Chapter 025 – Sweet Late Night Whisperings

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“Hold on, your legend and the legend that I’ve asked about are different, right? You don’t need to recall it in so much detail.” Gu Zhun just heard Zhang Heng vividly describe the indescribable things that happened in the toilet. Although he seldom masturbated, he knew that years ago, he ignorantly fell into Zhang Heng’s trap and obediently allowed himself to be played with.

When he recalled the various details, he felt as if the feeling of those touches had just happened yesterday. Gu Zhun’s face flushed and instantly turned crimson.


The legend Gu Zhun spoke about referred to the traditional records that Zhang Heng had broken. The school, Green Leaf West City District Junior High, had a high passing rate that placed a lot of importance on the traditional records.


For example, kidnapped the school’s top student, or left early during the self study lesson… All these things had never happened at Green Leaf West City District Junior High which was widely known for their own self discipline.


As such, Zhang Heng became a legend. It had never happened before; a legend that did not have predecessors nor successors.


—To Zhang Heng, these were all just small cases. What happened later was the “real legend”.


Gu Zhun wanted to ask about what he heard from a junior: “Green Leaf West City District had a leader. He even hit a triad leader from a nearby junior high school to protect his woman. I heard that the leader of Green Leaf West City District was surnamed Zhang. That woman was his lover. She seemed to be from the same school and he even caused her to go to the hospital for abortion…” After that… there was nothing after that. In short, it spread from mouth to mouth. The more it spread, the more exaggerated it became. Seven years later, it was unknown how that version of this legend had changed.

That version of this legend spread before they graduated, so Zhang Heng had heard of it. Of course he knew that the main lead in that legend was him, and the female lead was Gu Zhun.

Zhang Heng patted Gu Zhun’s head, a playful smile on his face: “Isn’t it pretty good~ Being the triad boss’s lady~”


Gu Zhun smacked Zhang Heng’s hand away: “If it was not because we were about to graduate, I would have dragged you out to clarify this rumour.”

Zhang Heng said with regret: “Eh, that’s such a pity. Our cute junior brothers and sisters were immersed in an unbearable sea of pain filled with exam questions, yet you didn’t allow them to have some gossip as a respite. That spoils the fun~!”


Humans are such curious creatures.


Gu Zhun glanced at Zhang Heng and realized that now was not the time for them to reminisce about their past. It was all because Zhang Heng mentioned the ‘Leader of Green Leaf West City District’, which made him think about several things from the past.

He asked: “How did you know I was there?”


“I saw you standing outside the room suspiciously, so I decided to follow along and watch the commotion.”


“…Watch the commotion…” Gu Zhun felt chills when he recalled Zhang Heng standing behind him as though he was observing a panda in the zoo.


Zhang Heng retorted: “So you dare to provoke people that brought a bunch of muscular chaps from the triad?”


Gu Zhun looked at his hands that clenched his pants: “He betrayed my sister. He is a scumbag. I want to beat him.” He said three sentences. Gu Zhun never talked a lot, but every sentence was a crucial point. Although the tone of those three sentences were spoken calmly, Zhang Heng could tell that Gu Zhun must be consumed by anger from the way his hands shook.


If you gave him a knife, it was hard to tell, but maybe Gu Zhun really would have stabbed him.


“Tell me about the scumbag.” Zhang Heng extended his left hand, using his thumb and index fingers to raise Gu Zhun’s chin. A few strands of Gu Zhun’s fine black fringe blocked his deep black eyes. That was when Zhang Heng saw Gu Zhun’s expression clearly— There was a layer of tears that veiled his eyes, the rims around his eyes were red, and there were a few droplets of tears that stubbornly clung to his eyelids.


When he stood outside the door and heard his sister being insulted by that scumbag, he felt that she didn’t deserve it. He felt indignant and sad for his sister.


If a child had parents, then which parents would be willing to see their daughter get bullied like this? But Gu Li only had one brother. Without a father’s care and a mother’s love, no one would help her take revenge when she was bullied. There was only this brother that constantly hid behind his sister. Not a single time did he step out and help his sister to take charge.


This time, he wanted to stand in front of his sister, shield her behind him, and avenge her.


Gu Zhun held back his tears, mustered up the courage, and entered the door to settle scores with the scumbag. He did not expect Zhang Heng to appear, just like a hero to save an unarmed and defenseless princess.


Gu Zhun told Zhang Heng in detail about the matter with Gu Li and Lin Feng. Zhang Heng understood and nodded his head.


Zhang Heng wiped the tears that clung onto Gu Zhun’s eyelids, turned the key, and started the car: “It is already too late. To avoid waking your sister, sleep at my house tonight.”


Gu Zhun thought about it— That’s right, sister did not eat or get much sleep recently. She would have insomnia every night. When he was about to leave the house, his sister finally fell asleep on the sofa with red eyes. It was not a good idea to wake her up to have her go back to sleep in her room, so he covered her with a quilt, turned the air conditioning higher, and quietly left the house.


After Gu Zhun nodded his head and agreed, Zhang Heng stepped on the accelerator and left the underground car park.

Zhang Heng’s house was at the new urban area outside the city. It was considered a remote suburb. On the road, there were not many cars aside from a few large trucks that travelled back from the highway.


Zhang Heng’s house appeared to be a villa at a high end residential district, wealthy people in the city would choose to buy a house at this type of high end residential district. Of course, this house was not bought by Zhang Heng. It was old master Zhang who bought it when Zhang Heng was born.


Zhang Heng’s house was in darkness. It indicated that no one was at home. Although old master Zhang was already old, he still had good vigour. At this time, he was out with Zhang Heng’s grandmother on a business trip while travelling at the same time. The Zhang’s housekeeper left early and did not prepare Zhang Heng’s supper as per usual because he instructed that he would be home late.

Zhang Heng switched on the switch at the entrance. The entire villa lit up in a split second with a ‘pop’. That’s when Gu Zhun truly felt the Zhang family’s wealth and opulence.


Zhang Heng walked to the bathroom on the second floor. Gu Zhun followed along.


Zhang Heng turned on the heater and filled the tub with hot water: “Have a good soak. I’ll get my clothes and a new towel for you. You go ahead first.”


Finish, he closed the bathroom door and left Gu Zhun in the bathroom.


Gu Zhun obediently removed the white short sleeved summer shirt and the beige three quarter pants that were thoroughly soaked with sweat after running across two streets. Finally, he placed the clothes into the laundry basket meant for dirty clothes, and stepped into the bathtub to soak.


The warm water quickly reached past Gu Zhun’s shoulders, and the physical and mental fatigue seemed to vanished.


It was so comfortable that Gu Zhun couldn’t refrain from shutting his eyes and gave a big yawn. A warm and cozy environment always made people sleepy. Gu Zhun was so sleepy that he did not hear Zhang Heng when he opened the bathroom door. Zhang Heng took the towel and his home clothes and hung them on the hook.


He saw Gu Zhun pleasantly enjoying the bath, and reached out his hand to stroke Gu Zhun’s head. Gu Zhun was startled awake, seeing Zhang Heng, he subconsciously covered the adzuki beans on his chest. Seven years ago, he had the experience of being dragged into the Racing God of Mount Akina’s schemes; of course he would be on alert.


Zhang Heng sighed: “I won’t do anything until you say that you like me. I placed the clothes there. Come out soon or you’ll catch a cold when the water turns cold.”


Finished, he turned and walked out of the bathroom.


Gu Zhun pondered over Zhang Heng’s sentence.


Zhang Heng had confessed to him when he just joined the company. Zhang Heng’s expression at that moment and the tone of the sentence “Go out with me!” constantly repeated itself in Gu Zhun’s mind, as though it was something that happened just yesterday.


—He said that he would wait for me; wait for me to say that I like him…


Gu Zhun stood up and shook his arms, then took the towel and wiped off the water on his body. He wore Zhang Heng’s clothes that were a size bigger and walked out of the bathroom. He walked along the empty corridor on the second floor. He found a room with lights and knew that Zhang Heng was there.


He knocked on the door even though it was open. It was better to be polite. After all, this was someone else’s home.


Zhang Heng leaned against the pillow and read a book illuminated by the yellow light from the desk lamp. He raised his head when Gu Zhun entered and gave him a warm smile.

“The guest room has not been cleaned for a long time. Why don’t you sleep in my room today?”


Zhang Heng had always been gentle and easy to please. As long as Gu Zhun gave a smile or a compliment, he would be happy for a long time.


Gu Zhun nodded, pulled open the quilt, and crawled in. The mattress was soft. It was comfortable to lie on it. Gu Zhun pulled the quilt up and covered his shoulders. He looked at the empty ceiling and asked: “Why do you always treat me with such warmth? Clearly, there is no way to profit.”


That’s right, no profit. Zhang Heng did not stand to benefit, whether it was clarifying Gu Zhun’s innocence, or beating up Lin Feng and running away together. As the president of a company, Zhang Heng knew the basic rule of the the business world was ‘benefits are the fundamentals’.


He had not paid Zhang Heng any remuneration, nor done anything nice to repay Zhang Heng…


Zhang Heng placed the book on the bedside table, laying underneath the quilt he replied: “There is. Seeing you happy is my greatest reward. Who told me to like you? Even my pursuit of profits have been discarded and given for free…”


Gu Zhun smiled and did not speak. Zhang Heng looked at Gu Zhun’s smile. His lips hooked up and he did not speak either.


In the silence, they both quickly succumbed to sleep that lasted until dawn.


Because I like you. As long as you’re unhappy, I would make you happy regardless of the cost. I don’t ask anything in return because I like you…