Chapter 023 – A Large Dog with Chuunibyou

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TLC: Momoepom

Editor: Rei

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First Published on Chaleuria




“Do you want to come out for a drink? Ye RuiXi wants to compete in drinking with you.” Wen YiHong dialed Zhang Heng when it was almost evening. It was the mid summer season during July, so the skies were not completely dark at 7pm.


Zhang Heng looked at the sky and asked: “You punk, when did you regain the curfew you had before you were eighteen years old? Do you plan to drink until you are dead drunk, then go back home to sleep? It gets lively during the wee hours.”

“You are more interested in it than I am~ Alright, since you’ve agreed, 11 o’clock, Twilight KTV. We’ll be waiting.” On the other line, Wen YiHong smiled sweetly, with his eyes narrowed into slits, as if he had just eaten honey.


To one side, Wen corporation’s president Ye RuiXi had his arms folded. With a haughty look on his face, he said: “Who wants to compete in drinking with him! I’ll make sure he is dead drunk!”


Wen YiHong sighed and pinched Ye RuiXi’s cheek with one hand: “You are already the president of a company, why are you still not frank at all? You two are a perfect match.” After he finished speaking, he walked into the bedroom to pick tonight’s attire. Afterall, it was a bar. They couldn’t be overdressed.

Wen YiHong stood in the room, facing Ye RuiXi, who stood outside holding his cheek. He said: “Lend me a jacket that I can wear.”


Ye RuiXi folded his arms angrily, stamped his feet, and shouted: “Which one can’t be worn? Just take any of them…” Finished, he muttered: “Who is a perfect match with him! Clearly… You’re the one that I like…”


Scumbag Lin Feng arrived on time at a private room in Twilight KTV. Lin Feng sat on the long brown leather sofa with his legs crossed and raised. His left hand held a cigarette, his right hand held a tall wine glass. He shook his crossed legs and leisurely puffed out a cloud of smoke. A busty woman with permed maroon curls and a sexy high slit cheongsam imprinted with white lotus flowers and leaves nestled in his bosom.


This woman was the third party that existed during the two years that Lin Feng and Gu Li dated. This third party was Lin Feng’s woman before Gu Li and Lin Feng dated. Her name was Su QingMu.


“Lin Feng, you were fired because that crazy woman reported you?”


“Yes, that woman really didn’t know what was good for her! Considering the fact that I usually gifted her bags, she should have turned a blind eye. How good would it have been… To think that I even taught her so many career skills~!”


The woman gave a coquettish smile and protested: “She was too uncultured to tell that they were branded bags~ To think that I had generously donated my left over bags to her.”


“Hahahahahaha! She isn’t fit to be my woman. When she heard that I kept a mistress outside, she was so angry she couldn’t speak! Really innocent! I wouldn’t agree to be her boyfriend if it wasn’t for the fact that she was able to help me dismiss those complaints from the department.


“When you put it that way, even if there wasn’t any merit, it was still hard work~!”


“Hahahahahaha!!”  Amidst the laughter, the hand that Lin Feng used to hold the woman started to become restless and wandered down. His hand went straight down, grabbed the woman’s boobs, and started to rub them. The woman uttered moans of pleasure.


Gu Zhun arrived earlier than Lin Feng. He had already snooped around Lin Feng’s private booth. Right now, he was outside the half-open door and heard all of the previous conversation.


He couldn’t allow anyone to speak of his sister in that way. Gu Zhun had always been calm, yet he did not want to continue being calm now. His left hand, which had been holding down his dominant right hand, was loosened in that moment.


There was a stern frown on his face. A murderous glow emerged from the corner of his eyes. Under the projection of the bar’s dazzling spotlight, his black fringe was strewn with different colored lights.


Gu Zhun pushed open the door and strode past the muscular chaps in the room. Those human walls stood more than 1.8 meters tall and wore black singlets. Gu Zhun directly ignored the ominous and disdainful glints coming from the muscular chaps that were a head taller than he was. He walked directly in front of that scumbag Lin Feng while he was being intimate with that bitch Su QingMu.

“Gu Li’s brother? Your name seems to be Gu Zhun…Is there something that your brother-in-law could help you with?” Lin Feng clearly knew what Gu Zhun came to do. He guessed Gu Zhun would not take any drastic measures since he was alone. As such, he became even more arrogant.


That witch Su QingMu fanned the flames from the sidelines and yelled: “If you don’t scram, I’m not going to be polite~ Little boy~” Behind him, those muscular chaps glared. Their faces revealed menacing expressions.

She just did not expect that Gu Zhun and Gu Li would both be stubborn people. The more you asked them to leave, the more they refused to leave! It didn’t scare off Gu Zhun. He was mentally prepared to be beaten black and blue. Even though it could be painful and he might not be able to attend work, for his sister’s sake, he wasn’t afraid of anything!

Gu Zhun clenched his fist. He took a step forward whilst Lin Feng wasn’t paying attention and tried to punch him.


The fist whistled as it came with bulging veins. Because of the speed, the air that surrounded the fist had all been driven from it. It formed a small cyclone. Maybe the ‘Wind Fist’ that martial arts novel talked about was referring to this.


When Lin Feng noticed the fist being swung over, a shocked and wide eyed expression replaced that ridiculing smile on his face— He never thought that Gu Zhun would hit him.


There was a one centimeters gap between the fist and his nose bridge, but the fist did not make contact with it.


Gu Zhun’s fist was wrapped in Zhang Heng’s palms. Gu Zhun turned and saw that it was Zhang Heng. Before he asked any questions, Zhang Heng used his free hand and backhanded Lin Feng. After such a heavy blow, it wasn’t as simple as Lin Feng’s nose being beaten crooked; he even spat out blood from his mouth.


Just now, if wasn’t for Zhang Heng spotting Gu Zhun’s figure at the bar counter and deciding to follow him because he was worried, who knew what would have happened…


Su QingMu supported Lin Feng to prevent his fall from the loss of balance. She took out a handkerchief to stop the bleeding and waved her hand to issue an order. Muscular chaps immediately formed an encirclement to stop Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng.

“Which trade are you in? You dare to hit me?” Lin Feng spat out the remains of the bloody saliva from his mouth onto the floor. He pointed at Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng, frantically questioning them. Su QingMu introduced her identity to threaten Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng: “I am the young miss of the Clear City Gang! If you know what is good for you, take out five million yuan for the medical expenses! Or else I’ll chop off your fingers as compensation!”


Zhang Heng took out a white handkerchief that he always carried around, and wiped the hand that had hit Lin Feng. After that, he threw the handkerchief on the floor, stepped on it with his polished black leather shoe, and grinded it left and right: “The man that you kept isn’t worth that amount.”


Gu Zhun looked at Zhang Heng. Although there wasn’t even a 90 percent chance of being able to escape, Gu Zhun felt that Zhang Heng’s presence inexplicably gave him 100 percent courage, guts, and peace of mind.


Zhang Heng added one sentence after he finished speaking: “I am the leader of Green Leaf West City District.”


It was a simple sentence, yet it was filled with killing intent. The president, who usually appeared to be refined on the surface was like a large dog that was very capable of changing modes— changing into a large dog with chuunibyou instead.


Green Leaf West City District… Gu Zhun thought the name seemed a bit familiar, then linked it to his relationship with Zhang Heng. That’s when he remembered that their junior high school was called ‘Green Leaf West City District Junior High’! Leader of Green Leaf West City District, when did Zhang Heng get this title?

When both sides were at loggerheads, Gu Zhun unexpectedly dazed out and remembered the few campus legends about Zhang Heng.

Legends would always be legends. By now, the legends from the past were obsolete. Zhang Heng disrupted Gu Zhun’s reminiscence about past legends and forcibly pulled him back into fight mode. He whispered softly at Gu Zhun’s ear: “The door is at your 1 o’clock. When I punch him, you take advantage of that and get out.”


There weren’t any superfluous words needed. Zhang Heng turned to the muscular chap in the 1 o’clock direction and gave a hard punch that landed on a fragile face. Even if it was a sturdy body with a heavy weight class, that chap still had to retreat when he was beaten.

“Right now!”


Gu Zhun used his elbow to jab the big chap that tried stop him with his hands and ran out of the room first. Zhang Heng wanted to rush out as well, but it was too late. The gap in the encirclement was quickly filled in by another big chap.


“What is this about being the leader of the Green Leaf West City District? Where is there such a gang? I’m afraid it’s one of those small hooligans from the neighbourhood that collects protection fees and randomly named themselves just to roleplay? You dress decently, I did not expect that you would be so stupid~” Su QingMu shifted the curly maroon waves on her shoulder and tucked them behind her ears.


“…” Zhang Heng forcibly put up a smile. Even if he was trained, when faced with so many muscular chaps, it was inevitable that it would be strenuous… Both parties reached a stalemate. They waited to see which party would be the first to break the deadlock.


“Ah—!!!” Zhang Heng had not made any plans when he heard the muscular guy behind him howl before he fell to the ground. He stared at Gu Zhun. He actually swung the baseball bat at the muscular chap’s head.


Gu Zhun seized the opportunity to grab Zhang Heng’s wrist and immediately rushed out.


“Hurry! Catch them! Beat them to death!” Lin Feng covered his crooked nose that had taken a blow and shouted angrily.


“Why did you come back again? Didn’t I say that I’m the leader of the Green Leaf West City District?” In the process of being pursued, Zhang Heng still did not forget to blabber and spout nonsense.


Gu Zhun panted and said: “In the end, didn’t the leader of the Green Leaf West City District still kneel down before me?”


“No…that wasn’t the case… the situation at that time…” Zhang Heng was unable to dispute. It was true that he knelt in front of Gu Zhun at the end of the ‘conflict’, which created the legend. Speaking of which, seven years had passed, but Gu Zhun still remembered that incident…


“You still remember that incident? In that case, I shall not trouble my lady to take action,” Zhang Heng took the metal baseball bat from Gu Zhun’s hand, “Let me deal with it.”


When they both turned into a corner, Zhang Heng stopped, turned to faced the corner, and swung the bat with all his strength. There was a heavy sound that followed after. The guy that gave chase had his face smashed and cave in. He retreated in shock and knocked down the other muscular chaps that followed behind.


While they gave chase, the muscular chaps knocked over many tables in the bar and scared the drunkards that still wandered the streets. However, it was the wee hours of the morning. There weren’t many people in the streets, so no one witnessed the chase from the triad.


The muscular chaps rushed to the front and threw a right hook towards the side of Zhang Heng’s face. Zhang Heng turned to avoid the punch, swept his leg out and caused the opponent to lose his balance. He then raised the bat up and fiercely hit him on his back.


A loud “thump” from a blunt and heavy blow sounded out. In the blink of an eye, the muscular chap laid on the floor and groaned in pain.


Zhang Heng grabbed Gu Zhun and quickly escaped from the corner of the alley. That corner was a dead end. They dashed towards the roads on the street and ran. While running, Zhang Heng took out the phone from his pocket, and dialed Wen YiHong, who was still at the bar and had witnessed the drama with the “eloping” flower boys being chased by the muscular chaps.


“Wen YiHong! Dammit, you’re too damn free! Call the police and deal with the matters afterwards! We’re leaving first!”


“…” Wen YiHong didn’t have the time to utter a word before the call was hung up by Zhang Heng.


Wen YiHong sighed, but there was still a smile on his face: “I gave you the chance to be alone with your beauty, yet you still complained that I…” Finished, he patted Ye RuiXi’s face that was flushed red because he was drunk. It confirmed that Ye RuiXi had drunk until he was unconscious.


“I am not free at all, alright? I still have a drunkard here to take care of…”


Soon, the police arrived at the scene, arrested the muscular chaps who were suspects involved in the assault, and took statements from the customers in the bar. Of course, with Wen YiHong there to handle matters, it left people reassured. According to the statements from the bar customers—The police temporarily classified it as drunk disturbance.


Lin Feng and Su QingMu were still nestled in the KTV. They vowed to take revenge!