IPC Chapter 42: Downright Wicked

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 42: Downright Wicked

The entire corridor became quiet, and only the echo of the slap remained. Perhaps it had never crossed anybody’s mind that Lei Jue would actually slap He Yunshu, for nobody responded for a time. It even took He Yunshu some time to actually realize what was going on. 

She had never been hit before in her entire life, let alone on the face.

Lei Jue didn’t stop, despite the shock coursing through the crowds. He looked at He Ping and said, “Uncle He, I’m the kind of person who, if you treat me nicely, will treat you even better. But if you dare to mess with me, I’ll make sure that I’ll get my revenge. Before this, He Yunshu had already tried to embarrass me in front of so many people and I still treated her injuries despite that. But now, not only did she seize that chance to attack me, she even threw her tantrum today. I’m sorry, I just came of age and I’m still bad at controlling my actions. Holding back once is already my limit.”

He Ping opened his mouth, unable to make out any word. Even though it pained him to see his daughter like this, it was indeed her who was in the wrong.

At this moment, He Yunshu was panting heavily and glowering at Lei Jue with such mounting anger that her eyes were nearly popping out, but in the end, unable to hold back her rage, she raised her arm and tried to retaliate. Upon seeing this, Xiao Lingyu immediately blocked her, shoving her away. “He Yunshu! Don’t you dare cross the line!”

“It’s him who slapped me, so why did I become the one who crossed the line?!” He Yunshu looked at Xiao Lingyu, hatred coiling in her stomach, with slight grievance mixed in. “Big brother Lingyu, are you blind or something?” 

“Everyone who isn’t blind can see that you’re insane!” Xiao Lingyu’s words were fatally ruthless. He looked at Lei Jue with a pained expression on his face and asked, “Babe, is your hand in pain?”

“Are you going to rub my hand if it’s in pain?” Lei Jue asked.

“Of course!”

Lei Jue chuckled and walked away as he replied. “It’s not painful.”

Xiao Lingyu grabbed his hand in a swift motion. “But it still needs to be rubbed anyway.”

As if nothing had just taken place, the two of them walked out, showing off their affection to each other. With a grave expression, Chairman Chen asked, “Marshall He, so it’s your daughter who attacked Lei Jue?”

Chairman Chen was a middle-aged lady in her fifties, a fire elemental ability user who was even a relative of the Zuo family. She was quite prestigious in the Elemental User Council and was known for being a fair and honest person. Now that she had heard Lei Jue’s words, how could she possibly just let this matter slip away?

At this time, as if the situation weren’t already bad enough, the director’s assistant added in a whisper, “How ungrateful! To think that Lei Jue actually wanted to trivialize this matter. He didn’t even say who the one who attacked him was.”

He Yunshu abruptly whipped her head around with a scowl, her eyes completely reddened. “So what if I attacked him? I didn’t need that b*tch to heal me in the first place!”

“Just shut your mouth at once!” He Ping’s expression alternated between red and green, half humiliation, the other half frustration. However, it soon turned grim, because the expression on Xiao Zhicheng’s face was conclusively… indescribable.

“What a good daughter you’ve raised, He Ping. Not only does she like sticking her nose where it in no way belongs, but she has a way with words as well.” Xiao Zhicheng scoffed. After giving a nod to the director, he left, but not before leaving behind a sentence: “Chairman Chen, I’ll leave this trouble behind for you.”

He Ping didn’t even dare imagine what Xiao Zhicheng meant by the word ‘trouble’.

Why had he been so dumb as to bringing his daughter along with him in the first place?

With Chairman Chen here, He Yunshu would definitely be investigated, making it impossible for this matter to just slide away. No matter how He Ping and He Jie tried to stand up for her, she was still brought away. On the other hand, after Xiao Lingyu left with Lei Jue, the two of them were blocked by the assemblage of crowds and were almost forced to retreat back to the building. There was not only the medical staff and patients from the military academy, but their onlooking family members who had joined in to watch the fun, as well. Even the media had caught wind of the news and come rushing over, congesting the entrance of the military academy until it had become tightly jammed.

“Marshal Xiao, it’s said that you’ve activated S-plus-rank metal elemental powers! Is that true?”

“Lieutenant Colonel Xiao, may I ask how your elemental powers were stimulated?”

“Do you have plans to have children with Young Mr. Lei?”

“Lieutenant Colonel Xiao…” 

“Young Mr. Lei…”

“My god! Stop pushing!” somebody shouted in the crowds. “Stand up! Stand up! He might have gotten squished”

At this time, a sudden, childlike “Waaa—“ erupted, filling the air.

The guard at the entrance immediately shouted, “Stop crowding the entrance! The patients are unable to get in now!”

The child cried at the top of his lungs. Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue had initially wanted to leave, but eventually remained behind after hearing the voice. Lei Jue turned around and saw a skinny man sweating profusely with a child in his arms. Blood could be seen all over the child’s face, arms and clothes. He looked to be no more than three years old and there was a relatively tall man beside them. The three of them were anxiously trying to get into the hospital; it was apparent that the child was injured and urgently needed treatment.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Lingyu instantly pushed the crowds away by force, then pulled Lei Jue to them.

Lei Jue could finally take a closer look. The child’s small hand must have been crushed by something so badly that it was completely a mess of flesh and blood. Right now, it was dangling weakly, looking like a comminuted fracture. This kind of injury would have to be operated on, and even if the child was hospitalized, it would take a while for the wound to recover. After all, there were only a few people with wood elemental powers, but so many such injuries occurred every day that it was impossible for all of them to be treated.

However, just when Lei Jue was about to treat the injury, somebody pushed him from behind, causing him to stumble. His power that had just been accumulating was dispersed right away.

“Xiao Lei!” Irritated, Lei Jue called out.

“Roar!“ With a whoosh, Xiao Lei leapt out from the fighter jet and roared at the crowd. With his height of nearly two meters and his powerful muscles, just by standing there he was already terrifying enough, let alone his wide-open mouth. This deterrent force caused the surrounding chaotic noise to quiet, and all of a sudden it was so silent that only the sound of wind could be heard.

Satisfied, Lei Jue placed the back of his hand on the small face of the child, who still hadn’t stopped crying. A green light net with sufficient energy briskly wrapped the child, and the small, injured hand started recovering at an amazing speed. This was the fastest treatment Lei Jue had ever performed since he had learned he had healing power.

“There you go, I’ve shooed away your pain!” Lei Jue smiled and squeezed the face of the child, who was staring at him with big round eyes.

“M-Minami, hurry up and thank this uncle!” the person carrying the child hurriedly urged after snapping out of his astonishment.

“Thank you, uncle!” The child looked at his hand, then Lei Jue, with tears still brimming in his eyes.

“It’s no problem,” Lei Jue answered and turned around to see a group of people who wanted to go up to him and speak, but dared not to, behind him.

It wasn’t until Xiao Lingyu couldn’t help planting a kiss on Lei Jue that somebody finally summoned his courage to interject, “Lieutenant Colonel Xiao, Young Mr. Lei, I’m a reporter from the Star Universe News. M-May I ask you two a few questions?”

Xiao Lingyu looked at Lei Jue. “What do you think, babe?”

Lei Jue nodded. “Three reasonable questions only.”

The brave dude looked like he had just won the lottery. “Lieutenant Colonel Xiao, may I ask how your elemental powers got stimulated?”

Figuring that He Yunshu’s matter wouldn’t be kept in the dark anyway, he directly answered, “It’s because Little Jue was attacked in the process of treating somebody not too long ago. Spurred on by my anger, my potential was stimulated. As for the one who attacked him, I believe all of you will find out very soon.”

“Then, do you two have any plans to have children? After all, there are really too many people expecting that to happen.” In truth, it was impossible for somebody with elemental powers to marry into other families, and they would always have to retain their own power for lineage purposes. A strong combination like Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue was completely one-of-a-kind—a kind that would not be found anywhere else.

“Ah, we’re working on it.” The smile on Xiao Lingyu’s face couldn’t be concealed even if it was put under three layers of clothes. “We’ll try not to make everyone wait for too long.”

“Oh my god! Are you feeling embarrassed?” the brave reporter was absolutely delighted over the spark of joy, and almost blinded by the sight of Xiao Lingyu’s smile.

“Well, I guess a little? Forgive me for being a little scared of my wife, despite being so unbridled and fearless before.” Xiao Lingyu scratched his ears. “Last question.”

“What would you like to say to Young Mr. Lei the most?”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to answer this. It’s too embarrassing to say in front of so many people.”

“Ah… then, may I take a photo of you two for the cover of Star Universe News’ headline, please?”

Xiao Lingyu turned his head and looked at Lei Jue again, who was smiling and nodding. “Sure! But make sure we both look handsome in it.”

The brave fellow gestured an ‘okay’ sign and motioned for the two of them to pose. At this time, Xiao Lingyu hugged Lei Jue and gently pecked Lei Jue’s forehead. It was only a small, simple action, but since his entire love was poured into it, it looked heartwarming and soul-stirring. The feeling of being a perfect match seemed to drift out from them, bringing with it a gentle and elegant fragrance that warmed the entire world.

It just so happened that He Yunshu saw this scene when she was brought away, and once again felt frenzied and jealous. However, she realized this jealousy of hers wouldn’t affect their happiness at all, but right now there was really nothing more painful than this to her.

Xiao Zhicheng quite considerately appeared only after Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu had finished answering the questions and took the two children away with him. Xiao Lei leapt up last, even endearingly waving his claws at the crowds below.

The crowds waved back, as if they had tacitly agreed to do so in advance. After this, the Internet became lively again, and the news about Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue instantly overshadowed the major news headlines—the way Xiao Lingyu’s S-plus rank elemental powers had taken their area with bafflement; the way Lei Jue had treated the child at the entrance of the military academy; and that crimson flame lion, Xiao Lei, that looked incredibly overbearing but somehow cute at the same time.

Xiao Lei… one could tell just how much his two masters loved each other from just his name alone.

After returning home, Lei Jue didn’t rush to check the Internet. He first gave Xiao Lei something to eat, then played with Loquat and Curly—who were feeling a bit neglected—for a while before giving some life energy to Little Odd Flower. It wasn’t until evening fell before he finally got in the bed with Xiao Lingyu.

Xiao Lingyu was looking at something and chuckling into his fist.

Lei Jue probed, “What are you laughing at?”

Xiao Lingyu casually pulled him into his arms. “When Qi Yu and the guys saw the liveliness on the Internet, they took the opportunity to set up an official website for the two of us, saying that it’s a late wedding present. Look at the name!”

Lei Jue took a gander. What the f*ck?!

Metal On Wood?! [1]

Xiao Lingyu looked at Lei Jue, who was looking back at him, and the two cried out in unison, “This is downright wicked!”



[1] 金镶木: Metal On Wood: Wood inlaid with metal, with a dirty subtext