Chapter 011 – Love at First Sight Towards Senior

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On the other hand, why would our adorable Ma ShangQian fancy Gu Zhun who had a weak presence in the company? Well… let’s begin from Ma ShangQian’s first day at work.

Ma ShangQian’s first day at work was the time when Gu Zhun and the other interns entering the company finished their probation and were qualified. Some of the old colleagues that were fond of lively atmospheres suggested merging and celebrating both the welcoming party and the congratulatory party together! As such, everyone happily went together to the pre-booked private room and drank.

The old colleagues in the department were mostly thirty or forty-something year old uncles. They were married, had aging parents, and young kids to look after and normally their wives would control them. Naturally, they wouldn’t dare to indulge in drinking and smoking, but now it was different! With this welcoming and congratulatory party, a justified social obligation, how could they not take this chance to drink till they were satisfied? As such, everyone was in high spirits at the drinking party.

There were uncles dancing wildly. Some of the female colleagues that were already mothers naturally did not dare to accompany them and play in that manner. Instead, the female colleagues gathered together and formed a small group to talk about the latest gossip such as office romance and what other people’s husbands were doing. As for the leading role in this drinking party, the newcomers, had been splendidly left aside.

This drinking party was organized by the colleagues themselves. It was not an official function, so naturally, Zhang Heng did not appear.

“Aiya~! Little brother Ma ShangQian! Why are you not drinking? You’ve worked for a few months. If you don’t learn how to drink, how will you accompany the section head and entertain people in future gatherings? Come, come! Bottoms up!” As soon as the Fat Uncle chided him, he passed him a glass of beer filled to the brim.

Of course, Ma ShangQian had to give his superior face, he tried to reject it half-heartedly before accepting and draining the glass of beer. The moment the beer went down, he immediately felt a sharp pain in his head, his face heated up and turned red, the people and objects in front of him blurred and double images appeared — Just one glass of beer and Ma ShangQian was already drunk from it.

“Hahaha~! Good!” The Fat Uncle held up his own glass, and after drinking more than half of it, he patted Ma ShangQian’s shoulder, “Come, let’s continue to drink! We shall not stop until we are drunk!”

Ma ShangQian wanted to say that he was drunk and pleaded to be let off. When the Fat Uncle continued to fill up his glass with beer, Ma ShangQian could only make up excuses: “No more…Just drinking one glass is enough…I really can’t drink…” Ma ShangQian was sullen, were they bullying him? Was it because he was a newcomer?

Fat Uncle ignored Ma ShangQian’s pleas. He continued to push the glass towards Ma ShangQian’s lips: “Don’t be modest! All of the newcomers are unduly humble!”

Gu Zhun just came back from the loo and discovered the Fat Uncle, who was the section head, right beside his seat. He was trying to force someone to drink, and a newcomer that was declining it. Gu Zhun deeply understood the pain of being forced to drink— after these few months of accompanying Zhang Heng everywhere for those disastrous business social obligations… And after that still having to clean up the President’s mess when he clearly could not hold his alcohol anymore, yet still insisted on showing off.

Gu Zhun stepped forward. Using a bit of strength, he pushed aside the Fat Uncle who was light headed and intoxicated and propped up the weak Ma ShangQian that had no strength to stand. After that, he smiled apologetically at the Fat Uncle and said: “Sorry, Section Head Lee, Ma ShangQian still has his girlfriend waiting for him to go home.

Fat Uncle rubbed his head, smiled in embarrassment, and said: “If it’s like this, of course, it won’t be good if you get dumped by your girlfriend. You should send him back first…” Of course, the Fat Uncle knew the pain of getting drunk and being dumped by a girlfriend afterward. How did he know? That’s because he was older and more experienced.

“Come come come! Everyone let’s drink! Don’t be fucking wasted now! Let’s get up and get high!”

A group of people screamed out in agreement and continued to party.

Gu Zhun placed Ma ShangQian’s arm on his shoulder, supported Ma ShangQian’s waist, and went to the male toilet first. He patted Ma ShangQian’s back, hoping that Ma ShangQian would be able to vomit everything out. However, Ma ShangQian had a hard time vomiting because he did not eat much the entire night. He only ate peanuts and drank.

“Next time, if you don’t want to drink, you must make it clear from the start. Say it in a bold and assertive manner.

Gu Zhun passed Ma ShangQian a paper towel.

Ma ShangQian took the paper towel and wiped the residual grease from the vomit and said: “Sorry… I troubled you, senior… I was afraid the section leader would be unhappy… I only recently joined the company…”

Gu Zhun couldn’t help but find it funny when someone called him senior: “Don’t call me senior, I merely joined the company earlier than you did. We are the same age, right? As long as you work hard and produce achievements, the superiors won’t purposely pick on you.”

After Ma ShangQian vomited, he finally regained some strength to stand up. He stood up and said while smiling: “Thank you…senior…ah, no…how should I address you?”

“I am Gu Zhun, President Zhang’s executive assistant, it’s a pleasure meeting you.” Gu Zhun extended his hand towards Ma ShangQian. Ma ShangQian wiped away the residual water from washing his hands before he shook Gu Zhun’s hand: “I am Ma ShangQian, I’m working under Section Head Lee’s implementation department, please kindly guide me.”


Gu Zhun helped Ma ShangQian call for a taxi, and watched Ma ShangQian until he was in the taxi and left.

Ma ShangQian sat in the taxi. His head was starting to clear up. He was lost in thought while looking at the hand that Gu Zhun had held. In this world, there were quite a lot of good people. Gu Zhun, he was really gentle… He really wanted to be embraced by Gu Zhun’s warm and gentle hands, caress his head…

“Why would he…”

“What? Little Brother what did you say?” The taxi driver thought that Ma ShangQian was talking to him. Ma ShangQian hurriedly denied it. Not long after, they arrived at the rented apartment building that Ma ShangQian was staying at. After Ma ShangQian paid and thanked the driver, he walked to his own apartment unsteadily.

He lay down on the sofa the moment the reached home. He just couldn’t forget Gu Zhun’s warm and gentle hands. It seemed that he liked Gu Zhun, was that love at first sight?

He was very clear about his own sexual orientation, but he didn’t know his senior’s… Ma ShangQian thought about it apprehensively in his heart.