Chapter 009 – Scene of a Vicious Struggle

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Early the next morning, Xu YaLe rushed to Zhang Heng’s office while still jet-lagged.

“Hey! Darling! I’ve arrived! “Xu YaLe tightly hugged Zhang Heng’s arm that was currently typing. Without waiting for Zhang Heng to speak, she left a bright red lipstick mark on Zhang Heng’s face: “What are you being shy about?! In the morning you didn’t wait for me and left on your own. Did you know that if it wasn’t for me interceding with old master Zhang, tonight you would be criticized by him!”

“Old master Zhang wanted me to tell you that I am your fiancée. You have to give way to me, love and protect me, and learn how to be a good husband in advance. That way, you’ll be able to build a happy family!” Xu YaLe purposely used a heavier tone to emphasized the words “fiancée” and “family”, so that Zhang Heng would know his place and how important it was.

Zhang Heng really wanted to pull his hand back. Thereafter, he wanted Xu YaLe to go home. Lastly, he wanted her to pack her things immediately, leave the Zhang mansion, and go back to the Xu family. But Xu YaLe knew there was nothing that Zhang Heng could do about her yammering by herself. In a single breath, she fired off like a cannonball, saying: “It’s already noon now! Darling, you have been working for so long; it’s been hard on you! I’ll treat you to some good Korean cuisine to nicely reward you! Let’s go!” Finished speaking, she yanked Zhang Heng to leave the office, swiftly stepped on the accelerator, and they arrived at the Korean restaurant as fast as the wind.

Gu Zhun, who was left behind, could only look at the girl who was like the wind when she took Zhang Heng away. Thereafter he silently grabbed his lunch box, closed the door properly, and headed out to eat his meal.

Korean Restaurant.

Zhang Heng questioned: “Speak, what do you want? What is it that you couldn’t wait for me to go back before asking?”

Xu YaLe was happily grilling the Korean barbecued meat, smiling as she said: “What do you think? Of course I am here to get a clear view of this!”

“…What do you want to ask?”

Xu YaLe picked up a piece of grilled meat that had been cooked and put it in Zhang Heng’s bowl: “Answer me seriously, do you want to marry me?”


“Why?!” The both of us have been playmates ever since we were young! Moreover, our family statuses match too!”

“So what? I don’t care.”

“Do you not care about your grandfather and your family’s company?”

“No matter.”

Xu YaLe picked and ate a few pieces of meat before putting down a hundred dollar bill, saying: “I have no appetite, slowly enjoy your meal.” After walking a few steps, she turned around and said, “Are you really not going to make me stay?”

Zhang Heng returned the hundred dollar bill to Xu YaLe: “I won’t be so boorish as to make a woman pay for me.”

Zhang Heng took his own money and walked to the counter. Xu YaLe took advantage of the opportunity to go forward and continued to ask. Zhang Heng replied: “My heart has no space for you, take this chance to give up on me and find a better guy.”

“Goodbye.” Zhang Heng took the change, waved his hand, and walked out of the restaurant.

Xu YaLe viciously kicked the restaurant’s wooden front desk, scaring the wits out of the waiters.

“Zhang Heng!!!”

The next day, Gu Zhun came to the office early and started to prepare the necessities for work—President Zhang’s cup needed to be washed clean to brew a cup of coffee, he had to tidy up the documents on the table and check President Zhang’s schedule for today to ensure that it was in perfect order.

Zhang Heng arrived a few minutes after Gu Zhun. He very pleased to see that Gu Zhun had already done what was required: “Wifey, I like it.” A glum overcast appeared on Gu Zhun’s face. Zhang Heng knew to stop teasing Gu Zhun. If he continued teasing Gu Zhun, he was afraid it might worsen.

“I am going for a meeting, it might go on for a long time. If I’ve not come back yet, you should eat first.” After Zhang Heng finished briefing him, he took his documents folder and walked out of the office. Everyday during lunch break, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun would have their meal in the office together. Zhang Heng said it was to “improve their feelings together, orders from a superior.” With those eight words, Gu Zhun had no choice but to obey.

Gu Zhun replied with “I know”, then lowered his head to do his own work.

At the board of directors meeting. Seated on both sides of a long oval table were old directors that were qualified and had shares in the company, along with seniors that were the heads of departments who had outstanding capabilities and achievements under their belt. At the end of the table was seated the founder of Zhang corporation—Old master Zhang; seated opposite him at the other end of the table was the successor of Zhang corporation—Zhang Heng.

“Now then, the meeting will officially start. To start it off, President Zhang will report the branch company’s results from last year.”

Zhang Heng stood up, nodded his head to the members in the meeting, and began to elaborate on what was generated on last year’s financial losses and profits. Although the fact of the matter was that the profits were only marginally more than the losses, Zhang Heng always had a way to “enchant” the hearts of the old board directors through the revising adjustments speech. Actually, there was a lot of profit! Furthermore, the profits for the coming year would be bountiful!

Of course Zhang Heng was not there to brag and do something beyond his means. If he, Zhang Heng, said that the profit would double, then he would certainly make sure of it. If Zhang Heng did not have this strength, he would not have been able to successfully become the CEO of this company right after he had graduated. What he was doing now was meaninglessly letting the old fogey rest assured in his capabilities, and stop him from interfering with his career and thoughts. He did not wish for the old fogey to intervene with his own matters, especially his private life. It would be best for him to not know about the matter with Gu Zhun.

He wanted to use all of his strength to protect Gu Zhun. The reach of his own family ran deep.

Zhang Heng finished speaking,and the few other board directors each proposed their own suggestions and desired for it to be approved. After everyone present decided on the vote, the whole meeting was nearly done. Just as Zhang Heng was about to suggest to old master Zhang that they end the meeting early, old master Zhang gave a slight cough to indicate that he still had important things to announce. Everyone then stopped whispering amongst themselves, gazing intently at old master Zhang as he announced the news—“In light of our President Zhang expanding this branch company, I’m afraid that it would be hard for him to decide on many things. At this time it would be good if someone assists and directs him in unpredictable situations.”

“Oh? What’s senior president Zhang’s opinion…?

Old master Zhang picked up the cane, knocked it on the floor, and said dominatingly: “Come in!”

The door was pushed open. Everyone’s attention was diverted to the person who was currently opening the door of the conference room. Everyone was curious about who it was.

A tall lady entered; her face was pretty and exquisite; her body was voluptuous. It was a beauty—the person was none other than Xu YaLe!

“Hello board directors!” Xu YaLe gave a deep bow to say hello, thereafter she began to introduce herself, including her purpose here: “I am very grateful that senior president Zhang gave me this chance, to let me stay by Zhang Heng, to work and gain experience with Little Zhang. In the days to follow, I will assume the post of President Zhang’s personal business adviser to better help President Zhang obtain an even bigger profit for the company, to strive for more wealth for everyone! Following this, I would still like to ask the seniors here to kindly guide me!” Xu YaLe gave a small smile. Once again, she lowered her head and bowed. With her sincere attitude, gentleness and politeness, Xu YaLe soon grasped the hearts of everyone here.

Zhang Heng sat silently on the chair. He could not oppose. Indeed, Xu YaLe graduated as the top student from the Stanford University in America. Additionally, she had helped to successfully turn around several declining companies before she graduated,  and was an exceptionally talented person. There was nothing wrong with inviting her to strive for a very considerable profit for the company. Zhang Heng was rational; he would not confuse his own personal matters with his work matters. If Xu YaLe’s motive was just to simply help them…

Old master Zhang clapped his hands to show his welcome towards Xu YaLe joining and said: “Let’s end the meeting here, everyone go and have your meal! It’s been hard on you guys!” Old master Zhang made a move and left the conference room first with the support of his driver. Thereafter, the other directors left one after the other, until there was only Zhang Heng and Xu YaLe left in the spacious conference room.

“Brother Zhang Heng, next time, please guide me along~!” Xu YaLe extended her hand. Zhang Heng grasped Xu YaLe’s hand and gave a handshake: “Please guide me as well.”

Zhang Heng let go of Xu YaLe’s hand, pushed the door open, and left. Xu YaLe stood behind, sporting a roguish smile. It was uncertain what sort of interesting things she was thinking about in her heart…