Chapter 014 – Inadvertently Revealing the Truth

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Gu Zhun, who was suspended at home, rocked his legs and stared at the plants of the balcony in a daze. Although the expression on Gu Zhun’s face did not show any indication that anything had happened, he was still anxious at heart… To be falsely accused, yet being unable to prove his innocence… Those grievances and feelings of helplessness…


“There are still leftovers from yesterday, heat them up and eat. Sister is about to be late.”


“Alright, I know. Pay attention to your safety, sister.”


Gu Zhun watched the image of Gu Li’s back leaving in a rush. He couldn’t help recalling the happy family they once had—Mom would say “Have a pleasant journey”. Dad would kiss mom, take his briefcase, and head out…


But—happiness came to a halt.

When Gu Zhun was eight, his parents divorced. Even the child support fee gradually disappeared. Naturally, things such as love had long ceased to exist. Now that Gu Zhun and Gu Li were both independent, if their parents did not look for them, then it would also be better for them not to disturb each other’s way of life.

It would be better for them to never contact each other…


However, sometimes Gu Zhun would think, if he was like other people and had the support of his parents to back him up, then what would’ve happened? Gu Zhun could still vaguely remember an incident that had happened during high school…


“At that time, he was also falsely accused. After that—”


During the third year of high school, the whole class entered into the exam preparation state. Those who had a collection of notes and books with common exam mistakes considered them extremely precious. Of course, there were some who were jealous of students who were at the forefront of their studies and always achieved good grades. As such, there would be people who used underhanded tactics and stole notes or books, such as the 10 Year Series, to take a look.


Kids would be crazy enough to do anything when it came to exam driven education.


“Just who was it that took Wang BaoZhe’s physics notes and English 10 Year Series? Hurry up and take it out! The head teacher of the class, who was in her early forties, angrily hit the podium, her facial complexion ashen— Such a disgraceful thing actually happened in the advanced class. If this were to be spread out, it would certainly besmirch her reputation as the head teacher!


The whole class was in silence whereas the person involved, classmate Wang BaoZhe, acted in accordance with the head teacher’s angry disapproval. She stood at the podium and tauntingly swept her eyes over the whole class that was in silence.


Currently Wang BaoZhe’s thoughts were— Haha, you dregs. You don’t have the capability to climb up and defeat me and thought that you could deal with me by using such a dirty trick?!


This matter was definitely not a farce deliberately planned by Wang BaoZhe, yet there was someone who stood up and said: “Teacher! I, I previously would always see Gu Zhun wander around near Wang BaoZhe’s table… could this be counted as a lead?”


How could this be counted as a lead? It was simply undisguised doubt and suspicion!

The whole class gave sidelong glances. The line of sight cast towards Gu Zhun was filled with suspicion and every look was like a knife. Every time it was cast, Gu Zhun’s heart felt as if it had been pierced by someone. It was unbearably painful. They had been classmates with each other for three years. Why would they still oppose each other with such harshness? Such mistrust towards one another other?


The other classmates in the class wanted to resolve this matter quickly and get the class started. As such, they exaggerated and added highly coloured details one after another. However, they overlooked the real culprit—classmate Mary, who was also the one that had raised the suspicions— who was always ranked third.


“That’s right! Gu Zhun would always come in second. No matter how hard he tried, he could never beat the first, Wang Bao Zhe. It must be the jealousy in his heart that caused his misconduct. That’s why he stole other people’s notes!”


“That’s right! That must be it!”


“I, I…” Gu Zhun spared no effort to shake his head to indicated that it was definitely not his doing. He shook his head to such a wide extent, the fringe that blocked his eyelashes ended up covering his eyes. There were even a few strands of hair at the back of his head that had been unsettled so  that they pointed up and followed their owner along in his protest.

Although the hair blocked his eyes and Zhang Heng was unable to see Gu Zhun’s expression, from the tremblings that could be seen from Gu Zhun’s slim body, it could be seen that he was trying his best to prevent his tears from leaking out… To cry just from being accused was too unmanly… It was too embarrassing…


Zhang Heng leaned his cheek on one hand, with a cold smile on his face. He watched this whole farce from the beginning till the end. It allowed Zhang Heng to see that although the classmates appeared to be very united during group activities, on the inside, it was actually like those palace scheming dramas; a palace scheming drama pertaining to their positions.


“That’s enough. You want to conclude it based on just the words of one person. Isn’t that ridiculous?” Zhang Heng stood up and pressed on Gu Zhun, who was trembling in front of him, to make him sit properly in his chair.

Zhang Heng proposed a suggestion, saying: “Teacher let’s stop this lesson and go to the control room to view the surveillance footage for this afternoon break. Wouldn’t we know after that?”


“…” The whole class was dumbstruck and speechless. This was indeed the most logical way to go about it.


“Okay.” The head teacher appointed a few class leaders to lead the students to read the textbook, she went to the control room to view the recording. The faster this matter was settled the better it would be, if this was to be dragged on it would affect the student’s mood to prepare for the exams…


The conclusion of this matter obviously proved that Gu Zhun was innocent. Seeing that the culprit was a girl, she was let off with merely a warning and was reprimanded in private…


Gu Zhun thought about it until he actually fell asleep on the sofa. He hugged the pillow hazily and sat up recalling the dream from just now.


“This time, would Zhang Heng still believe me…?”


It concerned the company’s profit; he wouldn’t believe a newcomer that had just started working… Furthermore, we were old classmates, covering for me would only spread unnecessary rumours and cause suspicions.


Gu Zhun, who was suspended at home, was anxious, but there was nothing that he could do about it. However, on Zhang Heng’s side, it was headache inducing.


There was no clue regarding the traitor, only to be energetically called to go out for a meal by his fiancée in name. Not only did he have to listen to Xu YaLe’s fake lolita tone and her acting cute, he even had to tolerate that foul smell from the expensive perfume she had doused herself in.


“Big brother Zhang Heng, what do you feel like eating today? Do you want to eat rice or noodles? The ramen here is pretty good, if you want to eat rice, I recommend the curry chicken rice…” Xu YaLe’s chatterings practically combined the features of a salesperson and a waiter, yammering and spraying in front of Zhang Heng’s face.

Of course, to Xu YaLe it seemed like she was showing the key aspects of her virtuous and kind nature. But towards Zhang Heng, she only seemed like a good for nothing shrew who only knew how to eat.

“Enough. If you continue to speak, I’ll leave.” Zhang Heng said in a resolute and decisive manner. It was different from the courtesy shown in front of old master Zhang. Now, he was unwilling to even show any polite and courteous manners. There was only a grave and stern look that flashed with an ominous glint of “if you continue to speak, I will kill you”.


Xu YaLe tactfully shut her mouth. After the dishes were served up, she still continued to talk with unceasing torrent. From the previous rise and fall of the stock market, to the political issues in Europe, to the recent incident about the traitor, she would make her own comment about everything.


He had seen all of these discussions in the newspapers and magazines long ago. Zhang Heng felt that none of these were new nor had any value in commenting. If it was Gu Zhun, there would always be a novelty to his commentary.


This sentence from his innermost thoughts accidentally slipped out—“It’s still Gu Zhun’s commentary that’s good…”


“Gu Zhun again!” Upon hearing those words, Xa YaLe’s eyes were filled with hatred and rage! Why did that little bitch have to come and snatch Zhang Heng from her? He should take a mirror and look at himself! Did he have money, a house, or a car? The power, the position, or a powerful backing? He didn’t have anything, yet he still wished to climb and attain a higher status!


It wasn’t that Xu YaLe didn’t know Zhang Heng really liked Gu Zhun. She was unable to part with the feeling of being childhood sweethearts. If Zhang Heng were to marry her, it would definitely have more advantages than disadvantages! At least the company profit would have Xu YaLe’s dad to take care of it. It would certainly be able to become much bigger and stronger.


Furthermore, a busty woman with a figure could actually lose to a man that didn’t have any good points. The key of it lies in man! This was too shameful!


Xu YaLe was like this. As long as she set her mind on that person, she had to get them, no matter what the other person felt. She had been spoilt by her family since young and had a typical case of princess syndrome.


“Brother Zhang Heng, Gu Zhun is the spy in the company. You are still thinking of him! He must have been entrusted by our rival company, the Wen corporation, to leak the program to the other party so that they could join and unite to defeat Zhang corporation!” Xu YaLe pursed her lips. Drinking a mouthful of milk tea, she spoke with indignation at the injustice, as though she was on the side of justice and Gu Zhun was on the side of evil.


Zhang Heng did not say anything, he merely squinted his eyes. That look in his eyes seemed to reveal that it gained insight on something; it glistened sharply. His long and delicate fingers stroked his thin lips—as though he suddenly realized something.


It actually turned out to be like this…


During the meeting yesterday, he did not mention which company the program was leaked to. During the meeting with President Lee from Vogue Era, only the two of them were there, so how did Xu YaLe know?

Unless she was the person involved…

“Haha…” Now there would be a good show to watch.

“? Brother Zhang Heng what’s the matter? You suddenly laughed so happily…” Xu YaLe put down her fork and knife. She paused before asking.

Zhang Heng displayed his signature brilliant smile. He smiled while saying: “Nothing, hurry up and eat. I’ll send you back to the company.”