Chapter 012 – Taken Advantage of at the Suit Shop

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The branch company of Zhang corporation that Zhang Heng was in charge of, dealt in the development in the sector of cultural industry, such as programs to construct a museum, programs to design advertisements and electronic literature… This company dabbled in all of them. Their trump card lay in planning activities for those types of things.

“President Zhang, today you have a meeting with President Lee from Vogue Era to discuss the arrangements and plans to prepare for the latest quarterly clothing campaign publication.”

Gu Zhun reported Zhang Heng’s itinerary as per usual. Vogue Era was a first-rate clothing company in the country that was second to none. The clothes that they designed covered the rich to even those with low income, and they had always been a fashion trendsetter. If they were to reach a partnership agreement with Vogue Era, the company’s quarterly profits would not only double in a short period of time, the company’s reputation and brand name would also reap substantial benefits. All in all, Vogue Era was a partnership that could not be let off.

“I want to go over earlier today, help me to inform the driver to prepare the car and—”

Gu Zhun waited for Zhang Heng’s next orders, then he turned his body and tilted his head inquiringly. Zhang Heng pinched Gu Zhun’s face that was so fair, it didn’t seem like a guy’s. He gave a wry smile: “The habit of tilting your head whenever you have a question hasn’t changed from the past… help me pick a suit.”

“… I don’t know how.” Gu Zhun really didn’t know. Even the suit that he was wearing to work was prepared by his sister, Gu Li. Furthermore, where were there any suits to pick from here?

Zhang Heng placed the files that Gu Zhun was holding onto the table. He held Gu Zhun’s hand and walked out of the office building. Throughout the whole way, Zhang Heng’s handsome face elicited loud clamors from female colleagues that were single, while Gu Zhun at the side had an appearance that wasn’t lacking. The both of them together was really a feast for the eyes!

But when Xu YaLe saw it, she gnashed her teeth with hatred— What was it about him that she couldn’t compete with?! He was a man! A man!

Inside the suit shop.

“What about this?”

“It’s alright.”

“What about this one?”

“It’s alright too.”

Zhang Heng was in charge of picking and posing while Gu Zhun evaluated. In the span of ten minutes, Gu Zhun had already approved of more than ten suits. Since the start, Gu Zhun actually had no clue about the standards of picking suits. He only felt that as long as it was pleasing to the eye, it was fine. Zhang Heng had a great physique, so whatever he wore looked great. That’s why this standard of being pleasing to the eye couldn’t be considered a standard at all.

“Miss, wrap up all of these. At the same time, help this gentleman with his measurements.”

The female attendant took out a measuring tape and said: “Sir, please stand up.”

“Huh?” Gu Zhun was dazed. He was unable to understand what was happening, but he still had on his usual poker face with only his brows furrowed. His layered fringe blocked his slender pair of eyes. Zhang Heng pushed aside Gu Zhun’s layered black fringe and a fair forehead was revealed in front of his eyes.

“I’ll give the rest to you. There are too many suits at home, I only need one.” After he finished speaking, Zhang Heng pointed at one of them.

“But… doing so isn’t good.”

“What’s not good?” Zhang Heng took the measuring tape from the female attendant’s hands to help Gu Zhun take his measurements. She saw the situation and was quick in understanding. She smiled, and without further interruption, she walked to the side and packed the suits into bags.

Zhang Heng used his hands to prop up Gu Zhun’s arms. Holding the measuring tape, he encircled it around the front of Gu Zhun’s chest. The rustling from Zhang Heng’s fingertips, that itchy wandering sensation; everytime it made contact, Gu Zhun felt as though he was electrified by electricity. That itch in his heart was unbearable.

Why was that so?

Gu Zhun was very cooperative when Zhang Heng was taking measurements. Of course, he was being taken advantage of at the same time.

Zhang Heng lowered the measuring tape downwards — now it was time to take the waist measurement. Zhang Heng hugged Gu Zhun from the back, pretending that it was the measuring tape that was doing the measurement when in actual fact Zhang Heng was taking the opportunity to hug Gu Zhun for a while. Before Gu Zhun discovered anything, he stopped on his own.

Because Zhang Heng was standing behind Gu Zhun, his warm breath was fanned on Gu Zhun’s sensitive neck. It was a tingling feeling. Gu Zhun was puzzled, why did he have feelings like these?

Could it be that President Zhang’s clothes and his clothes produced static electricity due to the friction? It shouldn’t be, right? It was a hot summer day so that shouldn’t happen, right…? Or could it be that his physics wasn’t good, and it was actually possible?

Once more, the measuring tape was lowered. The area this time was Gu Zhun’s hips. His hips were straight and raised. The black western suit pants were tightly strained. It outlined the attractive and graceful curve of the male buttocks. Zhang Heng continued to lower the measuring tape to take measurements. Just when Zhang Heng was about to conjoin the measuring tape, Gu Zhun caught Zhang Heng’s hand and said: “About that… President Zhang…I think there is static…”

“Static?” Zhang Heng’s hand stopped momentarily.

Gu Zhun was very honest and boldly talked about what he had felt: “Just now, President Zhang when you touched me, that place would tingle. I suspect that it’s static electricity caused by the friction due to our clothes. President Zhang, you are a science student, can you explain the theory on this?”

“I’m really…” At this point Zhang Heng’s heart was in despair — How could Gu Zhun be so slow-witted?! Yet at the same time it proved that Gu Zhun actually had feelings for him, didn’t it?

“President Zhang?”

“No, nothing.” Zhang Heng continued to fiddle with the measuring tape while moving lower. When it came in front of Gu Zhun’s ‘little brother’, after taking the measurements, he lightly used his fingertips to skim across mischievously.

Gu Zhun trembled and Zhang Heng sensibly let go of Gu Zhun.

Just when Gu Zhun was wondering about what had happened just then, the female sales attendant appeared in a timely manner and said: “President Zhang, your suits have already been packed.”

“Okay.” Zhang Heng very generously swiped his card and instructed Gu Zhun to take the suits to the car and return home.

In the car, the question from before still continued.

“About that, President Zhang, you still have not answered my question.”

“Why is a liberal arts student asking so many physics questions for? Go back and read the book ‘100 Thousand Whys’.”

“… Failing at your expertise.”

“Screech—” Zhang Heng slammed the brakes because he had been taken aback by Gu Zhun’s nonchalant criticism.

After that, they looked at each other speechlessly… and silence ensued.

“Hahahaha—” After restarting the car, throughout the journey, Zhang Heng’s laughter brimmed over. He laughed boisterously until his stomach ached.

Translator’s Note:

  1. “100 Thousand Whys” is a book that has a collection of questions and answers to everyday life.