Chapter 010 – Queen vs Passerby

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Xu YaLe, with the guide of the other colleagues, came to the new venue of her workplace. Due to her connections with Old master Zhang, even a newcomer could be assigned an individual standalone office. Her position was a business consultant, mainly to help this branch company of the Zhang corporation earn even more profits. To a businessman, profit was king.

Xu YaLe looked at her watch and saw that it was already afternoon, so she locked the door and prepared to go out for lunch. Just as she walked to a corner, she saw a suspicious looking man at the side of the lift currently looking at the tall and short back views of two people waiting for the lift at the other side. “Oh…? The two waiting for the elevator, weren’t they Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun? Upon seeing this, Xu YaLe hurriedly stopped walking, intending to take a tentative look at how far the progress between their relationship was.

Zhang Heng: “What do you feel like eating today?”

Gu Zhun: “…Anything is fine with me.”

Zhang Heng kneaded Gu Zhun’s waist: “Anything won’t do, look at how skinny you are? You won’t be able to grow more fleshy!” Gu Zhun suddenly raised his leg and kicked the back of Zhang Heng’s knees. Zhang Heng fell forward kneeling down—he really embarrassingly knelt because of Gu Zhun.

The lift arrived, and Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng both went into the lift.

Xu YaLe, who was peeping, gritted her teeth: “That expression in his eyes…that is definitely not an ordinary brotherly friendship! I swear upon a woman’s sixth sense!” While feeling indignation, Xu YaLe noticed that passerby from before; the one who did not seem to have much presence. She walked over and tapped the passerby’s shoulder: “Hey, are you going or not? The elevator has arrived.”

“Going, I’m going…” After they finished speaking, the person with a stupid expression carried his briefcase and followed Xu YaLe into the elevator.

“Just now, why did you not take the same elevator with President Zhang?”

“…There isn’t any reason…Whereas, why did you not take it?” This passerby clearly didn’t know about the relationship between Xu YaLe and his own superior. As such, he spoke improperly, without paying any importance to his manner of speech.

Xu YaLe tapped that person’s forehead: “None of your business!”

“Then it’s none of your business too…”

Xu YaLe shook her head, indicating disapproval: “Tsk tsk, are you still a man? You speak so softly. Just now, why did you peep at other people?”

“I didn’t…I did not peep at Gu Zhun!” That person spilled the truth in a panic. Realizing that he had let it slip, he hurriedly covered his mouth, lied to himself, and said: “She didn’t hear it, she didn’t hear it…”

“Hey! I heard it~!” Xu YaLe had nothing to retort. However, based on the fact that he was looking at Gu Zhun just now; combined with the way that this person spoke effeminately; most likely he should be that…or even the bottom one…maybe this person had some value that could be exploited?

Xu YaLe placed her arm on that person’s shoulder: “Today is my first day at work. As a junior, I’ll treat senior to lunch~!”

“Huh…?” Passerby had a silly and stunned expression on his face…He himself was still only an inept newcomer, he couldn’t be counted as a senior…Just when he thought of rejecting, he realized that he had been ‘kidnapped’ by Xu YaLe to a private room in a high end Western restaurant.
(Why do you rich people all like private rooms? Because there is a mysterious feel~!)

“What do you want to eat?” Xu YaLe flipped through a menu filled with English dish names and asked the passerby.

The passerby said: “Anything is fine…I’ll just eat whatever you order…”

“Alright then…” Xu YaLe called over the waiter and finished ordering the food before she began to talk about proper matters, “I am called Xu YaLe, what about you?”

The passerby panicked and hastily introduced himself, saying: “I am Ma ShangQian, big sister Xu.”

“Big sister Xu? Me? Hahaha, good, good, little brother Ma!” Although Xu YaLe looked like a goddess to other people, inwardly she was an imp capable of mass chaos.

“Just now, why did you continuously stare at President Zhang?”

“…I, I…” Ma ShangQian minced his words, obviously not wanting to reply. Xu YaLe forced a smile. She was smiling on the outside when in fact there were daggers hidden behind the smile: “Are you saying it or not…hmm?”

Ma ShangQian couldn’t handle being bribed and threatened by people. All the secrets that he had kept before were revealed quickly, so he did not easily keep other people’s secrets. As for his own secret…

“I, I…I don’t wish to say… please, just spare me…”

Xu YaLe felt that Ma ShangQian was weirdly funny; a grown man snivelling just by being threatened for a bit.

“Then, do you like President Zhang?”

“Huh?’ Ma ShangQian was stunned. How could it be possible for him to like someone that outstanding? He did not even dare to have any wishful thinking about climbing up that tall mountainous ridge, “How could it be… the one I like is Gu Zhun, it has nothing to do with President Zhang…”

Shoot! Why did I tell the truth again? Ma ShangQian’s whole body was immediately petrified. What was he saying again?! Ma ShangQian had this type of problem. He never knew how to tell lies, because after telling lies, when other people slightly agitated him, it would all spill out quickly.

Xu YaLe was also petrified after hearing the answer. She did not expect that Gu Zhun had so many admirers…although they were all guys…

“Well, sister shall also tell you a secret—I like Zhang Heng, who is also your President Zhang.”

Ma ShangQian pronged a piece of steak with a fork, and silently listened to Xu YaLe speak.

“It’s a pity, I do not know if Zhang Heng was bewitched so that he would actually fancy Gu Zhun who has no merits on his entire body…”

“No! Gu Zhun does have merits! He is very gentle! He knows how to be considerate to others! He knows how to stand in other people’s shoes to understand their feelings!”

Xu YaLe would display her anger towards other people that had arbitrarily interrupted her words. She raised her hand and karate chopped right above Ma ShangQian’s forehead, landing on it quickly: “Shut up! You don’t act like a man when you should!”

“Don’t you like Gu Zhun? While I like Zhang Heng… why don’t we join forces? Let’s break them up. Zhang Heng is mine, and Gu Zhun will be yours!”

Ma ShangQian turned his head to observe Xu YaLe’s current expression—It didn’t seem like it was due to a psychotic disorder—“Sister Xu, do you think that you are acting in a  drama portraying an ethical dilemma…”

“None of your business!” Once again, there was another karate chop, “Anything that I, Xu YaLe, am unable to get, other people should not even think of being able to have it!”

“You should just tell me if you want to help or not!” Xu YaLe dished out the small tomato used for food decoration in her plate and raised it in front of Ma ShangQian’s face.

Ma ShangQian took a bite of the small tomato and nodded his head: “I’ll put my life on the line and help you!”

Because the small tomato was bitten off with his lower back transversed horizontally, the small tomato’s red juice spilled and sprayed out, causing Ma ShangQian to be unable to open his eyes. On one hand, Xu YaLe took a serviette and helped to wipe Ma ShangQian clean while on the other hand, she said: “Haha! You are really adorable! Even I am starting to like you a little!”