Chapter 004 – Be My Friend

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Isalee

Quality Check: Draygan

First Published on Chaleuria



Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng had just returned and stepped foot into the dorm when the bell that signified the end of the morning classes rang out right behind their heels — they had avoided the embarrassment of being glanced at by everyone.

“You should quickly take a shower or else you’ll catch a cold. I will go back to my own dorm first. Once you are done let’s go to the canteen together.”

Although Gu Zhun really wanted to refuse, before he could utter a word Zhang Heng was already gone. Gu Zhun took off his clothes, took the shampoo he would use for the shower, and walked into the bathroom.

“Maybe he is a good person.” Zhang Heng did not know that receiving an appraisal from Gu Zhun was the highest evaluation one could get from someone that would never easily appraise others.

Zhang Heng finished showering first so he walked over to Gu Zhun’s dorm which was right next door, and prepared to sit inside and wait for him. The other dorm mates had not come back yet as it was meal time now. Zhang Heng laid on Gu Zhun’s bed and looked up at the ceiling in a daze as Gu Zhun’s bed was on the upper bunk.

After waiting for a while, the shower door opened up and white-hot steam emerged. Wearing only his boxers, Gu Zhun was like a beauty emerging from the shower, looking at him would cause people’s blood to boil. Lying on the upper bunk granted him a broad viewpoint, and of course, he would take in this beautiful scenery as a whole. Though there would be others wearing just boxers in the male dorms, even if they wore nothing and were naked, it wouldn’t be strange since they had long been accustomed to it, yet the one currently in boxers was Gu Zhun!

Poker-faced celestial beauty…… what kind of analogy was this? Seeing that Gu Zhun was about to come in, only then did Zhang Heng stop his wishful thinking. He laid back in his original position and pretended that he had not seen anything. Since the upper bunk was on higher ground, Gu Zhun did not notice Zhang Heng’s presence, and furthermore, the fact that he was in his bed.

After Gu Zhun tossed the clean uniform up on the bed, he held the ladder as he went up in a quick and effortless manner.

After getting up onto the bed, Gu Zhun’s heart was in a turmoil—— Zhang Heng had used his left hand to prop up the top half of his body. Some of the low-quality buttons had burst open and dropped, revealing a buff chest with well-developed muscles. In addition to Zhang Heng’s handsome face, it was simply too erotic.

“Yo!” It could be counted as Zhang Heng’s way of expressing courtesy in exchange for using Gu Zhun’s bed.


Gu Zhun ignored him, minding his own business as he wore his clothes. He was not worried about the bed collapsing because although the school’s bed was narrow, its ability to bear weight was really amazing.

Zhang Heng simply could not tolerate it any longer. Wasn’t he obviously trying to seduce him? Also, did he not know how girly he looked? Really adorable, alright?!

Discovering the intense gaze that Zhang Heng had cast over, Gu Zhun finally realized that this line of sight was quite unusual — he hastily covered his chest. Even Gu Zhun himself did not know why he had covered himself up — in other words, it was instinctual… in a moment of haste he had overlooked the fact that the two crucial adzuki beans of his were still out in the open, ostentatiously attracting attention.

The sound of Zhang Heng’s laughter bubbled forth: “You are so adorable. Surely you must be a girl?”

Gu Zhun originally had a poker face but now he had furrowed his brows, his earlobes were in an unconcealable shade of red. Gu Zhun had heard that he was like a girl from other people and, even in the midst of his anger there was a hint of shyness that surfaced.

Zhang Heng stretched his hand out and stroked Gu Zhun’s face, pinching his cheeks. He revealed a smile and said, “Are you willing to be friends with me? I see that you are always by yourself…”



Zhang Heng was stunned. In the blink of an eye, he gave an alluring smile: “I like cute types such as yourself.”

Gu Zhun had been teased once again, and his earlobes turned crimson red.

——Sister, someone wants to be friends with me, although at times he is really silly and bad, and often speaks dirty to tease me. However he would try his best to teach me how to swim at every swimming lesson, and whenever we have meals he would always give me half of his expensive but delicious pork chops. He might not be bad and it’s hard to say for sure, but he might even be a good person.

“I like you quite a bit.” This was the conclusion that Gu Zhun had come up with. It’s just that for someone that was slow to warm up to people, this like of his was just a friendly like shown towards a friend.

He crossed over Gu Zhun happily, and after a few steps down the ladder, he jumped down from the bed and said, “Good! To celebrate, let’s go to the cafeteria to eat the most expensive pork chops rice with meat and vegetables! My treat!”

Although Gu Zhun wanted to explain, after thinking about it he started having second thoughts and decided against it. After all, there was free pork chops to eat.

The two of them became good friends…… yes, good friends, they were good friends that made people unable to determine heads or tails with their interactions.