Chapter 008 – Fiancée Makes an Appearance

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Zhang Mansion


Old master Zhang was sitting in the garden of his villa, admiring the white and peaceful scenery of courtyard after the huge snowfall from yesterday. He called out to his grandson, Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng filled up the glass of soju for his grandfather. “Grandfather, is there a matter that you need me for?”

Old master Zhang took the wine glass and boldly drained it in a gulp. This old man was really weird. Even though he held the largest shares in Zhang corporation for a few years he had arduous fights while in the upper-class business society, he had seen so many Western-style things that he had long been accustomed to them, but even so he was still unable to give up the home-brewed wine with the taste of mud from a village he had come from in China.

Old master Zhang put down the wine glass and said to Zhang Heng: “Little Ya has a flight that will arrive at the airport at three this afternoon. Go fetch her, welcome her and at the same time comfort her.”

Even if he didn’t want to see her, Zhang Heng did not have the right to refuse. Zhang Heng nodded his head to indicate that he understood and walked away.

Little Ya, whose full name was Xu YaLe, daughter of the CEO of Starseas Technology company limited, was the same age as Zhang Heng. When they were both in primary school, the both of them were betrothed by their parents: Xu YaLe was Zhang Heng’s fiancée, although it was not legally binding. Setting aside her looks and talent, because in both of these areas Xu YaLe was at the level of an upper-class society lady, her character was really vile—towards the things that she wanted there was a great desire to monopolize and control, and that included Zhang Heng. The moment she had a chance to meet Zhang Heng, she would always stick to him, not letting the other kids get close. It became worse when she grew up as Xu YaLe would demand that Zhang Heng be at her beck and call, with no consideration for him while he was busy learning the ropes and handling work affairs.

Slowly, Zhang Heng’s favorable impression of his fiancée hit rock bottom. However, being pressured by the good relationship between both their families along with the marriage and strategic partnership of their business, he could only bear it in silence. Finally, after much difficulty, Xu YaLe was sent by her parents to study abroad for a few years against her will. Zhang Heng was liberated temporarily, but now that Xu YaLe had returned from abroad, and even expressed that she would be staying in the country, Zhang Heng felt very helpless.

On the other hand, Gu Zhun was surrounded by a big group of relatives when he returned to his native home to spend the New Year, pelted with a lot of questions. What’s your job? What’s your salary? Where are you staying? Do you have a girlfriend? When are you getting married?

…Gu Zhun only gave a faint smile and perfunctorily entertained them for a while before returning to read in his room, leaving his sister alone to face the bombardment from the same people that were specialised in targeting her. His sister was already twenty-nine years old after all—her biological clock was ticking more urgently than his. There was no other choice. Gu Zhun’s parents were too unreliable, having left the brother and sister with nobody to care for them other than these aunts of theirs to show them love.

The crowd of relatives teased the younger generation in the house and began gathering tiles to start the mahjong match. One by one, while playing mahjong, they sent messages to their relatives and friends on wechat, wishing them a Happy New Year. Gu Zhun who did not join in the mahjong game was encouraged by them and felt that it would be better to send a friendly new year greeting to greet Zhang Heng since he was his superior after all.


【Recipient: Zhang Heng】
Wishing you a Happy New Year.
【Sender: Gu Zhun】


Zhang Heng looked at that short text. He only had one question—was it a mass message? Wasn’t it too plain and simple? The bad mood caused by Xu YaLe returning from abroad instantly vanished. Zhang Heng looked at the time. It was about time to head for the airport and pick her up. He did not hold a placard like the other people who were here to pick up arrivals; he just silently stood beside the passageway while giving a ‘like’ and commented on Gu Zhun’s new status.

It wasn’t long before a tall woman with curly dark brown locks emerged. Wearing a sexy lace turtleneck dress, a flaxen-colored trench coat, and black ten-centimeter thick platform shoes, she exuded an air filled with charm, causing people to turn around and take a few more glances.

The moment Zhang Heng saw Xu YaLe, he turned his head and walked off. She saw that he did not express anything about her returning from abroad, so she immediately rushed forward in those frightening ten-centimeter tall platform shoes. “Zhang Heng!” Walk slower! Don’t you know how to be considerate towards your fiancée at all!?”

That’s right, Xu YaLe had a typical princess syndrome—a fragile glass heart.

In order to shut Xu YaLe up, Zhang Heng slowed his pace but still ignored her. The moment they got into the car and sat down, Xu YaLe spread out her hand, indicating for Zhang Heng to pass her something.

Zhang Heng knew what she wanted; he entered his pin and handed her his cellphone. Every time Xu YaLe arranged to go out with Zhang Heng she would always use his cellphone to take a picture and send it to his social circle on wechat—It was to declare that Zhang Heng was hers— a woman’s ploy.

Xu YaLe pulled Zhang Heng intimately close and made a cute pose, whereas Zhang Heng just displayed a look of indifference. “Click”, and it was uploaded to his social circle. With quick and smooth movements, Xu YaLe returned Zhang Heng’s phone to him.

“Let’s go, darling~!”

Zhang Heng really wanted to rebuke Xu YaLe, to tell her to stop using such a coy tone when she talked to him and to stop acting like this… but Xu YaLe had no choice— her mother had told her that guys liked coquettish girls.

While reading a book, Gu Zhun heard his phone notification and took out his phone to check—Zhang Heng’s wechat social circle was updated— it was an intimate selfie of Zhang Heng with a busty and pretty lady.

He calmly locked his phone screen, placed it back in its original position, and continued reading his book.