IPC Chapter 39 Part 1: Pikachu

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 39 Part 1: Pikachu

Xiao Lingyu still remembered how Lei Jue would always look up when they had gone to Mount Rikalun. It was only now that he knew it was because Lei Jue subconsciously remembered that, when he was little, he had once looked up at his own Mother Tree in the same way. 

The Mother Tree—that is, the Tree of Life that had incubated him—had only ever existed on the planet Maikalun before Lei Jue planted Little Odd Flower. The seeds of this tree resembled pearls, and after it was planted and had grown to a height of over ten meters, it would bloom once and produce a single fruit, called a primary fruit. Maikalun people who had come of age would become one with their partners within this fruit, and as long as they truly loved each other, a new fruit would grow from the area near the top of the primary fruit and the descendant of the couple would be birthed from within. 

It was definitely a method of procreation that had never been heard of before!

The weirdest thing was that the seed couldn’t be planted by just anyone; every tree person born from a golden fruit would come with their own seed. The one that Lei Jue had was the one he’d brought with him from within the golden fruit that had incubated him, and he was the only one who could make it sprout. 

Xiao Lingyu… had definitely learned something new today. 

Di Lin had also told him that, not only could the Tree of Life produce offspring this way, but it could also cure poisons and diseases. The mucus within the golden fruit was a natural cure for poisons—as well as a repair agent—and no matter which poison or illness it was, as long as the tree person went back inside their fruit, it could cure almost everything. Of course, this was also what had attracted the greed of certain people. 

Xiao Lingyu thought back to the mission that Lei Jianwei had been sent out for, and almost immediately guessed why Lei Jue had appeared on Casweir. Lei Jianwei had obviously found Maikalun that year on his mission to search for a more powerful and perfect source of energy. 

Di Lin said, “Because the way to enter the Golden Fruit Clan’s territory is very particular, people who aren’t part of the clan wouldn’t know of it at all. That year, Little Jue’s father entered the area by pure coincidence, and got to know my elder sister. My sister was the most beautiful girl in the clan back then, and her healing abilities were powerful, so she’d always been the darling of our clan. Who’d have thought that she would choose an outsider in the end. Actually, in the beginning, none of us agreed to their relationship, but my elder sister still got together with him, and they had Little Jue.”

Xiao Lingyu praised his father-in-law inwardly, Beautifully done!

But Di Lin’s next words cut his happiness short. 

Lei Jianwei was a good person, so after staying for a period of time in the Golden Fruit Clan, he left, knowing that he should not destroy the Golden Fruit Clansmen’s peaceful lifestyle. Thus, he decided not to report these discoveries to his superiors. He never would have dreamt that Lei Jue had already existed by then; if it were not for the fact that he was worried later on and made a trip back, he really would not have known that he had become a father.

However, the joyful surprise that he had gotten from that trip back could in no way compare to the tragedy that had struck afterwards. 

Because she was immensely grateful for Lei Jianwei’s respect for her clan, Lei Jue’s mother, Di Na, had decided to leave with Lei Jianwei. She used the identity of a normal person to stay with Lei Jianwei. It was because of this that Lei Jianwei brought Di Na to Casweir, and also why Grandmother had met Di Na. As for Lei Jue, because both Di Na and Lei Jianwei had thought that it would be better for him to stay within the Golden Fruit Clan, they didn’t take him with them that time. 

No one would ever have imagined that, in the end, the Golden Fruit Clan would still be discovered. 

Not long after Lei Jianwei and Di Na had left, Lei Jianying found his way to Maikalun, and, because the people guarding the entrance to the territory wouldn’t reveal how to enter it no matter what, he slaughtered practically all of them. The most terrifying scene in the dream that Lei Jue had spoken of was probably the scene of this massacre. 

When Di Lin got to this point, he seemed to recall the events of that time and his eyes reddened. “Little Jue was still very small back then, and he had a little sprout on his head; it was very cute, but I had to pull it out with my own hands.”

Xiao Lingyu felt pain at those words from just listening to him, but he didn’t ask why Di Lin had done that. “Uncle, your wound…” He pointed to Di Lin’s face. “Was it also from that time?”

Di Lin nodded. “I thought that I’d died at the time, but, perhaps because my self-regeneration abilities were strong, I survived in the end. However, when I woke up, Little Jue had already disappeared, and the only thing I could do back then was call my clansmen to shut all of the entrances to the clan.”

This was also one of the reasons why he hadn’t appeared before Lei Jue before today. Besides, even if he had wanted to find him back then, he wouldn’t have been able to do so, because Maikalun’s technological development was not as advanced as Casweir’s was back then, and it would have been impossible for them to travel across the galaxy. That was why it was only now, at the start of this year, that he had successfully made his way here. 

Xiao Lingyu thought there were still many things that he didn’t understand, but right then, Carrera told him that Lei Jue had woken up. Lei Jue was the apple of his eye right now, and compared to him, everything else had to take a step aside. 

It might have been because he had rested well, but Lei Jue seemed to be in good spirits. Xiao Lingyu had only just walked to the door when Lei Jue pulled it open and walked in. He smiled at Xiao Lingyu, then took a glance at the other man in the room who looked incredibly similar to him. “Did you ask him yet?”

This question was obviously meant for Xiao Lingyu. 

Xiao Lingyu nodded. “He said he’s your uncle from your mother’s side.”

Lei Jue knew that this was true. That strong feeling of familiarity made him take slow steps toward the man, and he sat down opposite of him. “Why did you pluck the sprout from my head back then?”

Di Lin looked as if he wanted to pet Lei Jue’s head, but when he raised his hands up, he put them down again. “It was the only way to let you grow up like a normal child, otherwise, if they discovered your abilities, the consequences would be horrific.”

Lei Jue asked, “My healing abilities?”

Di Na smiled and didn’t reply. On the surface, it appeared to be silent acknowledgement, but Lei Jue felt that there was more to it. 

He didn’t say anything though, so Lei Jue didn’t pursue the topic further, either, because Xiao Lingyu asked a very shameless question right afterward.

“Uncle, is there a way to make the Tree of Life grow up quickly?” Xiao Lingyu asked. “Without damaging it, that is.”

“Why do you want to make it grow faster?” Di Na asked. “It’s growing fast enough already, and will bloom and produce its primary fruit a year or so from now.”

“Because I—” Xiao Lingyu’s sentence had only just started, when he was interrupted. 

“Because we want to have a child quicker.” Lei Jue fought to speak before Xiao Lingyu. “You saw it too, at the He residence. If I don’t produce a kid with metal abilities, my name wouldn’t be washed clean even if I jumped into the Yellow… even if I jumped into the Sojara River [1]. So, I want to quickly have a child.”


“What are you laughing for?” Lei Jue asked, feeling a little guilty.

“I’m laughing because whenever you did something wrong as a kid, you’d always look for me to protect you. Now, however, you’re the one who’s doing the protecting. Don’t you just want to solve his problem of not being able to control the powerful electricity coursing through him? What, did you think your uncle wouldn’t be able to tell that you’re still a virgin?”

Lei Jue had nothing to say to that. 

Once Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu had returned to their room, he asked, “Is it just me or is my uncle a little irritating?”

Xiao Lingyu nodded, thinking, Yeah, just like you, his skill in pissing people off has reached a godly level.

Lei Jue turned around. “Don’t complain about me in your head, I can feel it.”

Xiao Lingyu fell silent. 

“Also, may I ask what on earth all that money was spent on?” Lei Jue asked, standing by the window as he provided energy for Little Odd Flower. “You transferred ninety percent of the savings under your name to me, but it only amounted to half of the money I have now.” That is to say that Xiao Lingyu had spent half of the money before transferring the rest to him.

“I can’t tell you, but you’ll know in two weeks.” Xiao Lingyu smiled as he looked at Little Odd Flower, who was working hard to grow while absorbing energy from Lei Jue little by little. He thought he should give it a new home when the time came. 

According to what Di Lin had said, the Tree of Life would typically grow to a height of fifty or sixty meters before stopping, or rather, before entering a slow state of growth. The diameter could reach seven or eight meters by then, so it would definitely be impossible to keep it in a flowerpot. 

Lei Jue wasn’t trying to chastise Xiao Lingyu in any manner; he was just curious as to where such a large amount of money had gone. After all, it was enough to buy a large manor in a good location. But since Xiao Lingyu said that he would know later on, he didn’t pursue the topic. Speaking of large manors, however, Lei Jue suddenly recalled the He residence, which had been flattened. 



 [1]“I wouldn’t be able to clear my name even if I jumped into the Yellow River”. A common Chinese saying, meaning that they would be a criminal even after they died.