New Year, New Projects 2021: From Body to Love by WanWanYiXia

Happy 2021~ We have some small projects here and there lined up for the upcoming year. To begin, we have this crazy dark smut for all the readers that enjoy this genre and will be making announcements for new projects further down the line.

Warning: We don’t condone any of the acts here.


Title: From Body to Love

Author: WanWanYiXia

It was revenge. Gu Ze wanted Meng Fu to pay for killing his wife and child in a hit and run.

“Meng Fu, why don’t you kill yourself?”

“Mr. Gu, I can’t…”

“Then I’ll make sure you suffer.”

Only after stripping naked and lying in bed did Meng Fu finally realize what Gu Ze meant.
“Mr. Gu, please. I was wrong…”
“I want to see you suffer, Meng Fu. Only when you’re in pain will I be able to feel a little better.”
But it was when he truly did slit his wrist and laid in a pool of blood did Gu Ze feel his heart break again.
But he did not dare to tell him. “Meng Fu, did you know? I’ve secretly fallen in love with you.”