IPC Chapter 40: We Won’t Make Them Eat Their Words

Interstellar Power Couple

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Editor: Chesh

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Chapter 40: We Won’t Make Them Eat Their Words

When Xiao Lingyu saw that his dad had returned, he wanted to introduce Di Lin to them but he didn’t get to do that. There was already no sign of movement in Di Lin’s room, so he didn’t want to disturb the, presumably sleeping, Di Lin. However, he didn’t forget to bring this up with his parents.

Xiao Zhicheng had been investigating the true cause of Lei Jianwei’s death recently, so he was absolutely baffled when he heard what his youngest son said. However, too many aspects were involved in this matter and it couldn’t be settled in just a few words, so he could only hold back the idea of ​​wanting to immediately find out the truth.

Just like this, this one seemingly peaceful night slipped away. The next morning, when Lei Jue went to knock on Di Lin’s room wanting to talk to him, he was greeted by an empty room instead. There was a note left on the table, but Di Lin was gone.

Lei Jue searched in vain for him in several places, so, in the end, he went to the kitchen. “Mom, did you see my uncle?”

 Luo Yuling asked, “Is he not in the room?”

Shaking his head, Lei Jue took out the note and had another look. Before this, he noticed it was a drawing when he took a glance at it and hadn’t paid much attention to it. Now that he finally scrutinized it carefully, he realized that the drawing was actually somewhat unusual. 

There was a flowering Tree of Life on the drawing, and next to the tree was a person with a small bud above his head, crouching on the ground and dripping a drop of his own blood on the tree root.

“Is your uncle trying to tell you that you have to feed the Tree of Life with your blood once when it blooms?” Xiao Lingyu felt that this must be what the drawing was expressing.

“I guess so. But where is he?” Lei Jue was rendered speechless. This wasn’t the villa on the Suspension Mountain, but the residence of the Xiao family. How could a living person just disappear at the drop of a hat?!

“Does your uncle have any special ability?” Xiao Lingyu asked.

“Special ability? Well, he can self-heal like I do, but as for the rest…” Lei Jue thought for a while and suddenly quieted. He glanced at Xiao Lingyu before shifting his gaze to Xiao Zhicheng’s room.

Xiao Zhicheng walked out, rolling up his sleeves and remarking, “The He family may come today, so Little Jue, you can meet them if you want to. But if you don’t, that’s fine too.”

Lei Jue nodded. He was about to ask Xiao Zhicheng if he already knew that Di Lin was gone, but as soon as the words had almost left his mouth, he stopped himself again.

Xiao Zhicheng sighed. “Your uncle has his own plan. He’ll come back when it’s the right time. Right now, what you should do is act as though you haven’t seen him. It would be safer for him if fewer people knew about his identity, which would of course be safer for you too, understood?”

How could Lei Jue possibly not know about this? He just couldn’t wrap his head around this person appearing and disappearing with no advance notice at all. Even though he was no longer the original Lei Jue, he still retained the original Lei Jue’s memories. 

Besides, apart from the Xiao family, this was the first time he had felt so close to somebody.

Xiao Lingyu squeezed Lei Jue’s shoulder. “You’ll eventually meet him again.”

Lei Jue folded the paper in his hand and put it in the bedroom. Xiao Lei looked at Lei Jue, then came to snuggle and comfort him, almost sending him toppling over because of his own size. Lei Jue hastily caught his balance again. “Alright! Alright! I’ll bring you to get your clothes today. If they haven’t finished sewing your clothes yet, we’ll make another set with a simpler design for you, okay?”

Xiao Lei stuck out his tongue and tried to lick Lei Jue, but he ran away in a hurry. Xiao Lei’s tongue was as rough as sandpaper and his face would definitely not be able to take it.

Xiao Lingyu happened to see Lei Jue dodging away when he came in. Grinning, he walked up to Lei Jue and blocked Xiao Lei’s head with just one hand. “You’re not allowed to lick anymore! That’s your dad’s—AKA MY—territory! Not yours!”

Xiao Lei acted a little defiant and pushed forward, but since Xiao Lingyu wasn’t as weak as Lei Jue, he could not make Xiao Lingyu budge no matter how hard he pushed. Considering that he couldn’t attack Xiao Lingyu for real, he simply gave up right away. Right at this time, Luo Yuling just so happened to get her hands on a large piece of his favorite venison, so when he heard her calling his name he sprinted out in a hurry.

With his weight, it made the entire house feel as though it were shaking when he ran.

Looking at the lion’s swift figure, Lei Jue chuckled and fiddled with the leaves of Little Odd Flower. “Seeing that you’ve displayed your elemental abilities, there must be people asking you about it today, right?”

It was, after all, not an ordinary ability, but one that could surpass Xiao Zhicheng’s if it could be manipulated freely. It was impossible for his superiors to ignore it just like that. Besides, if the Xiao family didn’t report this incident on their own initiative, some unscrupulous people would make it into sensational news.

Xiao Lingyu replied, “I may go out for a while during the day, but not until after the He family leaves.”

Lei Jue responded, “That’s not necessary. This isn’t the He residence, and what can He Yunshu do to me, anyway?”

Xiao Lingyu pulled Lei Jue into his embrace. “It’s not because of her.”

Even the slowest person could guess that He Yunshu would never be willing to come over to apologize, but the He family would insist on making her come over, and wouldn’t let her behave atrociously anymore, or otherwise He Ping wouldn’t have agreed to it. Therefore, Lei Jue wouldn’t be at a disadvantage in this matter, but he would still somewhat be concerned about Di Lin.

Xiao Lingyu knew that Lei Jue was no longer the original Lei Jue, so, logically speaking, Lei Jue should no longer have any familial feelings toward Di Lin on a spiritual level now. But he was, after all, a person of sentiment. Even though he usually seemed indifferent to everything, he was, in fact, a person who would think too much. Thus, with his personality, he probably wouldn’t let Di Lin do anything alone. 

Xiao Lingyu planted a kiss on Lei Jue’s ear. “Don’t think too much. Let’s decide how to take the next step together after I’ve settled the matters at hand.”

Lei Jue pointed at Little Odd Flower. “Then how about this one?”

Before this, he didn’t know that the Tree of Life would grow so big, but now that he had learned about it, he’d have to move it somewhere else.

Xiao Lingyu replied, “There shouldn’t be a problem for the time being. Don’t worry, before it actually breaks the house, I’ll make sure I’ll find a safe new…”

Xiao Lingyu suddenly stiffened and turned to look at Xiao Lei behind him. This rascal! How dare he wipe himself against Xiao Lingyu’s clothes just after he finished eating raw meat!

Lei Jue also noticed it. Initially, when he was being hugged by Xiao Lingyu, he had already heard the sound of Xiao Lei returning, but since this was pretty ordinary he hadn’t thought about it too much. But who would have thought that this fellow would actually dare to do something like this.

After Xiao Lei finished wiping his dirty mouth on Xiao Lingyu, he retreated to the door with his tail wagging. Almost immediately, Lei Jue understood what he was trying to say—this was a warning to Xiao Lingyu to not monopolize Lei Jue. 

Xiao Lingyu put up with it for a while, but in the end, he still couldn’t hold back. “XIAO LEI!”

“Roar!” Xiao Lei immediately darted away when he saw that the situation had turned for the worse, scaring Loquat, who had sneaked in to find Lei Jue out of his wits, and causing him to deftly jump up on Xiao Lingshu, who was following behind him. “Meow!”

This new friend that had come looked too horrifying, so he didn’t even dare to monopolize his owner anymore!

“Xiao Lei! Stop right there!” Xiao Lingyu howled, but in the end, Xiao Lei went hiding behind his mother, pretending to be pitiful.


“What’s wrong, Xiao Lei?” Luo Yuling patted his head. “Are you not full yet?”

“Roar—“ Xiao Lei laid himself at Luo Yuling’s feet and looked at Xiao Lingyu.

“You rascal! You’re actually smart enough to find reinforcements, huh?!” His blood boiling, Xiao Lingyu took a quick look at his back and decided to go shower and change clothes.

The robot maid would usually clean up the house when the masters were having their breakfast, and would replace whatever things that needed to be replaced in passing. Since it was not yet breakfast, the towels and bathrobes in Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue’s bathroom weren’t yet replaced with new ones, but Xiao Lingyu only found that out after he finished showering, so he just directly dried the water on the surface of his body with a natural air-drying system before coming out.

He didn’t take any new clothes with him, so of course he was naked when he came out. Lei Jue was providing life energy for Little Odd Flower to accelerate its growth, but when he turned around and saw Xiao Lingyu’s sturdy body, his eyes darkened abruptly and his heart rate increased. He even almost plucked off Little Odd Flower’s leaves, at that.

It seemed to be the first time he had seen Xiao Lingyu completely naked. Before this, Xiao Lingyu would always wear a pair of boxers, including the time they did oral sex after he took the medicine last time. He didn’t take off his clothes completely that time, but this time…

Lei Jue found the sight to be overpowering, his mouth turning dry from what he was looking at. Shifting away his gaze, he tried to make his voice sound as smooth as possible. “What are you doing? Do you want to go out like this and compare who is bigger with Xiao Lei?”

Xiao Lingyu instructed Carrera to lock the door and went to hug Lei Jue, holding his hand and touching Little Odd Flower together with him. “Your uncle has also given me a drawing.”

“What drawing?” The instant Lei Jue’s question left his mouth, he was astonished to find Little Odd Flower begin to grow like crazy, shooting up to the height of 1.2 or 1.3 meters before finally stopping. 

“Perhaps he didn’t want anybody else to see, so he sent it to my communicator.” Xiao Lingyu took out his communicator and showed Lei Jue the drawing on it. It was a drawing of two naked people with their hands on the Tree of Life. “Do you still remember what we did the night before we found Little Odd Flower?” 

“Of course I do.” That night, the two of the had carried out cross-arm drinking and Xiao Lingyu had performed oral sex on him after taking some medicine.

“I think what happened that night must have something to do with Little Odd Flower’s growth.” Xiao Lingyu grinned. “Look, isn’t it obvious that it’s growing faster when you’re aroused?”

“So I guess we’ve named it quite aptly then?” Lei Jue couldn’t refute. What an odd flower indeed!

Xiao Lingyu looked extremely delighted and didn’t have the same pained expression as before, despite being incredibly hard, because just like he had said, this feeling was completely different from before, now that he had hope.

Lei Jue tried to infuse life energy into Little Odd Flower again, but it no longer grew. Perhaps it had a limited daily growth to it.

Breakfast time in the Xiao family was relatively fixed at the same time every day. At this moment, Luo Yuling began calling for them from downstairs. Lei Jue looked at Xiao Lingyu’s erection and patted his shoulder. “Big Brother, just chant some mantras if you can’t hold it in.”

How Xiao Lingyu wished he could just grab Lei Jue’s hand to help him feel a little better, but he had no other choice than to listen to Lei Jue and chanted some mantras before putting on his clothes.

Lei Jue walked to the door, but suddenly bowed his head and took a quick look at himself as well. After some ponderation, he went to take a long, loose shirt from the closet to change into.

Xiao Lingyu chuckled when he saw this. “Say, maybe you want to chant mantras with me?”

Lei Jue chided, “Shut up! How shameless can you be?!”

At the dining table, Xiao Zhicheng began. “Little Fifth, I’ve already told the superiors about your matter and you’ll have to follow me to the military academy to meet with a few people.”

Xiao Lingyu answered without hesitation, “Dad, I want to go with Little Jue. I don’t feel at ease if he’s not in my sights.”

Xiao Zhicheng took a swift glance at the same long shirts the two children were wearing. “Sure, we can take Little Jue for a checkup as well. In that case, I’ll tell the He family not to come over today.” He thought they wouldn’t take it as seriously when they saw that Lei Jue was still perfectly fine and in one piece. “Little Jue, when we reach the Central District later, just say that you feel dizzy if somebody asks if you’re feeling unwell.”

Grandma chimed in, “It’s not enough to just say it like that. You have to say that you’re feeling nauseated and you want to throw up!”

Luo Yuling added, “And that your body is feeling weak!”

Xiao Lingshu nodded. “That’s right! We won’t actively try to make them eat their words, nor will we apologize! We want to make them feel guilty!”

Speechless, Lei Jue looked at his new family. “But you guys are making it sound like I’m either having heat stroke or am pregnant.”

Xiao Lingyu chuckled. “Just say that you feel nauseated. Didn’t you feel so yesterday?”

Lei Jue nodded. “This will do.”

In the meantime, the He family was still unaware of the Xiao family’s decision, and He Ping was lecturing He Yunshu. “You’d better not put on that long face of yours when you reach there, you hear me?! You must be sincere when you apologize to Lei Jue, don’t put up an attitude!”

He Yunshu felt wronged. “But it was obviously he who goaded me first. I—”

“Shut up!” It was rare for He Ping to yell at his daughter. “I don’t care if that’s true or not, but you attacked him, didn’t you? So many people saw you doing that. Did you think you’d be able to justify yourself just by saying so?”

“Just listen to dad,” He Jie patted his sister, “since it’s just a pretense anyway. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome for us if Xiao Lingyu holds on to this matter and refuses to let it go.”

“Urgh. Why didn’t I electrocute that b*tch to death back then?!” He Yunshu gnashed her teeth and stole a look at He Ping. “Alright, dad, you decide on the time for us to go then.”

He Ping hurriedly contacted Xiao Zhicheng but was met with this reply instead, “Oh, He Ping, I think we should just put the apology aside first. I’m bringing Lingyu and Little Jue to the military academy now. Little Jue has been complaining about feeling nauseated ever since he came back yesterday.”

He Ping’s heart gave a sickening thump. “Erm… doesn’t he have self-healing ability? Chief Commander, please don’t scare me.”

Xiao Zhicheng sighed, then continued, “Why should I scare you? He IS feeling nauseated, so I’m bringing him in for a checkup.”

Cold sweat almost burst out of He Ping when he heard this. Didn’t it mean that Parliament would find out his daughter had attacked Lei Jue when he went for his checkup?