IPC Chapter 38: Fruit Person

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 38: Fruit Person

Just a second earlier, everyone watched as the majestic, resplendent mansion crumbled to the ground, completely shattering any hope that He Jie had of restoring it. Fortunately, the guests were quick to escape, so at least there were no fatalities. He Yunshu didn’t look all that well, but at that point in time, no one pitied her, save for He Jie.

Qi Yu still didn’t dare to believe what had happened. He found that his legs were still shaking. He clutched Lu Xian’s arm and stuttered, “M-my eyes weren’t playing a trick on me, right? I think I witnessed the power of an S-rank metal elemental ability.”

Che Heng replied, “I saw it too.”

Everyone else chorused, “We did too.”

Oh my Brother Xiao, you’re too amazing! Why haven’t you ascended to the heavens yet! Wait, you already did!

Si Qing gazed up at the starlit sky. “Do we need to go after him?”

Lu Xian fixed his gaze upon the large, heavyset bodyguard that accompanied Yuan Chen—who was about to leave after he had bid farewell to He Jie. He said to Si Qing and the others, “Let’s go.”

Xiao Lingyu and the others had known each other for ages. With a single look, they would know that the other was alright. Upon hearing Si Qing’s words, they followed without another word.

As for He Jie’s home, Xiao Lingyu would probably come by personally to “express his sympathies” after Lei Jue had been checked over.

Xiao Lingyu had originally wanted Carrera to fly the aircraft to his eldest brother’s lab, but Lei Jue regained consciousness halfway through the journey. His face was a stark white. The way that sweat beaded his forehead resembled the time when ‘Plan A3’ had first activated within him, but he didn’t feel cold. Rather, his head spun and he had to expend a tremendous amount of effort just to clear his mind.

“Just now, that person….” Lei Jue’s hands were still trembling, and there was no strength behind his words.”

“Yuan Chen’s bodyguard, right? Relax, I’ll let Lu Xian know after this.” Xiao Lingyu cradled Lei Jue. “Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere? We’re heading over to Big Brother’s place for him to examine you.”

“No, let’s go home,” Lei Jue said. “I want to go home and see Little Odd Flower.”

“Alright.” Xiao Lingyu had Carrera change their trajectory to fly straight to the main residence. After that, he carried Lei Jue back to their bedroom and carefully placed him on the bed.

“I want to be closer to it.” Lei Jue pointed in the window’s direction.

Xiao Lingyu picked up Little Odd Flower, pot and all, and brought it over to the bedside. “Is this okay?:

“Yeah.” Lei Jue touched Little Odd Flower’s leaves, then shut his eyes. In a flash, Little Odd Flower’s leaves had completely wrapped around the finger that touched them. Then, from that finger, a web of green light—like the light from when Lei Jue healed someone—enveloped his body. However, this green was far purer and vibrant.

Seeing Lei Jue slowly recovering, Xiao Lingyu heaved a long sigh of relief. “You really scared me to death there. And that He Yunshu—damn her, she’s practically a psycho!”

When he recalled the scene where Lei Jue was being electrocuted, Xiao Lingyu could still feel the lingering fear, as if his heart was about to stop in his chest. However, Lei Jue covered his eyes, then abruptly burst into laughter like he had a few screws loose.

Xiao Lingyu’s heart was in his throat again. “Babe, are you okay?”

His brain couldn’t have been fried from all that electricity, right!

At that moment, Lei Jue ceased his laughter and retrieved his finger from Little Odd Flower’s grip. He then sat up with his back leaning against the headboard of the bed, his eyes on Xiao Lingyu. “Can you catch that person?”

Xiao Lingyu looked at Lei Jue. Seeing that he didn’t seem to be joking around, he contacted Lu Xian straightaway. “Where are you guys now?”

Lu Xian said, “We’re almost at the Yuan residence. What’s up?”

“Find a way to detain that person.”

“Be gentle,” Lei Jue added.

“Don’t hurt him.” After he had finished speaking, he cut the call to sit upon the bed and hold Lei Jue. “Now that I think about it, who is that person?”

“I can’t be fully sure of his identity, but I know that he was definitely involved with the incident from when I was a kid. Do you still remember what I told you when I dreamed of the original Lei Jue’s deepest fears? At that time, there was someone who wore a black hood. He gunned down many of the original Lei Jue’s family members, or should I say, his clansmen… at first, I thought that bodyguard was that guy, but later on I realized that he isn’t; he had no enmity towards me. Furthermore, I feel like this person was familiar… that feeling was more like a feeling engraved on my bones. It’s a very intimate feeling.”

“Are you saying… you’re related by blood?”

“More or less. I had no leads at first, had no way to confirm it, so I only felt that sense of familiarity. However, just now at He Jie’s home, your metal elemental power wrapped around everyone, then their memories seemed to split into countless images which flowed into my mind. That person’s memories were among them. He was there, in that memory of Lei Jue’s deepest fears. He’d been there the whole time.”

“You’re too tired, rest for a bit.” Xiao Lingyu’s heart tightened uncontrollably when he realized that Lei Jue’s face was still pale.

“I am tired, and my head feels like it’s going to blow apart—like a tiny bottle that has too many things that don’t belong shoved into it, but Xiao Lingyu—” Lei Jue turned around, a smile on his lips. “I finally managed to figure out how we can truly be together now!”

“What do you mean?” Xiao Lingyu was slow to react, or to be exact, he didn’t dare to react because of the surprise contained within those words.

“I said, I finally know how we can finally make love with each other.” Lei Jue placed his hand upon Little Odd Flower once again. “We’ll have to let it grow. Once it flowers and bears fruit, we can be together for real. You understand?”

“I… don’t really follow.” Xiao Lingyu truly didn’t understand. What does a tree growing up, flowering, and bearing fruit have to do with their predicament?

“If you don’t understand, that’s fine too. Only I need to understand this. I-I probably really need to rest now.” Lei Jue slid down and burrowed under the blankets. “I’m going to sleep and recover for a while; I’ll tell you the details later. Remember what you promised to do….”

Lei Jue fell asleep halfway through his words. Seeing how exhausted he was, Xiao Lingyu couldn’t find it in himself to rouse him, so he caressed Little Odd Flower and said, “Then, please hurry up and grow. If Lei Jue and I really can be together, I’ll water and care for you every single day. I’ll even acknowledge you as my ancestor, if that works for you.” With that, he transferred all of his savings to Lei Jue’s account, leaving only a bit of pocket change for himself.

This was what he had promised Lei Jue.

However, at this point in time, Lu Xian was pondering how he should capture the bodyguard without injuring him at all. That bodyguard had immediately left the Yuan villa after sending Yuan Cheng back to the Yuan residence before he went to a wide, open area. He then whirled around and called out, “Mr. Lu.”

A hint of interest flashed through Lu Xian’s eyes, so he revealed himself. “How should I address you, my friend?”

That person said, “Di Lin.”

Lu Xian nodded. “Is there… something you want to tell me?”

Di Lin chuckled. “Weren’t you the one who sought me out? Or should I say, it was Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue who sought me out.”

Lu Xian began laughing as well, but neither confirmed nor denied it. He only said, “Let’s go.”

Di Lin followed him, just like that. After making sure they weren’t being tailed, they rode Lu Xian’s aircraft to the Xiao family’s main residence.

Upon receiving Lu Xian’s message, Xiao Lingyu immediately came out to greet them. Lei Jue was still asleep. When Xiao Lingyu set eyes upon Di Lin, he invited him to the room that had once been Lei Jue’s. “Pardon me for asking, but who exactly are you?”

Di Lin didn’t reply. On the contrary, he fished out a handkerchief from a pocket in his pants and wiped his face to reveal a face that was uncannily similar to Lei Jue’s, but disfigured on one side.

“You….” Xiao Lingyu’s eyes had disbelief in them. “What is your relationship with Little Jue?”

“I’m his uncle from his mother’s side.” Once Di Lin had finished speaking, he looked in the direction of the room where Lei Jue was actually residing. “Is he alright?”

“He was tired, so he’s sleeping.” Xiao Lingyu still couldn’t hold back his astonishment.

“You two have planted the Tree of Life.” Di Lin sniffed the air and let out a nostalgic smile. “However, it’s dangerous to plant it indoors, because they grow rather rapidly.”

“You’re saying that this plant is called the Tree of Life?” At least Xiao Lingyu finally knew what Little Odd Flower was truly called.

“Yes. It’s also called the golden fruit tree. Lei Jue and I were born from its fruit. We’re tree people, or you could also say that we’re fruit people.”

Xiao Lingyu had nothing to say about that.

Xiao Lingyu was dumbfounded by this. In half a night, he found out his dear babe was a different species!

Despite that, Di Lin didn’t care for his emotions. Now that he had started talking, he continued the story. However, it turned out that Lei Jue’s words hadn’t been nonsense. All the things he had spoken about had really existed in reality, including the fact that once Little Odd Flower grew up, they would be able to be together. This wasn’t fantasy. 

It was true.