IPC Chapter 43: New Home

Interstellar Power Couple

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Chapter 43: New Home

Back when Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue had gotten married, although Xiao Lingyu hadn’t mentioned anything, Lu Xian, Qi Yu, and the others knew that there had to be something going on behind the scenes. So in the beginning, they didn’t treat Lei Jue as Xiao Lingyu’s partner for real. It was only when Xiao Lingyu had expressed his intention to let them meet Lei Jue that they knew things had taken a new turn. If so, then wedding gifts must be prepared for their brother. For this reason, after discussing it amongst themselves, they decided to make Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu a website that would record Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue’s romance over time, and serve to record the friendship between all of them. 

The website was named thanks to a bet between Lu Xian and Qi Yu, the result being Qi Yu’s loss. Qi Yu had wanted to name it Metal on Jade, using a character from Lei Jue’s name for it, but he lost to Lu Xian, who thought up the name Metal on Wood. 

Because of this, Qi Yu had gotten so angry he almost wrestled with Lu Xian. Luckily, he suddenly remembered at the last second that he wasn’t as strong as Lu Xian. So a new addition had been added to Carrera’s list of jobs, which was to sift through the numerous messages on the internet. Anything positive could stay, while the negative comments had to go. 

Compared to before, the negative comments had gone down in number. Even those who would shout abuse at them on a daily basis before had mostly changed their opinions. Naturally, the discovery that Xiao Lingyu had S-plus rank metal abilities was part of the reason, but the main reason was the forehead kiss that Xiao Lingyu had given Lei Jue—after all, it was filled with so much love that it felt like it could even emanate through the screen, and who could argue with that? Also, that Xiao Lingyu had not messed around ever since being with Lei Jue was also an irrefutable fact. 

So, with the opening of the Metal on Wood site, the most frequent comments were along the lines of:

This name of this site really, really makes your thoughts go wild!!!

Is it just me who wants to know what things Xiao Lingyu claimed he couldn’t say in front of so many people because they were too embarrassing?


Webmasters, please put in your best efforts! The whole galaxy’s watching you guys!!!

Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue’s thoughts went along the lines of, We want to put our best efforts too! But reality won’t allow it! F*ck!

Lei Jue had provided Little Odd Flower with life energy countless of times already, wanting nothing more than for it to grow ten meters in one go. But the more one fantasized, the bleaker reality would seem in contrast. Sometimes, he and Xiao Lingyu could not control themselves and would arouse the other, but the effect it had on the tree paled in comparison to the first time Xiao Lingyu had hugged him naked. 

“Could it be that the pot’s too small and has placed limits on its growth?” Lei Jue looked at Little Odd Flower’s flower pot. Logically speaking, it should still be able to grow a bit more, but even when absorbing his life energy, it didn’t grow as fast as it had before. 

“Possibly. So, we need to give it a new home,” Xiao Lingyu said. “A little while later, after you’ve finished treating Uncle Zuo, I’ll take you to see the new home.”

“Where is it?”

“That’s a secret for now.”

A week had passed already since the first time they had gone to treat Zuo Zhihuan. His state was still fine, for now, but since Lei Jue had the energy to spare to heal him, he might as well help Zuo Zhihuan maintain that healthy state. It was a favor, after all, and it could strengthen the relationship between their families. Then, should the Xiao family ever meet a problem in the future, Zuo Zhihuan wouldn’t turn a blind eye. 

After eating, Lei Jue took Xiao Lei, Loquat, and Curly with him to the Zuo residence. Instead of asking the Zuo family to come pick him up this time, he directly took Xiao Lingyu’s aircraft there so it would save the Zuo family from having to send him back again. 

Xiao Lei was none too pleased at returning to the place where he had been locked up previously, and had hesitated for quite a while when getting off the aircraft. He knew what was going on when Lei Jue told him they were only here for a look and would go back before dark, but despite this he still followed Lei Jue like a shadow, desperately fearing that he would be left behind. 

Zuo Feng had specifically come back to see how Xiao Lei was doing. Although he kept talking like he was angry with Xiao Lei, inwardly, he was actually worried that Xiao Lei’s life over there wasn’t good. However, the instant he saw how Xiao Lei’s fur was even brighter than before, and how Xiao Lei radiated cheerfulness in everything he did, Zuo Feng completely gave up his ideas. 

“Looks like he’s even enjoying the weather at Bulacca,” Zuo Feng said sourly. 

“He’s alright. When we go out to play, we give him clothes to wear.” Lei Jue followed Zuo Feng into the Zuo residence’s drawing room and saw Zuo Zhihuan. Seeing that the couple had come, Zuo Zhihuan signalled for them to sit down and have a rest, then chased Zuo Feng out. Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu were a bit surprised at first, wondering whether Zuo Zhihuan’s actions were a result of the incident on Rikalun mountain or an indication of his worry that Zuo Feng would clash with them again. 

However, they later learned that this wasn’t the case. 

“Lingyu, I’ve already heard from your father that your elemental abilities are of a spontaneous nature,” Zuo Zhihuan said. “Back then, a similar case appeared in the older generation of our family, and somehow or another we managed to resolve it in the end. I only remembered it this morning, so I wanted to talk to you guys about it first. Maybe it will help you, Lingyu.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zuo. If it doesn’t trouble you any, please explain.” Xiao Lingyu didn’t feel any displeasure at Zuo Zhihuan blunt mention of the problem with his elemental powers, because he had to report the fact that he couldn’t control his powers to Parliament. It was no surprise that all the higher-ups knew of it. 

“The person I speak of is my grand-uncle.” Zuo Zhihuan looked approvingly at Lei Jue, who was pouring tea for him. “At the time, he had A-rank fire elemental abilities, but like you, he was unable to control it as he pleased. Your situation is slightly better than his, though. Yours was only activated in your adulthood, but my grand-uncle, on the other hand, possessed his abilities since birth, yet couldn’t control them at all. You guys know that we ability users need to be brought up by relatives with the same powers as us, until we’re able to control our powers. Otherwise, an outsider could be injured if they were the one bringing us up. But my grand-uncle was never able to gain that control, so….” Zuo Zhihuan glanced at Lei Jue. “In this aspect, Lingyu, you’re quite lucky.”

Not at all, though!

Xiao Lingyu, having understood what Zuo Zhihuan was getting at, tapped a finger on his knee in secret. He suddenly felt a little pained by the irony. 

“Anyway, that was the situation back then. Also, being an A-rank elemental ability, it was pretty much impossible for them to just give up the power, since an ability like that is exceedingly precious to any family, so someone in the family suggested at the time to collect all the energy that was accidentally released, so it could be used only when it was needed. The instrument used to collect the energy would essentially be a weapon, just in a different form. A human can’t be controlled, but a weapon can,” Zuo Zhihuan said. “You can discuss this with your Second Eldest Brother, I believe he will be able to come up with a more detailed plan for it.”

“This is indeed a possible option. Thank you, Uncle Zuo.” Although they had already tried it long ago, blowing up innumerable weapons designed for collecting energy in the process, Zuo Zhihuan’s good intentions were evident from his actions of digging up the problems his ancestors faced and telling the two of them about a possible solution.

“Uncle Zuo’s suggestions are indeed interesting.” Lei Jue was thinking that, although Xiao Lingyu couldn’t use this idea, he might. 

“It’s nothing much.” Zuo Zhihuan smiled. “Little Lei, you seem more lively this time than before.”

“It’s because of He Yunshu, the tactless fool. Even though Little Jue didn’t want to fight with her, she still refused to let things go. She said such unpleasant words, at that. That’s why Little Jue put in an effort to make himself appear less weak, that way others won’t think he’s easy to bully,” Xiao Lingyu explained. 

“I heard about the matter with He Yunshu too. That child really was too much. But you two don’t need to worry, Chen Xiao’s side will definitely handle the matter fairly. I heard that He Yunshu will need to stay in the Supervision Center for discipline for at least two years, this time, and she won’t be allowed to enlist in the army in the future.” After all, that was a metal elemental attack. If it weren’t for Lei Jue’s regenerative abilities, he would have died many times over already. Her punishment was quite light, all things considered. 

“All is well, so long as no one hurts Little Jue.” Xiao Lingyu shrugged. 

“Who would possibly dare harm him? He’s an A-rank wood ability user, and on top of that he has an A-rank metal ability user father-in-law. And now he has you, an S-plus rank metal ability user as a husband. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, there’s also me—an A-rank fire ability user uncle,” Zuo Zhihuan said, beaming. “And, in my opinion, Lei Jue doesn’t look the type to be a doormat.”

“Ahh….” Lei Jue coughed. “Sorry, Uncle Zuo, I hope you won’t take what happened last time to heart.” Lei Jue understood now that Zuo Zhihuan knew all about his little pretense from last time. He laughed, saying, “My personality isn’t actually as quiet as it’s rumored to be, it’s just that I was in a bit of a situation before, so—”

“That’s nothing. It’s only normal for a person to know how to protect themselves, isn’t it?” Also, by now everyone knew what kind of people Lei Jianying and Lei Haige were. It was impressive enough that Lei Jue had grown up to be the person he was today. “I feel that your personality is good, Little Jue. You won’t suffer, no matter where you are. If Zuo Yan could be like you, I would be so much more at ease. That third child of mine is too stifled.”

“But he feels like a very righteous person.”

“Yes, that is true.” Zuo Zhihuan smiled. 

Lei Jue saw that Zuo Zhihuan’s attention was wandering, so he began the treatment. After the treatment, Zuo Zhihuan invited them to stay for a meal like always, but this time Lei Jue and Xiao Lingyu had to help Little Odd Flower move, so they politely turned down the invite. Zuo Zhihuan didn’t persist, knowing that they, youngsters that they were, had their own matters to attend to, and arranged for the servants to bring a few specialties of the Northern Clearwater District over for them. 

Seeing that Xiao Lei was about to leave, Zuo Feng loathed to see him go. He walked over with a dark expression, watching as Xiao Lei boarded the aircraft. 

Xiao Lingyu smiled and asked, “How about you come with us and stay for a few days?”

Zuo Feng really wanted to go and make trouble for the two for a while, but had his own things to do, and moreover, it was almost time for the Epoch festival soon. Not to mention that he still felt a bit awkward seeing Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue, so he sourly replied, “No, I’d freeze to death.”

Zuo Qiu frowned. “Little Feng, is that the way to speak to guests?”

Zuo Feng was in fact a little scared of this Big Brother of his, who had always been stern. Hearing his chiding, he grit his teeth and said, “Have a safe trip.”

Xiao Lingyu and Lei Jue couldn’t be bothered bickering with him. After returning to Bulacca, they headed straight for the new house that Xiao Lingyu had spoken of. 

The new house made Lei Jue a little surprised, as it wasn’t built in a place close to their Floating Villa, nor was it close to the Xiao family’s main residence. Instead, it was constructed within General Si Wannian’s grounds for his Mecha Corps, and the way it was built was quite special at that. From the outside, it looked like a super-sized black rice bun, and gave off a similar feeling to the Mecha Corps’ arsenal. Once one walked inside, however, they would discover that it was much more than that. 

There was a gigantic pit within the ‘bin’, and by Lei Jue’s estimate it was probably about forty to fifty meters deep, and at least thirty meters across at its widest. 

“If we planted Little Odd Flower outside, it would definitely be discovered soon with how fast it grows, so we’ll hide it here first.” Xiao Lingyu pointed to the roof. “Although it looks black from the outside, light can shine through it, and Little Odd Flower won’t be affected in any way. Also, the temperature here is adjustable, so we won’t need to worry about it being too cold or too hot.”

“It suits Little Odd Flower indeed. But with this, we’ll have to move here with it too, won’t we?” It was his tree, he couldn’t possibly just put it outside and disregard it. Also, with the discovery that Xiao Lingyu had S-plus ranked metal elemental abilities, he couldn’t possibly live like he did before, being a ‘free and lazy young master with an empty title of Lieutenant Colonel’. It would be completely within expectations for him to develop a future within the army. 

“We will, as soon as possible. Dad will also find an opportunity to bring this matter up with the Parliament and reveal Little Odd Flower’s existence, thus giving it the protection of everyone. Before this, however, our biggest mission is to let it grow naturally and safely. No, wait, I mean to let it grow safely and quickly.” Xiao Lingyu embraced Lei Jue from behind, taking a deep breath with his nose buried in Lei Jue’s neck. “Shall we move Little Odd Flower tonight?”

“We can, but this is such a large place—it definitely won’t be possible for just the two of us to guard it, right?” It was impossible for them to always stay here, and if they were to find someone else, they would have to be people that the two of them could trust completely.

“The guards are over there.” Xiao Lingyu pointed behind him.

Lei Jue twisted around and saw Lu Xian, Qi Yu, Si Qing, and Che Heng. The four of them were currently playing an online game with each other, killing their way through the game with great passion. 

Frustration and disappointment was written all over Lu Xian’s face. “Qi Yu, is your zodiac sign a snail? You’re so slow!”

Qi Yu fired back, “Weren’t you the one that said that you were strong, so it would be fair to put me on a team with you to balance out the power?!”

Che Heng smiled as he watched the show. “They’ve started infighting. All we have to do is wait for victory.”

Si Qing was expressionless as he hummed in reply. 

Lei Jue was speechless. 

It was as if he could foresee doom spelled out in Little Odd Flower’s future.