Chapter 016 – Drunk Lodging for the Night 

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria




Gu Zhun parked in the open space below the the residential area and locked the car. He laboriously propped Zhang Heng up and climbed the stairs. The house Gu Li and Gu Zhun rented was more than a decade old, so it didn’t have an elevator and even the parking lot was outdoors. Anyone could park there and it was on a first come first serve basis. The only benefit was the cheap housing cost. For two office workers, this type of house was good enough. Moreover, this was an old house that one of his aunts left when she relocated. The originally cheap rent had an additional discount on top of it.


Gu Zhun placed Zhang Heng’s right arm onto his own shoulder, his own left arm then looped around to Zhang Heng’s back, tightly pulling the shirt below his armpit. After much effort, he finally managed to climb up to his house after spending a tremendous amount of strength. Just when he wanted to throw Zhang Heng down on the floor to fish for his keys, Zhang Heng unexpectedly wrapped around Gu Zhun tighter and wasn’t willing to let go. Having no choice, Gu Zhun could only expand all of his energy to fish the keys out from his briefcase and open the house door.


Due to Zhang Heng’s frequent trips to train at the gym, his whole body was very robust, whereas Gu Zhun was weak and skinny. Although he practiced taichi with Uncle Wang staying downstairs, he still didn’t know any supernatural skills that could use a little strength to resolve this matter.


He was finally able to place Zhang Heng on the bed. After that, he went to the bathroom, filled the bathtub with warm water, and prepared the hangover medicine. Even when all the preparations were done, Gu Zhun still did not have time to stop for a rest.


He supported Zhang Heng up and removed his black suit. The originally neat shirt and tie had loosened due to the pushing and pulling, and a few buttons had even burst open. He laid Zhang Heng flat, then straddled himself on Zhang Heng’s body, leaned down, and helped Zhang Heng unbutton the rest of the buttons.


If Zhang Heng was still awake and saw Gu Zhun busily helping him, he would definitely hug Gu Zhun and joyously shower him with hugs and kisses. He would itch to surge up to Gu Zhun and cop a mouthful. But Zhang Heng was really drunk. His head hurt so bad, he practically couldn’t open his eyes. He faintly felt that his body was inexplicably hot.


Of course, Gu Zhun only undressed Zhang Heng’s top. He didn’t dare to remove the suit pants at the bottom. This was his superior after all…


He carried over a washbasin containing hot water. After testing the temperature of the water, he placed a clean towel inside and wring it, then he helped wipe Zhang Heng’s body. Although it was the end of spring and the beginning of summer, the temperature at night was still a bit low. Without paying attention, it was easy to catch a cold.


Every time a place was rubbed, Zhang Heng would always give a hazy stifled groan. Every time he groaned, Gu Zhun would be shocked and his heart would flutter. Although he knew that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he felt like his heart was scratched by something. He felt that his heart had an unbearable itch.


The last step was to feed Zhang Heng the hangover medicine. Gu Zhun only walked to the bathroom and soaked in the tub after all this was done.


The warm water enveloped him. He hugged his knees, inclined his head, and leaned on his knees—recalling today’s incident.


Why would Vice President Wen say that he had a good superior? Why…did Zhang Heng refuse to tell Gu Zhun how he knew that the other was innocent?


“You are always like this… Not saying a thing… It was the same seven years ago… You left without saying anything…” Gu Zhun muttered to himself and immersed his head into the bath water, letting the water cover him. He allowed himself to be muddled temporarily, isolated from the outside world.


Immersing in the bath water allowed him to feel a quietness as deep as the ocean… Gu Zhun liked quiet places.