Your new cup of tea: Intoxicated Friends by Ye Shu Ying

From the translator-editor duo that brought you Fake Slackers and The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant, we’re pleased to announce their latest project: Intoxicated Friends by Ye Shu Ying.

Sit down and enjoy this slow burn. Make sure you have your cup of tea or alcohol ready. You’ll be needing it.



Title: Intoxicated Friends

Author: Ye Shu Ying


Young Master Su and Hero Yao both have reputations at F University, but their areas of expertise are different.

When they first met, they discovered at the same time that the other was very different than the rumors made him out to be. Young Master Su was not as perfect as people said, and Hero Yao was not as impulsive.

At that time, neither of them  expected their entanglement to stretch from the schoolyard all the way to the business world. In this unexpected love, who has conquered who, really?