Chapter 005 – Finally Remembered

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Editor: Isalee

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Gu Zhun finally remembered. He had unexpectedly chosen to stop those memories at the unabashed groping experience and the latter’s celebration of their newfound friendship. He was President Zhang’s old classmate and friend. So…was this job of mine specially arranged for me by President Zhang? But how did he know that I attended university? How did he know that I’d be at that job fair?

Gu Zhen wanted to go home immediately to properly clear his train of thought. At the same time, he wanted to think about how he should handle interactions between a friend and a boss in the future. This interpersonal relationship was a bit difficult…but even if he wanted to leave, he had no way of doing so now — Zhang Heng had brought him all the way to a private room at a Japanese izakaya bar and they were sitting next to the sliding doors — the only way for him to leave was by climbing over Zhang Heng’s corpse.

“Looking at your expression, it seems that you have finally remembered me.”

Gu Zhun turned his head, not wanting to admit it. Circumstances changed with the passage of time, don’t bully someone when they aren’t in luck. Who knew that the frivolous big pervert from that year would become a president of a company?

“I went abroad after graduating the third year of high school. I promised my father to take over the company after I graduated, so just like you, I am also new to the workforce.”

So much for being new, what a friend!

Gu Zhun lowered his head to swallow a mouthful of ramen, and Zhang Heng handed him a glass of sake from the side. Gu Zhun excused himself, saying, “Can’t drink during working hours.”

Zhang Heng paused, but he did not force him. He took it back, placed it on his mouth, and drank.

Gu Zhun was focused on the pork chop and ramen in his bowl; he did not even look at Zhang Heng. His heart was vexed, he did not know what sort of expression to use to face Zhang Heng. Should he try his best to keep his job by following what his university seniors had said about being humble, having a good relationship with his boss, and being on friendly terms with his colleagues? Yet he felt that if he were to treat Zhang Heng in this manner, he would definitely be unhappy. They were old classmates after all, and as such, that was the contradiction that Gu Zhun was facing.

Zhang Heng saw that Gu Zhun was immersed in his food and was not talking. He could only sigh, he did not say a word as he carelessly ate a few pieces of sushi and called out to a waiter for the bill. Time was ever flowing, and he was unable to help but sigh, time really was a killing blow. Time did not just affect age or appearance, it had the ability to wipe out everything. Was it perhaps his own one-sided wishful thinking since the very beginning?

That’s right… he liked Gu Zhun ever since the beginning of their second year in high school. He had never told anyone else about it, even till now. Gu Zhun obviously did not know that he liked him. It had been seven years since then, and only now did he especially come back from abroad to salvage what they had — he regretted not voicing his feelings due to their friendship.

I don’t know if time would wait for anyone, but I hope he’ll wait for me. Before Gu Zhun completely forgets all the memories regarding me, I want to return to his side to clearly tell him that I love him…