IPC Chapter 39 Part 2: Pikachu

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 39 Part 2: Pikachu

“I suppose He Jie’s home will need to be rebuilt?” Lei Jue thought there wasn’t much of a chance that the villa would still be intact after it had been scorched by Xiao Lingyu’s electricity.

“Who cares that it collapsed? He Yunshu shouldn’t have attacked you with her electricity. The only reason I haven’t gone to mess them up yet is because you haven’t fully recovered. I’ll go tomorrow.” Xiao Lingyu cradled Lei Jue. “It’s illegal for her to maliciously attack you like that, and with that many witnesses, she can’t explain this away.”

“About that…” Lei Jue lightly coughed. “So the situation’s actually like this.”

“Don’t tell me that you deliberately goaded her into doing that.” Indeed, Xiao Lingyu understood Lei Jue well. He knew that Lei Jue had been up to no good with just a single look at his awkward expression!

“I just wanted to see whether my healing powers could withstand a little electric shock. It was just pure curiosity.” In actuality, he wanted to see whether he could take an attack from a metal elemental user. He already had this thought in his head for some time, it was just that no one could help him in testing it out. If he were to bring this up with Xiao Zhicheng, Lei Jue would be embarrassed. Most importantly, he didn’t want Xiao Zhicheng to know that he was very self-conscious about not being able to have intercourse with Xiao Lingyu, even though this was a very real situation.

In summary, he didn’t think it would be a good idea to let Xiao Zhicheng attack him with his electricity, but there was no one else he could turn to. It just so happened that He Yunshu’s metal elemental powers were a bit weaker, so he purposely threw a small piece of bait at her. The young lady probably felt that she was being challenged, so she unleashed a shock more powerful than her usual jolts of electricity to attack him.

“I don’t care about that. In any case, the fact remains that she assaulted you. Now, everyone thinks that she’s the one who attacked. That’s what I saw too.” It was rare that Xiao Lingyu explained the reasoning behind his words. “Besides, who allowed her to say that we wouldn’t be able to have a metal elemental child in front of that many people? Serves her right.”

“Then you handle it, I don’t care. My only critical mission now is this.” Lei Jue looked at Little Odd Flower with a tender gaze as if he were looking upon a treasure. 

“That’s right, it’s good to have a sense of anticipation.” Xiao Lingyu crouched and placed his chin on Lei Jue’s shoulder. “It must have been hard on you, babe. But relax. While this time may be arduous for you, I guarantee that I’ll do the rest of the heavy lifting when Little Odd Flower grows up.”

“Scoot over.” XIao Lingyu elbowed Xiao Lingyu’s belly. “Stop teasing me!”

Xiao Lingyu laughed and placed a kiss on Lei Jue’s cheek, ceasing his teasing; he knew that there was still a lot to do. Firstly, Di Lin’s appearance at this time probably wasn’t as simple as missing his nephew. After all, he had a grudge against the Lei family for massacring his family, so he felt that Di Lin most likely wouldn’t reveal such a thing this easily. His own elemental ability was yet another problem.

Since it was at He Jie’s home, the guests were well-aware of social etiquette, so they wouldn’t arbitrarily go online and begin spreading rumours and whatnot. However, Xiao Lingyu wouldn’t be able to conceal the fact that the metal elemental powers that he unleashed were S-rank. For now, at least, the major families in Northern Ling all knew that he had S-rank metal elemental powers.

Of course, they still might not know that this power wasn’t completely under his control.

Xiao Lingyu scrutinized his hand and tried to draw out a bit of energy. Just as he expected, his efforts to do so were unsuccessful. Perhaps he had only managed to unleash his powers because he was desperate when he fretted too much over Lei Jue’s safety. Now that his head was clear, he couldn’t reproduce it.

Seeing her son sitting by the bar counter and daydreaming, Luo Yuling walked over to him. “How did it go? Have you finished talking to him?”

When Di Lin had come by earlier, Luo Yuling saw him, but since her son told her that he would tell her the details later, she hadn’t pressed Xiao Lingyu more.

Xiao Lingyu rubbed his temples. “He’s Little Jue’s uncle on his mom’s side, but this can’t be revealed to anyone outside the family yet. We’ll talk more about it when dad comes back. However, mom, I have some good news to tell you.”

“Hm? What good news?” Luo Yuling’s eyes held a hint of a smile.

“I can probably be like any other regular person in the future,” It was rare to see Xiao Lingyu this embarrassed, “because Little Jue’s situation is a bit more special.”

“Are you saying that….” At first, Luo Yuling didn’t react to it; she simply looked at her youngest son with eyes that questioned his veracity. When she saw her youngest son nod, she nearly let out a shriek. Of course, she endeavored to hold it in. She threw her arms roughly around her son. “Oh this is such, such good news.”

“Yeah, yeah. Mom, stop being so emotional, you’re about to choke your own son to death!” Xiao Lingyu had to express his admiration for his mother’s phenomenal strength as he struggled hard to get out of her grip.

“I am absolutely overjoyed! No, I must hurry and tell your grandmother and father!” Luo Yuling whirled around and scurried out. That excitable and hasty personality of hers….

Xiao Lingyu pinched his shoulders. He was in so much pain that he was hissing. He suspected they were bruised.

After Luo Yuling had told granny about this, she immediately contacted Xiao Zhicheng, who was already hurrying back home. His evening had been calm and relaxing, until right before his departure to head home; his communicator hadn’t once stopped its beeping and ringing. All of his contacts had been congratulating him, with the exception of the He family.

He Yunshu’s father, He Ping, had called to apologize. Due to his own precious daughter hurting Lei Jue, He Ping had been so flustered that he developed mouth sores from the stress. When his eldest son relayed to him about how Lei Jue was electrocuted at the He residence, the anger nearly made him pass out. 

“Chief Commander, look how this girl Yunshu has been spoiled. I will be sure to bring her to apologize to Lei Jue in person. Therefore, please, you have to help me smooth things over with Lingyu and Lei Jue.” Xiao Lingyu was now a wife-pampering beast. He had already been emotional enough to release S-rank metal elemental powers, so would he let this matter go so easily? Even a nimrod would know that the answer was ‘no’! Not to mention that he possessed S-rank powers!

S-rank! There were hardly any children in Xiao Lingyu’s generation who were S-rank ability users. It was already outrageous enough to be an A-rank user, but to think that Xiao Lingyu actually had an S-rank metal elemental ability!

“I’ll tell Lei Jue after I reach home. This matter… He Ping, you already said yourself that our Little Jue had been healing Yunshu. Tell me, how could Yunshu still attack Little Jue? This was rather ungrateful of her.” I am giving you face by only calling her ungrateful. If I were to make you completely lose face, I would have just said that your daughter has practically no sense of shame at all!

“What you said was right. I will be sure to thoroughly lecture her. I cannot express how regretful I am for adding more trouble to your plate.” He Ping could hear that Xiao Zhicheng’s aircraft had reached his home, so he didn’t feel it was appropriate for him to continue talking. He said, “Then, take care, Chief Commander. I shall not continue taking up your time.”

Xiao Zhicheng let out a sigh. Once he had disembarked from the aircraft, he heard Lei Jue greeting him from inside the house with a call of ‘dad’. He thought, our Lei Jue, who is such a good child, suffered, and you think that everything will just blow over if you come and apologize in person? You are truly delusional. 

Xiao Zhicheng replied to his greeting. “Little Jue, how do you feel now? Are you alright?”

Lei Jue seemed lively as he said with a smile, “I’m alright, it’s just that Xiao Lei isn’t quite happy because we didn’t bring any clothes over.”

Xiao Lei was pacing in the house at that very moment. Every now and then, he would butt at Lei Jue with his head. When Lei Jue touched him, he could sense that Xiao Lei was disgruntled that he couldn’t go out to play, since his new clothes weren’t here and the outdoors were especially cold now that night had fallen.

Xiao Zhicheng laughed and said, “Couldn’t you buy more? Who named it Xiao Lei?”

Lei Jue said, “I did.”

Xiao Lingyu grinned and hugged Lei Jue from behind. “You know he’s ours from the moment you hear his name. However, what should we call our child?”

He had originally thought that he wouldn’t be able to have a child, so he hadn’t thought about it. But if they were to have a child, Xiao Lei would be a good name for them.

Lei Jue hadn’t considered this problem before. Now that he thought about it, Xiao Lei was indeed a good name. However, the name Xiao Lei had already been given to their lion; they couldn’t possibly take it back. So he smiled and said, “We’ll think about it when the child comes. Besides, we still have you, dad. It’s fine for you to pick a name for the child, too. Anyway, I already thought of a nickname we can use for the kid.”

“What is it?” Xiao Lingyu asked.

“Pikachu! Thunderbolt! Crick! Crack!”

Xiao Zhicheng and Xiao Lingyu hesitated for half a beat before they chorused, “This… isn’t this a little too long?”