Chapter 015 – A Struggle of Twist and Turns

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Three days had passed since that meal. During those three days, Gu Zhun stayed at home and did not take a step out of his house. Truthfully, he did not even have the mood to go out for a walk.

Xu YaLe was not someone who was easy to deal with. She knew that with Zhang Heng’s abilities, he would discover the truth sooner or later. At this rate, Gu Zhun would resign on his own. Incidentally, his heart would have been hurt by Zhang Heng. Even if Zhang Heng liked him, he wouldn’t reciprocate… At that time, she would be able to sit back and wait for Zhang Heng to come her embrace.

“Hahahaha…!” Xu YaLe slyly decided to call the head of the implementation department, “Department head, call your staff to convene for a meeting. Also, inform Gu Zhun to come back for the meeting. It’s best we conclude things…”

After hanging up the call, Xu YaLe extended her index finger and languidly twisted her wavy maroon locks that had been curled with an iron. The corner of her mouth inclined upwards, revealing a sinister smile.

Company conference room.

Gu Zhun was like a small suffering animal. His head drooped and his tense fingers restlessly squeezed, pinched and rubbed his hands. He placed his palms together and settled down. To Gu Zhun, this meeting was like a trial. That sense of horror was no less than compared to the public criticism in front of the whole school.

“As Zhang corporation’s business adviser, I would like to express my opinion regarding this issue.”

The staff below lifted their heads, fixing their gaze on Xu YaLe and waited for her to continue speaking: “It has been three days or so since this incident started. The company has yet to find conclusive evidence that Gu Zhun is innocent, so he is the most likely suspect. What do you have to say, Gu Zhun?”

Xu YaLe crossed her hands to prop up her smooth chin and asked Gu Zhun with a smile that didn’t quite resemble one.

Gu Zhun raised his eyes, his entire body weak and powerless. Now that things had reached this point… Was he expected to leave and resign on his own accord? No one could prove his innocence. No matter how he tried to explain, it would all be for naught…
It seemed he could only find another job.

“Gu Zhun, just resign… The company does not welcome turncoats, especially people like you.” The head of the implementation department scathingly spat out his orders.

At one side, Ma ShangQian had his head lowered. He didn’t have the guts to speak out for Gu Zhun, his beloved senior. He could only be a spineless coward and looked on as Gu Zhun got rebuked.

Gu Zhun stood up and said: “I understand…maybe resigning is for the best. I will pay the compensation fee…”

Gu Zhun avoided the looks of sympathy and contempt from the staff as he walked past them to the door. Just as he was about to open the door, Zhang Heng, who had been standing in front of the door was a step faster. He opened the door and entered the meeting room with big strides, stopping Gu Zhun from leaving by placing his hands on Gu Zhun’s thin and frail shoulders.

“There is no need for resignation nor compensation. Gu Zhun is innocent.”
The staff couldn’t believe it and protested: “President Zhang, you can’t cover for Gu Zhun just because he was an old classmate of yours!”

Zhang Heng was followed by Wen corporation’s young vice president, Wen YiHong, along with President Lee of Vogue Era.

“President Zhang isn’t covering for him. Gu Zhun really is innocent,” said the attractive Wen YiHong. He had a straight and tall body; the black suit wrapped tightly around his defined muscles, and a pair of black spectacles rested on his high nose bridge. He was a picturesque intellectual beauty.

“Wen corporation’s vice president?!” It wasn’t strange for nobody to know the name of Wen corporation’s president. After all, Vice President Wen often accepted interviews from business magazines instead of Wen corporation’s president. The rate of his appearance in the media had always been high. Coined as ‘Business Superstars’, if the president and vice president of Wen corporation formed an idol group and debuted, they might be able to cheat a lot of money from the fans of various groups…it was hard to say for sure.

Vice President Wen walked to the front of the meeting room. With an intense aggressiveness, he barged into the position that originally belonged to Xu YaLe, and she had no choice but to give way.

“I am sorry, to each and every employee of Zhang corporation! Wen corporation did not have a proper understanding on our staff’s character, causing the person in charge of our implementation department to become blinded by obsession, stealing the fruits of labor from everyone here and passing it off as his own. We are truly apologetic.”

Thereafter, he called a man in. A shifty looking man entered. With his head lowered, he gave a perfectly straight ninety-degree bow and said: “I’m sorry! I am the person in charge of this project at Wen corporation. I’m the one that stole your proposal! I’m really sorry!”

At this time, Zhang Heng, who had not spoken before, stood out and said: “Why would we need the police if apologies were useful? How is the Wen corporation going to deal with this issue?”

Vice President Wen answered Zhang Heng’s inquiry on behalf of the person in charge: “Wen corporation will take disciplinary action against this person on our own. We will not bother President Zhang with this. As for the collaboration project, we willingly give the planning rights to Zhang corporation. What do you think about that, President Lee?”

President Lee thumped his back and said: “Of course, I have no objections against it. I originally wanted to entrust it to Zhang corporation.”

“We are truly grateful, President Lee.” Zhang Heng embraced President Lee as a ceremonial show of thanks for their diplomacy. Subsequently, they asked President Lee to go over to the meeting room next door to proceed with the signing of the contract agreement.

After the staff understood the truth, they apologized to Gu Zhun one by one for their bad manners when they were skeptical of him: “Gu Zhun, sorry, I misunderstood you…”

“It’s alright.” Gu Zhun waved his hand, helplessly forcing a smile. Although he had been successfully rescued by Zhang Heng, the way in which he was rescued was quite baffling. How did Zhang Heng know that there was a problem on the internal side? Tonight, he must treat Zhang Heng to dinner to express his gratitude.

Wen YiHong noticed the whole procession taking place at the corner. Right this moment, Gu Zhun grudgingly forced a superficial smile. Gu Zhun still looked pitiful. He drooped his shoulders and was overwhelmed by the fickle staff that said one thing and meant another.

After all the staff left, Wen YiHong walked over and placed his muscular arm on the wall next to Gu Zhun in a bracing position: “You have a really good superior…”

After he finished speaking, Wen YiHong left. With a perplexed expression, Gu Zhun was left behind with a furious Xu YaLe and her foiled evil schemes.

The one that contacted the person in charge at Wen corporation was obviously Xu YaLe. Zhang Heng naturally knew of Xu YaLe’s evil scheme, but he was forced to give his own grandfather face, so he dropped it.

He only hoped Xu YaLe would behave from now on. After this incident, there better not be a second time.

All the things had been dealt with and resolved. Tomorrow, Gu Zhun would be able to resume work as per normal. To express his gratitude, Gu Zhun issued an invitation: “President Zhang, I would like to invite you out for a meal. Would you give me the honor?”

Zhang Heng gave a wane smile and said: “I can’t wait for it.”

The chances of Gu Zhun taking the initiative to ask Zhang Heng out was equivalent to the probability of Mars colliding with Earth— So miniscule it was pathetic.

“Where to?” Zhang Heng held the steering wheel and turned his head to ask Gu Zhun. Gu Zhun touched his nearly empty wallet, and softly said: “Suspended for three days, payday isn’t here yet… Let’s eat something more economical and affordable…”

Zhang Heng stepped on the accelerator. He gave an indulgent smile and whizzed off to the food stalls away from downtown. Zhang Heng, who was once a hooligan, had eaten many times at those food stalls. He rarely had the chance to eat it ever since he went abroad and became a big president. He took advantage of this opportunity to reacquaint himself with the taste of those food stalls.

“We are eating from food stalls!”

“As long as you like it.” Gu Zhun looked at Zhang Heng, who was filled with excitement, and couldn’t help himself from thinking that it was hilarious. He was already a grown man, yet eating from a food stall could still make him so excited.

Of course, Gu Zhun wouldn’t know the reason Zhang Heng was so excited, or why he himself revelled in this current mood of relaxation.

Because Gu Zhun’s EQ had been eaten by dogs. It was considerably low…

Zhang Heng took his beer and faced Gu Zhun to propose a toast: “Come, cheers! Congratulations on being reinstated!”

“…I don’t know how to drink.”

Zhang Heng boldly hugged Gu Zhun’s shoulder with one arm and said: “You’re not a good friend if you don’t drink!” After drinking, the model president from this morning vanished. On the contrary, the uncouth delinquent phase from his youth was summoned back.

“President Zhang…”

Zhang Heng used his index finger to press against Gu Zhun’s lips and said: “Call me by my name, Zhang Heng.”

“Zhang Heng…”

“Uh-huh! Good! Very obedient!” After that, he paused to ruffle and mess with Gu Zhun’s black hair.

“How did you know that it wasn’t done by me? I was very suspicious…”

Zhang Heng paused, pretending to be drunk as he said: “Ah? Today’s wind is really noisy! I can’t hear!”

“Zhang Heng…” Gu Zhun wanted to say that there was no wind at all. On the contrary, this night was the end of spring and the start of summer. It was a really hot night with no wind… When Gu Zhun wanted to speak, Zhang Heng had fallen over the table and was fast asleep.

Gu Zhun shook his head helplessly. He could only foot the bill, support Zhang Heng, and press the seat recliner to lay him down properly. It seemed like this novice would have to drive the car and send him back. However, Gu Zhun didn’t know where Zhang Heng stayed. He could only tow him at a snail pace back to his own house… Tonight, it seemed that his sister was working overtime.

After thinking about it, Gu Zhun started up the sports car.