Chapter 007 – Time to set out and head back

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Isalee

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After soaking in the hot spring pool for a long time, both of them refused to leave even after getting bored of it. Both their heads were still slightly dizzy even after leaving the hot springs resort and returning to the hotel that their company was staying at. As a result, they rejected the invitation of the overnight karaoke session that their colleagues had extended to them with good intentions.

When they woke up the next day, it was already nine in the morning. Zhang Heng was awake and had finished washing up a while ago; he was sitting by the coffee table drinking a cup of morning coffee. Gu Zhun only gave a small greeting then took a loaf of bread, applied jam, and ate it.

“Do you want to drink some milk?” Zhang Heng took the milk out from the fridge and placed it on the table. Gu Zhun was surprised, how did Zhang Heng know that he had a habit of drinking milk in the morning?

It was as though Zhang Heng studied psychology as he replied in an instant: “That’s because during the first year of high school, you could lack anything but you would never be short of a bottle of milk. I asked why you were like a primary school kid that liked to drink milk and you told me that it was good for the brain.”

“It’s good for the memory.”

“…” Zhang Heng was speechless; Gu Zhun always liked to be serious when it came to this type of small matter.

In the midst of having fun, the curtains fell on the three-day, two-night employee trip.  As the coach was preparing to set out on their return trip, the company’s leader, Zhang Heng was required to speak a few words.

Based on what was prepared in advance, Zhang Heng was supposed to read the speech that Gu Zhun as a competent executive assistant had prepared, but President Zhang was unwilling to do so. First, there were too many words, and it was also written in uneven sizes; who knew how much time it would take to read the entire thing. Second, it was written in an elegant and formal style, and although the relationship between the colleagues of a superior and subordinate basis, there were quite a few colleagues that were older than Zhang Heng. To say such stiff and cordial words would make it appear to be overly formal. Zhang Heng did not come from a liberal arts background and so he would not be able to come up with a splendid script at will. As such, he said one sentence to the driver: “Start driving.” At the end, he added another sentence— “Year-end bonus will be doubled.”

Everyone on the bus was in exultation as waves of cheers ensued; all of them shouted: “long live President Zhang!” “Follow president Zhang and you’ll lead a good life! Actually, the one they should be thanking was Gu Zhun who was sitting right beside Zhang Heng.

The male employees were not meticulous, of course, they would not know about the inside story whereas it would be different for the female employees that were sensitive to the mood.

Miss A from the sales department said, “Did you notice that President Zhang seems to be in a good mood these few days? He totally doesn’t seem like the same President Zhang from before who was harsh and severe on himself when it came to work.”

Miss B from the implementation department burst out with inside details: “To me, it looks like he is in love. It’s springtime for him.”

After that, it was time for the women to have their gossip session.

Gu Zhun who was seated in the first row had long been drowsy and was deeply asleep, he did not have the slightest idea that someone was talking about him indirectly. Zhang Heng used his hand to shift Gu Zhun’s head towards his shoulder for him to lean on.

Of course, when they alighted, Zhang Heng’s waist was stiff and his back was aching. Befuddled with sleep,  Gu Zhun naturally did not know who was the one that had lent him a shoulder for a few hours. Thus, he had a face of contempt when he saw Zhang Heng yell out in pain when he touched his waist.