Chapter 43: Birthplace

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Editor: Faith


After finishing tea and sending the guests off, Jiang Fan thought to himself, “They left so easily?” At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief.

But it was good that they left. He felt that these guests’ visit had been too abrupt and Master was not here either. Spending less time with them was best.

Later, Jiang Fan realized he had put down his worries too quickly.

While they were sending the guests off, Mo Chen and Elder Lu were in front, while Jiang Fan and Jin Mian were a step behind them. Jin Mian seemed like someone who had never gone out before, seemingly curious about everything he saw. He would ask just about everything. Though Jiang Fan was irritated, he still kept focused and replied to every single one of his queries.

Jiang Fan was not stupid and understood that Jin Mian was someone with a good head. By pulling Jiang Fan to the back, Jin Mian gave Elder Lu the opportunity to speak with Mo Chen about matters that were inconvenient to be heard by others.

Jiang Fan, however, was not the least bit worried.

What did Sword Burial Valley have? A crumbling empty shelf? Not to mention, Sword Burial Valley would never pass down their techniques to anyone without their family’s surname…

The moment Jiang Fan thought this, he suddenly felt things were bad.

The current valley lord was not the son or grandson of the previous valley lord, but his son-in-law. The current valley lord married his predecessor’s daughter and had even changed his surname.
In such a case, it wouldn’t be considered as passing down techniques to someone outside their family’s surname!

According to rumors, the current valley lord also had a daughter!

Most likely, they wanted Eldest Senior Brother to come over and be their son-in-law.

Jiang Fan instantly grew a little worried. Looking at Elder Lu and Eldest Senior Brother in front of him, he wanted to head up front and tear them away from each other.

However, he knew that Eldest Senior Brother would not be tricked by these people and would not leave Returnflow Mountain. They had grown up on Returnflow Mountain, and none of them had parents of their own. Returnflow Mountain was their home, and Master was both their master and father. Even if everyone left, Eldest Senior Brother wouldn’t.

Elder Lu stopped and turned to the side, once again sizing Mo Chen up with a serious gaze. “Swordsman Mo is really a talented individual. Among the current young generation of the just faction, you can be considered the most outstanding.”

Mo Chen simply replied with a smile, “Elder Lu gives me too much praise. Once Master returns, we will definitely pay Sword Burial Valley a visit.”

Elder Lu shook his head. “My trip this time is for Swordsman Mo. Swordsman Mo should be aware that currently, our present valley lord is surnamed Wu and not Li.”

Mo Chen was naturally aware.

Sword Burial Valley had always been passed down to members of the Li family, but the previous valley lord only had a single daughter. He had no choice but to lure in a son-in-law with the surname Wu, who was now the current valley lord. Most likely, he hoped that the next child birthed would have the surname Li and have the seat of the valley lord passed down to him. Probably because the fengshui of Sword Burial Valley was bad, at the very least the previous valley lord had a daughter to carry on the bloodline, but the current valley lord did not have even a daughter and his wife had already passed on. This was not really a rare sight, as cultivators faced difficulties in bearing children in the first place. It seemed like this time, there was no choice but for Sword Valley Burial to be handed over to someone not within the family’s bloodline.

However, what did Sword Burial Valley’s matters have to do with Returnflow Mountain?

“Around twenty years ago, Sword Burial Valley once had a child, but he died not even a hundred days after he was born. Back then, it was publicly announced that it was due to an assassination from one of our long-time enemies, but the truth is far from that. That child was stolen, and even now, his whereabouts are unknown.” Elder Lu stared right at Mo Chen, not letting go of any minute change in his expression. “If he’s still alive and has grown up, he should be around Swordsman Mo’s age.”

Mo Chen did not have any reaction upon hearing this, still carrying the same courteous smile on his face. He did not expose the irritation in his heart. “That truly is a pity. If only that person can be found.”

Elder Lu said, “Last year at High Nine City, my disciple Xu Taiping once met with Swordsman Mo. According to him, Swordsman Mo’s looks are extremely similar to those of Valley Lord Wu in his youth . After gathering more information, Swordsman Mo’s birth history seamlessly fits that of the child once lost in Sword Burial Valley. This may be presumptuous of me to ask, but when Swordsman Mo was picked up by Spiritual Master Li that year, were the clothes and silk from back then still kept? Are there any other mementos?”

When he reached the final two questions, Elder Lu could no longer hold back, revealing an eager look.

Mo Chen was silent for a moment, before asking Elder Lu, “Does the esteemed Valley Lord know about Elder’s visit to Returnflow Mountain?”

Elder Lu did not think much and simply replied, “He is naturally aware.”

After saying that, Elder Lu realized that his answer was inappropriate and hurriedly explained, “Valley Lord is naturally concerned about this matter, but because Sword Burial Valley is recently swamped with many affairs, it’s inconvenient for Valley Lord to personally make his way here…”

The more he tried to explain, the more it felt like he was trying to cover up something.

“I’m not entirely sure about what Elder Lu wants to know of. I still need Master to return so that I can clarify these matters.”

Seeing that Mo Chen had the same indifferent expression as before, Elder Lu sighed quietly in his heart.

In the beginning, Elder Lu was optimistic in his heart, and after seeing Mo Chen himself, he felt all the more certain. His facial appearance and demeanor were both truly similar to the young Valley Lord Wu. As a youth, Valley Lord Wu had been as graceful as jade Otherwise, the daughter of the previous valley lord would not have fallen deeply in love with him. After the old valley lord passed on, she even directly gave him the right to inherit the seat of the valley lord, while she willingly stood behind him as a good wife.

Though they had yet to have a blood test, Elder Lu was already certain that the youth before him was the child that Sword Burial Valley lost that day.

This was truly a gold child fallen from the heavens. Not only did Sword Burial Valley have a successor, but he was also someone with incredible talent and beauty. Though this child was currently the disciple of Returnflow Mountain, even Li Fulin could not stop the reunion of father and son, right? Returnflow Mountain was his sect, but that did not mean he could not leave after the completion of his apprenticeship. He would sooner or later have to return to Sword Burial Valley to succeed the household.

Mo Chen’s reaction poured a basin of cold water onto Elder Lu’s hopes. It also cleared his head a little.

The Mo Chen in front of him was not a three or five-year-old child who wished for the love of his parents, and who would obediently leave with them after hearing a few words. He looked extremely indifferent regarding his own birth, as if he was listening to someone else’s problems.

Though he was young, he had long taken on the responsibility of the head disciple of a sect. Calm and composed, he would not easily believe nor would he be moved by Elder Lu with just those few words.

If Valley Lord could have personally made this visit, then…

Elder Lu suppressed these thoughts.

Their valley lord naturally would not come here personally. Even Elder Lu was not certain that he was the child lost back then. However, with Mo Chen in front of him now, the well-experienced Elder Lu actually looked a little fatigued. No matter the reasons and no matter how well he was to express himself, it would not be able to hide the negligence on their part.

He had also seen the position that Mo Chen had on Returnflow Mountain. Mo Chen had the absolute trust of his master, and he had the respect of the sect disciples under him. Outside, he also had made some name for himself, and was ascertained to be next sect master of Returnflow Mountain. If Elder Lu was standing in Mo Chen’s position, he definitely would not easily believe an outsider’s words and throw away everything that he currently has to pursue the unknown truth of his birth.

Jiang Fan did not know what Elder Lu and Mo Chen talked about. After sending off the two unexpected guests, Jiang Fan turned around and asked, “Eldest Senior Brother, what did Elder Lu say to you earlier?”

“Nothing important.”

Jiang Fan did not doubt Mo Chen’s words. No matter what Elder Lu had said, since Eldest Senior Brother said that they were of no importance, then it definitely wasn’t a significant issue.