Chapter 006 – Playing at the Hot Springs

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Now that it was time for winter to come to an end, they would soon be celebrating the Spring Festival. In order to reward their staff members, the company specially organized a company trip before the Chinese New Year break. Gu Zhun had successfully passed his three month-internship so he naturally had the chance to participate.

But for him, the only fly in the ointment was that within 24 hours he needed to reply to calls that might come in at any moment pertaining to work offers that would potentially ruin the good holiday mood that president Zhang was in.

Everyone took their room keys that had been assigned beforehand and went to their own respective rooms with the intention of getting some good rest. It was a pity that Gu Zhun was President Zhang’s executive assistant because it meant that he had to be in the same room as President Zhang. Although Gu Zhun had rejected it when they were allocating rooms, without anyone knowing, Zhang Heng mysteriously appeared behind Gu Zhun and lifted his hands towards his waist and grasped him. He announced his intention of staying in the same room with Gu Zhun in front of all the company employees, and as a result, no one dared to swap with Gu Zhun without permission.

As such, Gu Zhun was still busy answering incoming calls that were continuously coming in from big bosses of other companies hoping to arrange meetings.

“Stop working, turn off my cell phone that is meant for work and yours too.” Zhang Heng issued an order and Gu Zhun had to obey it. He obediently turned off the cell phones.

Zhang Heng threw a bathrobe over: “Let’s go and soak in the hot springs.”

“Is there a hot spring here?”

Zhang Heng raised the car keys in his hand: “Privately owned.”

After he finished speaking, he dragged Gu Zhun out and walked to the parking lot — in less than half an hour, they had arrived at the hot springs. The two of them had come to a hot springs resort which was a property of Zhang Corporation. Since it was almost the end of winter, there weren’t as many customers compared to during the Spring Festival holiday, thus making it seem empty.

Wrapped in only white towels, they immersed their bodies in the hot springs. Gu Zhun’s stress from the past few weeks due to working extra hours was partly eased and he let out a content sigh. Zhang Heng looked at Gu Zhun. The heat from the hot springs had caused his face to flush, and his originally fair skin made his soft and tender skin appear completely pink.

“Really want to eat…”

“President Zhang, what do you feel like eating? I’ll go and buy it for you.”

Zhang Heng looked at Gu Zhun like he was an idiot with that gaze of thoughtlessness.

…What a pity, our Gu Zhun has always been pure and free from earthly desires, he would obviously not be able to comprehend the underlying meaning of the word “eat”.

Zhang Heng stealthily swam towards Gu Zhun as he took advantage of Gu Zhun when he was not paying attention. He grabbed both of his arms and forcefully lifted him up. Gu Zhun’s whole body was placed on the black and gold ceramic tile that was at the edge of the hot springs and his whole body was exposed to the air outside. Although the continuous steam from the hot springs was at a warm temperature, when his butt suddenly made contact with the frigid ceramic tiles, Gu Zhun was unable to stop himself from slightly shivering. Even his symbol of manhood in front of him followed and trembled thrice. After picking Gu Zhun up, Zhang Heng quickly released both his arms and braced Gu Zhun’s sides, both his legs were respectively blocking Gu Zhun’s legs with one on each side to prevent him from escaping.

“President Zhang… what are you doing?”

Zhang Heng said, “I am playing body slams in the hot springs with you, we used to play it often, although it was not in the hot springs.

“Let’s date!” Zhang Heng shouted that sentence out. He had always wanted to say that in the past, but he was too weak and too much of a coward back then that he had been too afraid to speak up. Only when time waited for no man did he come to regret it.

“Will I still make it in time now? Gu Zhun…”

When Gu Zhun heard that sentence from Zhang Heng, he couldn’t help but be stunned as he was taken aback. While naked, he no longer attempted to break free from Zhang Heng. A black vortex was starting to swallow him whole and it was pitched dark inside — he couldn’t even see himself…why did you have to talk about it in this manner?

“Let’s date!” Zhang Heng tried to seek confirmation once again.

“…I…” Gu Zhun did not know how to reply to Zhang Heng. He wasn’t attracted to men at all. Although he’d never had a girlfriend before, that was all to it…

“It’s alright… I will wait for you, I will let you personally tell me that you like me and agree to get together.” Zhang Heng let go of Gu Zhun and his body that was shivering in the cold was no longer quivering because he had returned to the warmth of the hot spring. Yet the atmosphere in the pool was ruined, both of them were embarrassed and did not speak to each other.

“Let’s go back.”