Chapter 024 – Car Racing Legend

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Editor: Rei

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Zhang Heng took Gu Zhun’s hand and successfully ran to the underground car park that was two streets away from Twilight KTV. Row after row of vehicles were parked in the dark underground car park. It was the wee hours of the morning, so there were no vehicles that entered or exited.


Zhang Heng found his car, opened the door, and they both arched their backs and entered the front passenger seat.


“Zhang Heng…”


“Do you want to ask why I appeared?” Zhang Heng interrupted Gu Zhun and turn on the air conditioning in the car. Although it was summer, the air in the car park was still a little stuffy.


Gu Zhun did not really want to interrupt his boss’s unwarranted speculations about other people’s thoughts, even though it was an incorrect assumption: “No, I just wanted to ask, why was the car parked two blocks away?”


Zhang Heng said regrettably: “It’s because of Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi. Their car took the last empty slot at the car park beside Twilight KTV. I could only tolerate it and park here.”


Gu Zhun imagined Zhang Heng’s pitiful and regrettable state. He had to run, panting across two streets to Twilight KTV, in order to drink in such a boring and torturous manner. He couldn’t help but find it slightly funny. Gu Zhun bursted out laughing; the brows that furrowed due to tension were finally smoothed out.


Zhang Heng looked at Gu Zhun’s smile. He suddenly felt that this person in front of him, whom he loved for seven years, did not notice his 100 methods of seduction although he was quite pure and abstinent. At this moment, even though Gu Zhun never said he liked him, being able to look at such a smile could be considered happiness.

Gu Zhun turned off the radio in the car. The atmosphere which was filled with the soulful voice of the late night relationship host moments before, suddenly turned frigid. The silence that ensued was rather frightening…


“Zhang Heng, there seemed to be some later changes to the legend of Green Leaf West City District?”


Zhang Heng shoulders trembled. Without any warning, Gu Zhun suddenly brought up past matters. Under the cover of darkness, the expressionless face in the car somehow seemed to have a gloomy atmosphere, as though it was from a horror movie…


That’s right, the legend of Green Leaf West City District began to circulate seven years ago. It was spread by mouth all the way to the juniors of Green Leaf West City District.


Seven years ago, it was also a hot period of time at Green Leaf West City District Junior High. At that time, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were in their second semester, transitioning from second year to third year. It had been one semester since Zhang Heng was transferred to Green Leaf West City District Junior High.


In the classroom.


“Gu Zhun, it’s so hot—” Seated behind Gu Zhun, Zhang Heng pulled at the white shirt that he had unbuttoned and fanned himself with it. Zhang Heng’s maroon dyed hair was seeping with sweat. He had a constitution that made him sweat easily, especially in the summer, when there was only a fan blowing.


Gu Zhun ignored Zhang Heng’s complaints and calmy copied English vocabulary. It was the afternoon self study period. Even as the elite students of Class A, they would inevitably slack off because Friday was a rare chance to go home and take a break, especially with Zhang Heng there to stir up a commotion. There were whispers that could be heard from a few corners of the classroom.


Gu Zhun sat upright. There was a fist’s distance from his body to the table. His head was also at an appropriate distance from his book. No matter how hot it was, Gu Zhun did not unbutton his shirt inappropriately; not even a single button.


Zhang Heng could not believe that Gu Zhun had such a tolerance for heat. It seemed if one day the greenhouse effect intensified, everyone would die from the heat except him.

Zhang Heng looked at Gu Zhun’s back. He saw a trace of sweat from the back of his head seep down to the ends of his hair, and along his straight back. It slid down and followed the folds of the white shirt, incidentally outlining Gu Zhun’s back. Finally, it slipped down his butt cheeks that sported the black and green summer uniform, and landed on the chair.

Zhang Heng picked up the water bottle from the side of his table and swallowed a mouthful of water. If anyone at the side observed, they would definitely make Zhang Heng visit the infirmary —Zhang Heng’s face was suffused with an abnormal flush. It was a red flush that only drunks or people with high fever would have.


This, this… are all abstinent boys this attractive?


“No! For the sake of love and peace! In order to protect those adolescent boys that are physically and mentally sound, I must take action!” With that thought in mind, Zhang Heng pulled his table back a small distance away from Gu Zhun’s chair. After that, he stood up and sneakily left his seat. He secretly went around behind Gu Zhun’s seat.


Seated at the fourth row near the window, it was hard for the teachers outside of the classroom to inspect what was going on inside. Furthermore, the students of this elite class formed a study group and studied together. Gu Zhun was always silent, so no one took the initiative to invite him. Zhang Heng was unable to keep up with the study progress. As such, it would be difficult to keep up with any of the groups. Hence, they both stayed in their original positions. The other small groups were clustered from the first row to the front of the fourth row.


Now, it was like Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were being excluded by other people. No one paid attention to their side. Just now, Zhang Heng made such a drastic movement when he stood up and went behind Gu Zhun, yet no one lifted up their heads to look at him.


Zhang Heng bent down and extended his ‘devilish claws’ unhurriedly. One of the claws pressed down onto Gu Zhun’s shoulder with a pat. It was as though an electric current passed though his whole body. Gu Zhun was so frightened by the sudden contact that goosebumps broke out. The other claw groped the front, the thumb and index finger assisted in undoing the buttons on Gu Zhun’s chest.


“What are you doing?!” Gu Zhun was unhappy. During such a precious time period, he was actually disrupted from his revision.


Zhang Heng crouched up slightly, went beside Gu Zhun’s ears and said: “If you don’t want the other students to blame you for the disruption and lack of discipline in class, then be quiet. I am only helping you cool off from the heat.”


A computer that was in operation for a long time needed to be cooled down. It was the same analogy for humans. It’s just that Zhang Heng served as Gu Zhun’s human fan. It was like those type of cheap bargains; the more it fanned, the hotter it got.


“…It’s hotter now, alright?” Gu Zhun saw that Zhang Heng only wanted to help him undo the buttons to help his body cool off from the stuffiness, so he didn’t scold Zhang Heng. When it was time to unbutton the second button, due to the restriction in movements, the speed that Zhang Heng undid the button was slower. Furthermore, their bodies were surprisingly close to each other. It was inevitable that they would obstruct the air circulation, making it seem even hotter.


It’s just that Gu Zhun was completely slow about that matter, he didn’t realize he was “hot” because of Zhang Heng.


Warm breath fanned out onto Gu Zhun’s back when Zhang Heng’s mouth opened and closed. His fingertips glided along the chest, touching the shirt and skin. It was ticklish…


Gu Zhun pressed down his thighs, restlessly twisting and turning his legs. At last, there was so much movement that even Zhang Heng noticed something: “What’s up? Did you get a reaction when I touched you?”


“…” As the Racing God of Mount Akina [1] that read a lot of pornographic materials, he obviously knew about morning wood. This was the type of general knowledge that an adolescent boy should have about their body. Gu Zhun was different. His only family was his sister. As a girl, Gu Li did not properly explain these things Gu Zhun. The school’s 《Health and Hygiene》textbook was also very vague. Gu Zhun obviously could not understand the changes in his body.


However, Gu Zhun was curious about everything. He actually asked a shameful question that made him want to kill himself when he thought about it seven years later: “What does ‘having a reaction’ refer to?”


When Gu Zhun asked such a question, Zhang Heng’s hand suddenly stop unbuttoning the shirt on Gu Zhun’s chest. It stiffened in midair… At this moment, Zhang Heng’s thoughts were: “God! Why did you give me such trials?!”


Zhang Heng knew his sexual orientation since the first year of junior high. Although he had an interest in pornographic materials, that was just to study the female body and to satisfy his curiosity. No matter how many pornographic materials he browsed, even if it was an adult video, he did not have any reaction. He only treated the romp in the sheets by the male and female purely as an 《Animal World》special feature.


Ever since he searched up gay videos, he investigated and studied resources that involved homosexuality. It added up and proved that he was only interested in guys. When he discovered his sexual orientation, he did not show that he was flustered, nor did he tell his family, because his house was always empty. There was only him and the housekeeper that came to cook. They both spent every summer and winter vacation in that big house.


It didn’t matter whether you liked a man or a woman. Those things did not matter. As long as you liked someone, the mood and feeling itself was a wonderful thing.


Since the transfer to Green Leaf West City District, from the first time he saw Gu Zhun’s exposed tender skin, to the time where he touched Gu Zhun’s dick during the last semester, and then the countless of times he had peeped at Gu Zhun’s naked body during the swimming lessons… No matter which time, it made Zhang Heng realized that he liked Gu Zhun. He only had feelings for Gu Zhun, he never had those sort of feelings when he looked at other male classmates.


Gu Zhun was unique and incomparable.


Zhang Heng’s hand that stiffened in mid air settled down. He placed it at the inner part of Gu Zhun’s thighs, touching Gu Zhun’s front: “When this hardens, the academic name in English is called erection.”


Zhang Heng explained it in all seriousness. The front was covered by Zhang Heng’s hand. Even though it was separated by a layer of cloth, the warmth that radiated from Zhang Heng’s palms could still be felt. It became even harder.


Zhang Heng’s palm felt the change in that little thing, and he suddenly came up with a prank. He took the opportunity to rub Gu Zhun’s front and glide over it in circles. This time, Gu Zhun clearly felt that his bottom half was very strange, and twisted both legs restlessly.


Even after being told that this was an erection, he was still not equipped with enough knowledge to deal with this sudden and mysterious feeling— The whole body was unbearably hot, as though it had been set on fire.


Zhang Heng let go of the front, stood up, openly held Gu Zhun, and left the classroom from the back door. They left hurriedly, not noticing that a 7th grade committee member had tiptoed to observe everything and had made disciplinary records.


This committee member was a rather cute girl that recorded with a ‘swoosh’— Two students left early.


Zhang Heng brought Gu Zhun to the toilet at the secluded experimental building, and placed the ‘cleaning in progress’ sign outside the entrance. He walked them into the cubicle at the farthest end of the toilet, and locked it.


“What do you want to do?” Gu Zhun pulled out the hand that Zhang Heng held.


Zhang Heng ignored the frown on Gu Zhun’s face. He directly stretched out his hands to remove Gu Zhun’s black and green school shorts and said: “Even if you are not happy, I will help you to solve it here. If not you’ll be in a lot of pain.”
“Solve what…” Gu Zhun subconsciously covered the front part of his slightly opened white underwear and asked with a tremble.


“Males physiological needs.”


With a solemn face, it didn’t seem like a joke.


Translator’s Note:

[1]Racing God of Mount Akina:  Allusion to the legendary racer in Initial D. In Chinese internet pop culture, ‘seasoned pro drivers’ is a slang reference to people who are very skilled in particular areas of expertise. (Smut Master) It is a euphemistic expression for people who are well-versed and well-stocked in diverse types of sexually explicit materials. The term is commonly used in jest when asking for help with ‘navigating’ a new kink or fandom, or when asking for materials for ‘educational’ purposes. Veterans in interest groups may also refer to themselves as ‘seasoned pro drivers’ self-deprecatingly to make fun of themselves. The ‘Racing God of Mount Akina’, therefore, is title for the most seasoned and knowledgeable of all ‘seasoned pro drivers’ in a particular fandom or interest group.