money or something?” His head was pillowed on Xiao Lingyu’s shoulder as he pointed at a person standing five or six metres away from them, who probably didn’t dare to move any closer to them because of Xiao Lei. “Is this dashing young man here to collect a debt?”

“Of course not.” Yuan Chen looked at Xiao Lingyu with an expression of clear hurt. When he first entered and noticed Xiao Lingyu holding Lei Jue in his arms, he didn’t know where he should sit anymore. Now that he had heard Lei Jue’s words, his heart was filled with both anger and envy.

On the other hand, Xiao Lingyu relaxed considerably upon hearing Lei Jue’s words; he knew then that Lei Jue didn’t like this person, but also wasn’t angry with Xiao Lingyu himself. “How could I owe money to someone? Besides, even if I really did, you’d have to help me pay it off. After all, I’ve already handed over all of our household finances to you.”

Lei Jue hadn’t imagined that Xiao Lingyu would bring up such a thing in front of such a crowd, so he laughed. “That’s right, it seems like I was overthinking things.” With those words, he lit a cigarette. Once he took a drag, he passed it to Xiao Lingyu. “This one seems to taste lighter than the one you were smoking.”

Xiao Lingyu took the cigarette and said, “This cig is used for quitting smoking. I need to quit soon, otherwise it won’t be good for the child.”

The moment those words were out of his mouth, everyone who had been worried about him or waiting for a scene to occur stilled. Qi Yu’s eyes widened instead. “Lei Jue’s pregnant?! Hot damn, you two are quick!”

Lei Jue could hardly keep a straight face on.

‘Quick’ my foot! These two virgins could only watch but not do it. Even though surrogacy capsules existed, they couldn’t make a child together.

Of course, he had to go with Xiao Lingyu’s words for now. After all, it wouldn’t do to make his own family lose face.

And so everyone watched as Lei Jue smiled without a word.

Upon noticing the situation, Xiao Lingyu said, “We still haven’t had our fill of being just a couple yet. But we do eventually want a child, so I’m taking this chance to quit smoking now.”

Hearing those words, Lei Jue whipped around to look at Xiao Lingyu. He realized that Xiao Lingyu could be really brazen at times. It was like he wasn’t afraid of his own words coming back to bite him. If, perhaps, eight or ten years down the line, he still had no way of controlling his electrical discharge whenever he got excited, then would the gossips speculate that Lei Jue was infertile, or that Xiao Lingyu’s sperm came with an electric shock?

But Xiao Lingyu’s words were quite shocking indeed. Mr. Love Rival’s face had turned a stark white and tears were seemingly about to fall from his eyes. Lei Jue almost couldn’t bear to look at him.

He Yunshu smiled an especially enchanting smile as she said in a tone that implied that she was displeased on Xiao Lingyu’s behalf, “But Brother Lingyu, if you were to actually have a child with him, wouldn’t that mean that you would completely have no chance of having a metal elemental child whatsoever?”

Her words were ambiguous, but everyone there understood what she meant. She was talking about Feng Gu.

Although it wasn’t likely for someone who hadn’t inherited elemental abilities to have offspring with elemental powers, it wasn’t an absolute impossibility. It was something that a very few select people could achieve, even if the chance was remarkably miniscule. But as long as the person carrying the pregnancy was clean—had never had relations with any other elemental users—then they might be able to birth a child who would have their partner’s elemental ability. On the flip side, if the person carrying the pregnancy had ever had contact with other elemental users, then even if their partner was an elemental user, they still wouldn’t be able to have a child with that partner’s element.

He Yunshu had implied that Lei Jue had been tainted by Feng Gu, and that he completely wouldn’t be able to have a child with Xiao Lingyu that would inherit his metal elemental powers.

Lei Jue wasn’t slow on the uptake, either. Furthermore, he had already done some in-depth research of his own when he had been learning about elemental ability users, so he knew what He Yunshu meant. However, it was also precisely because he knew what she meant that he couldn’t stand to let it go.

“He Yunshu, what is the meaning of this?” Lei Jue was laughing, but the sound sent chills down people’s spines. “What does my incapability of having a metal elemental user child with Xiao Lingyu have to do with you? It’s rather… out of bounds of your concern, isn’t it? Or, are you saying that you can still continue thinking about Lingyu even now that he’s married?”

“O-of course I did not mean it that way. I was just opening a discussion.” He Yunshu bit her lip. “Does anyone here not know about your past relationship with Feng Gu?”

“What does my past relationship with Feng Gu have to do with this?”

“Are you bold enough to say that you and Feng Gu have never been together in that way before?”

“Why would I not dare to?” When Lei Jue spoke those words, his expression was grave, like he was being completely serious. “I can swear to you, on Lord Lyniel’s name, on my name as a wood elemental ability user, that I, Lei Jue, belonged to me, and only me, prior to meeting Xiao Lingyu. So I suggest that you stop projecting your fantasies onto me, because that will only make others think that you’re deliberately trying to meddle in my marriage to Xiao Lingyu.” 

“I-I am not!” An unnatural blush quickly rose on He Yunshu’s cheeks.

“Whether you are or not, you know in your heart.” Having finished speaking, he plucked the cigarette from Xiao Lingyu’s mouth and took a drag on it. His eyes swept over He Jie once as he smiled beatifically. “Master He, I am truly grateful for your invitation today. After all, I did manage to learn something here.”

He Jie did not approve of his younger sister’s feelings for Xiao Lingyu. Now that she had been lambasted in front of everyone, he was naturally not pleased with this. However, he really hadn’t imagined that Lei Jue would dare to invoke Lord Lyniel’s name to make an oath. This was the heaviest oath any elemental user could possibly take.

Earlier, he had thought that Feng Gu was foolish. Now, he thought that Feng Gu was well and truly brainless, while Xiao Lingyu was so fortunate that He Jie was incapable of having a single shred of joy!

Despite that, he still had to plaster on a smile.

He Jie sighed. “Our family only has a single daughter. We coddled her, so she isn’t the most sensible person. Lei Jue, you shouldn’t take offense with her.”

He Yunshu abruptly shot up from her seat, tears brimming in her eyes. “He Jie! Are you not my own brother!” With that, she scurried out of the room.

Lei Jue felt that he had been constantly hearing the same sentences over and over again the past two days. Our family bla bla bla. We coddled them, so they aren’t exactly sensible, please don’t take offense…

Bullsh*t! Even I could use that excuse!!

Lei Jue mentally jeered at this as he stubbed out his cigarette. When he looked up, he saw that Mr. Love Rival was still standing before him, so he said with a smile, “This handsome young man here, since you’re staring at me, do you have anything you want to say?”

“Huh? Oh, no, nothing.” Yuan Chen was a little terrified of how Lei Jue had roasted He Yunshu. Before he arrived, he had thought that only Xiao Lingyu would be here, but he hadn’t expected that Lei Jue would come too. And not only did he himself come, he came with a crimson flame lion. And not only did he arrive with a crimson flame lion, he also arrived with a sharp tongue as well.

“That’s for the best.” Lei Jue lightly patted Xiao Lei. “Xiao Lei, don’t be so impolite. Move over so that this young man has space to sit.”

“No need, no need. I-I’ll just sit somewhere else.” If he were to sit next to that crimson flame lion, it would be better if he were to just die! No matter how Yuan Chen looked at it, he was unable to comprehend how Lei Jue was able to tame such a ferocious animal. It was clear that Lei Jue was even younger than he was!

However, nobody else was on the same wavelength as him; they all had their minds on the oath that Lei Jue swore earlier. To think that the truth was like this when Feng Gu had a smug look on his face as if he had actually gotten to Lei Jue before.

But, why did they all suddenly feel like pummeling Xiao Lingyu more?

Nevertheless, the truth was even Xiao Lingyu had assumed that past Lei Jue had been intimate with Fen Gu before. It was just that he hadn’t minded who past Lei Jue had been with, so he hadn’t said anything. However, he had to admit that when he heard Lei Jue personally say that he hadn’t had intimate relations with Feng Gu, he was still rather happy. It was the sort of happiness that was borne of the person he liked completely belonging to him.

Seeing Xiao Lingyu this close by, Lei Jue also naturally picked up on Xiao Lingyu’s joyous mood. He whispered softly in Xiao Lingyu’s ear, “Childish.”

Despite that, Xiao Lingyu was still delighted, and did something that others would see as perfectly in-character for him, but Lei Jue would see as odd. He pressed Lei Jue down onto the sofa to kiss him, a hand snaking under Lei Jue’s shirt and gently fondling his chest. Lei Jue wasn’t sure if Xiao Lingyu had something he needed to do, so he could only passively go with the flow. At this moment, he caught sight of someone standing up from the corner of his eyes.

Qi Yu seemed like he wanted to go to the restroom, but he had only taken a few steps when a high-pitched shriek came from outside.

It was He Yunshu!

He Jie got up without warning and rushed outside. One by one, the others put down whatever they were holding to follow him as well.

Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue were naturally “forced” to cut this short. Lei Jue could clearly sense a fleeting sliver of suspicion within his heart.

Xiao Lingyu turned to look at them and said, “Let’s go take a look too.”

Lei Jue grabbed Xiao Lingyu closer and whispered something into his ear, then followed the others outside.

Outside, He Yunshu was so shaken that she might nearly faint. She stared at her arm, where a good chunk had been blown out of it, her spirits rattled. She had been standing perfectly fine in the yard, but the attack was so sudden that she hadn’t been able to see who her assailant was. When her mind finally caught up with the situation, her arm was missing a chunk of flesh! The bones were peeking out of the wound. Blood continued flowing freely for a while before the belated arrival of the intense pain blindsided her. The agony would be the death of her! 

When He Jie saw the situation which had unfolded in his own territory, and that it was his own sister who had gotten hurt, his face naturally paled. He immediately had a butler investigate the scene before taking his sister to look for Lei Jue. “Lei Jue, it seems like I may have to trouble you for a bit.”

Lei Jue watched as the blood running from He Yunshu’s wound stained the sofa. “It is quite the trouble indeed. Besides, is your sister even willing to let me heal her?”

He Yunshu was obviously unwilling to accept his help. Just the thought of allowing Lei Jue to heal her was enough to make her feel unbearably uncomfortable. However, she was in so much pain. It hurt so bad that she thought she just might faint the next second!

At last, she ground her teeth and said in a small voice, “I refuse!”

The people at the scene had two thoughts.

Is this young lady out of her mind? 

It seems like her injury is less severe than we thought.

Lei Jue said, “Oh, then I won’t heal you.”

He Jie gritted his teeth as he glared at He Yunshu. “Stop being foolish!” With those words, he whirled towards Lei Jue. “Lei Jue, don’t listen to her nonsense. Just think of it as my debt to you. Please oblige me.”

Lei Jue truly didn’t want to cure He Yunshu’s wound, but if he just let it be, then it wouldn’t look good on him when this incident got out. In addition to that, when he recalled Xiao Lingyu’s words from before, he lazily lifted a hand and began treating He Yunshu’s injury. He used less than a tenth of his energy. Bit by bit, he slowly healed her.

He Yunshu’s wound was slowly beginning to close up. Everyone saw this, even the man that Yuan Chen had brought who looked like a bodyguard.

A shred of puzzlement flashed through his eyes, but something clicked at last. However, just as he was contemplating how he could leave this place early, something that no one could have foreseen happened within the house.

Just as He Yunshu had been healed to near-perfect health, and perhaps because she was maddened by rage or perhaps it was something else, she used her metal elemental powers to attack Lei Jue. At that time, Lei Jue had the back of his hand pressed against her forearm. Yet this young lady still ruthlessly used her C-rank metal elemental power to send powerful jolts of electricity into Lei Jue’s body.

Lei Jue let out a gasp, the sudden pain making his hands curl into fists.

“He Yunshu, have you gone insane!” Xiao Lingyu immediately went to hold Lei Jue and tried to pry He Yunshu away. However, she and Lei Jue seemed to be glued together to each other. No matter how he tried, they couldn’t be separated!

“He Yunshu, release Lei Jue now!” Che Heng and Qi Yu yelled in unison, but they couldn’t charge forward to stop her; if they did, they would be hurt by the electricity and wouldn’t be of much help.

Xiao Lingyu looked at Lei Jue’s deathly pale face. In an instant, he was anxious and worried. With anger that bubbled out of nowhere, he grabbed hold of He Yunshu’s arm. The electricity was now being directed into Xiao Lingyu’s body, then something even more extraordinary happened.

Everybody watched as the hand that Xiao Lingyu had wrapped around He Yunshu’s arm suddenly released bolts of electricity that were immeasurably stronger than hers. With He Yunshu as the focus, the electricity sparked and crackled throughout the entire house.

Despite that, the electricity didn’t strike anyone else, but the house was still wrecked by it. By the time Xiao Lingyu released his hold, the house had already been blackened by electricity and the air was filled with the scent of burnt furniture.

Every single person stared dumbfounded at Xiao Lingyu, as if they were looking at a monster.

Xiao Lingyu simply shoved He Yunshu—who had been shocked until she was in a daze—none-too-gently, then picked up Lei Jue, who had fainted from the shock.

“Carrera, pick us up at the nearest pickup point!” With those words, Xiao Lingyu carried the unconscious Lei Jue towards a window. “If you don’t want to be buried alive, you’d better leave now.” Once he had finished speaking, he leapt onto the aircraft and left without a glance back.

Crack! A light that had been hanging from the rafters fell.

“Oh crud!” someone yelled, and the rest of them immediately made a beeline for the door.