IPC Chapter 41 Part 2: S-Plus Rank Metal Elemental Abilities

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 41 Part 2: S-Plus Rank Metal Elemental Abilities

Time rewound to that night at He Jie’s house. He watched as Lei Jue was being attacked by He Yunshu, and then in his desperation, he grabbed Lei Jue in a bid to save him. However, he could not control the elemental power within his body, and the result of that lack of control was Lei Jue getting shocked indiscriminately when Xiao Lingyu fought against He Yunshu. Lei Jue collapsed into his arms, his entire body charred so black that you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was human. Ironically, He Yunshu was well and perfectly fine, with only a pale face to show for it.

At that moment, a voice rang by his ear, “This is what happens because you decided to be together with him. All you can do is harm him, even to death.”

Xiao Lingyu screamed within his heart, I won’t!

Despite that, the voice never ceased, continuing, “But he’s already hurt. Is this what you wanted to see? He has self-healing powers, so if he doesn’t die you will continuously hurt him until he is but a shadow of himself.”

“Shut up!” Xiao Lingyu looked around He Jie’s house, which had been rendered deathly silent by him, but he couldn’t find the person who spoke to him. However, the peculiar sensation in his arms reminded him constantly that perhaps what the other person said was right.

With the help of the auto-regeneration machine, Lei Jue’s face began returning to how it was originally. However, it was also because of that that Xiao Lingyu could clearly see the pain and fear on Lei Jue’s face.

He saw that Lei Jue feared him.

Lei Jue was shaking and trembling in his arms.

“Give him to me,” Feng Gu said as he walked over. “My water abilities can aid him. He’ll be able to heal faster by my side, and won’t be suffering with me like he is with you.” 

“I won’t.” Xiao Lingyu held fast onto Lei Jue. “Little Jue, don’t be scared. I definitely will not hurt you in the future.”

“Lingyu, there is no ‘in the future’.” Lei Jue suddenly left his arms and walked toward Feng Gu. “I’m sorry…”

“I don’t want to hear any apologies!”

Outside of the testing chamber,  Lei Jue suddenly felt an abnormal energy. Golden light began coalescing around Xiao Lingyu’s hand, who had been quietly lying there up until now. However, just as everyone thought that he was going to do something with that ball of light, it suddenly dissipated.

The director frowned. “So he’s still able to control himself.”

At this moment, the assistant aimed his measuring apparatus, but his purpose for doing so was unknown.

Lei Jue didn’t have a clear view from his angle, but he soon saw that the golden light had once again begun gathering around Xiao Lingyu’s hand and forming a ball of light. Countless tendrils of electricity—each about the thickness of a finger—leaked from the ball of light. In an instant, those tendrils had crept all over the blast walls.

The light within the chamber was rapidly becoming stronger and brighter. The chairman and director subconsciously covered their eyes, while Lei Jue and Xiao Zhicheng squinted, but kept their gazes fixed on Xiao Lingyu. The energy that was being released from Xiao Lingyu’s body was increasing even more. That collection of light seemed to nearly fill up the entire testing chamber. Meanwhile, the blast walls were at the brink of collapsing.

Lei Jue had a bad feeling about this when he heard Xiao Zhicheng yell, “Get out, quick!”

Xiao Zhicheng had already dragged Lei Jue out without waiting for him to respond. The others followed them in their swift exit.

The next second, those blast walls—which the director had claimed to be able to take quite the beating—gave way. They exploded with an ear-ringing noise, countless pieces of shrapnel shooting towards the walls of the building. The powerful propulsion force shot the dome-shaped assessment building up until, with a clank, a force surpassing a level eight earthquake straightaway reduced it to smithereens.

Lei Jue suddenly exploded. “Xiao Lingyu!”

Xiao Lingyu didn’t respond to his cries.

However, Lei Jue watched as someone shifted away a large chunk of blast wall that had been wedged by the ceiling. And then? And then Xiao Lingyu clambered out from beneath to hop onto the surface.

He didn’t seem to have any obvious injuries, but his eyes were bloodshot and his entire face had a tinge of green to it. Clearly, he was beside himself with anger. He glanced briefly at the crowd that had gathered because of the explosion, and finally his gaze fixed itself upon Lei Jue’s face.

Lei Jue didn’t understand the meaning of this, but he still wasn’t reassured, so he approached Xiao Lingyu.

A heart-thumping scene occurred. Xiao Lingyu forcefully hugged Lei Jue. Just like the time during the wedding, he kissed him fiercely, but this time he kissed with even more force than before, as if he wanted to take Lei Jue apart and swallow him down.

When it came to strength, Lei Jue had no chance against Xiao Lingyu. When his struggles failed, he couldn’t be bothered to continue struggling on. Besides, when he came into contact with Xiao Lingyu, he knew that Xiao Lingyu was truly scared. Right now, all he could do was reciprocate the hug, and kiss fiercely like no tomorrow.

Someone finally returned to their senses after this kerfuffle and began to clap.

The director turned his head and looked at the person clapping. Instantly, the assistant put his hands down.

Then, the director himself began shamefully clapping his own hands. “S-plus metal elemental. Marshall Xiao, you’ve won the lottery.”

Xiao Zhicheng was laughing as well. At this moment, Xiao Lingyu had finally had his fill of kissing and released Lei Jue. He said, with an air of childishness, “You’re not allowed to leave me.”

Lei Jue nodded.

Xiao Lingyu chose this moment to turn around and ask, “Who prepared the monitoring setup?”

Darn it, it was already enough that they dared to make Lei Jue elope with another person to his face, they still had to torture Lei Jue before him!

The assistant immediately rushed and hid behind the director.

Xiao Lingyu looked at the director, then followed both him and his horribly frightened assistant to the medical bay.

As for the assessment building…

The director said, “No one has ever succeeded in destroying it since it was built. At least we can finally build a new one. I’d like an angular one, as I really, truly, do not like even one bit of the past director’s taste in architecture!”

The assistant stifled a laugh and looked at the two people who were still wrapped in each others’ embrace. He guessed that no one would ever dare to say that Xiao Lingyu wasn’t good enough for Lei Jue anymore.

He Ping hadn’t sensed anything abnormal when he brought his son and daughter onto the aircraft, but when they met solid ground again he could see more and more people gathering at the military academy. He realized what might have happened there, so he hurried to ask someone where Xiao Zhicheng and the others might be, then rushed over to where they were. Three minutes later, he finally heard from outside the director’s office that Xiao Zhicheng and the rest were inside. It was only when he heard the director’s assistant explain that they had found out that Xiao Lingyu had an S-plus rank metal elemental ability.

S! Plus! Rank!

Just what in the world was this?!

The assistant belatedly asked, “General He, do you want to go in?”

He Ping’s mouth opened and closed several times. “I’ll just remain outside. I’m not in a hurry.”

If he wasn’t in a hurry, then why would he deliberately come here? He even brought his children here, what’s going on? The assistant was puzzled and bewildered.

At this moment, Xiao Lingyu was explaining to the director about his elemental powers.

“I only managed to unleash such an elemental power under duress, so normally it only shows itself by accident. I normally can’t use it,” Xiao Lingyu said bluntly. “Perhaps I’ll have to disappoint everyone again.”

“Don’t say such a thing so soon. Since your body contains a metal elemental ability, there should be a way to activate it,” the director kindly told him. “Young man, don’t stress over this too much.”

“Then let’s wrap things up for the day. Since there was such a massive development today, I assume that there will be many matters to handle after this,” Chairman Chen said. “In any case, I still need to find out just who in the world dared to hurt Little Lei Jue.”

“I think we should just put this matter to rest,” Xiao Zhicheng said. “Little Jue, what do you say?”

“Mm. There’s no other major problems anyway, it should blow over in about two days.” Lei Jue had no differing opinions. Little did he know that the moment he exited, he would bump into his so-called love rival. He smiled, the words this must be fate rising in his mind.

“He Ping? Why are you all here?” Xiao Zhicheng asked.

“Marshall, we naturally are here to apologize.” He Ping didn’t retreat, even with all the other people around. Instead, he thought it was good that the director of the military academy and Chairman Chen were here. Blame would be inescapable, but if he were to clearly explain everything in front of them, Xiao Zhicheng wouldn’t bring this old matter up anymore in order to preserve his reputation.

“Yunshu, what are you standing around for?” He Ping patted his daughter twice on her back. “Hurry up and apologize to Lei Jue!”

“No need for that anymore, Uncle He. It wasn’t very serious,” Lei Jue cut in. “Besides, He Yunshu definitely didn’t do it on purpose. Let it rest.”

“Heh, you sure are good at acting.” He Yunshu had already thought of apologizing if things really couldn’t be smoothed over, but Lei Jue’s actions repulsed her. “Weren’t you being quite a showoff at my brother’s place? Who’s your audience now that you’re pretending like this?”

“He Yunshu, that is going too far!” Xiao Lingyu’s face had rage all over it. “You’re clearly the one who repaid his kindness with hatred, and now you won’t even apologize?”

“I will not! It’s his fault for being this despicable! Even though he’d been with Feng Gu, he still boldly swore under Lord Lyniel’s name with his fallacies. I want to see just how he’s going to magic a metal elemental ability child out of thin air!”

Smack! Lei Jue straightaway slapped He Yunshu hard under the frozen gazes of the people around them. He chuckled and said, “Alright, now you do not have to give that apology.”