The First Breakup – Part Twenty-three, 1 of 3

Translator: translationraven



Chu Rong’s face fell immediately. The touch of Song Yucheng’s fevered skin, though, soon turned the atmosphere around him icy-cold. He was not angry because Song Yucheng had had something happen to him, however, but because he was simply feeling tortured by his suffering.

Chu Rong was in the entertainment industry, so he knew well what side effects drugs like these had. Song Yucheng had already had alcohol before he was drugged, so the mix of these two substances must be unbearable. Song Yucheng was always on guard too, so he wouldn’t be completely unaware of him when he’d been in the room for so long.

If Xu Muzhi had not…

Chu Rong recalled the things his cousin had uncovered while he had been on his way to the hotel, and his dislike of Xu Muzhi turned to hate. He hated him so much he wanted him dead right away. The arm he had around Song Yucheng tensed.

“Chu Rong?” Song Yucheng finally opened his eyes but he was still not clear-headed; his gaze was still unfocused.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” Chu Rong pursed his lips. He felt terrible, and the arm he had around Song Yucheng shook. He pulled him tightly into his embrace, as if afraid to lose him.

“Don’t be sad. I’m fine.” Song Yucheng thought that Chu Rong had had a scare, and he patted him on the back as he spoke comforting words. His pat had no strength behind it due to his drugged state, and it became more of a caress than a pat.

But this gentleness and this show of thoughtfulness moved Chu Rong even more. He did not want to endure in silence anymore, and he made all of his thoughts clear to Song Yucheng.

“I love you, Song Yucheng.” It was a confession.

The gentle, beautiful youth knew that he had no hope but he persisted; he was not willing to give up. Quite honestly, this dedication of his was quite attractive.

Song Yucheng was always one who loved to spoil others, and he was also quite adept at bullying scum like Xu Muzhi. Up against Chu Rong, who looked like he would carve his heart out for him, however, he could not bring himself to bully him. He sighed, relaxed his face muscles, touched Chu Rong’s head, and attempted to reason with him.

“You’re too young, Chu Rong. I only see you as a younger brother.”

“I can grow older!” Chu Rong took out the box again like he was anxious to prove something, and held it out to Song Yucheng, looking stubbornly at him as if to say, ‘Whether I’m older or younger, you’ve accepted it.’

Could this be considered a refusal to acknowledge a promise made? Song Yucheng felt like laughing and crying at the same time. “But you didn’t say what it was before.”

Chu Rong made no reply; he compelled Song Yucheng in silence. The box in his hand with one of its corners crushed out of shape, however, was a vivid representation of the apprehension in his heart.

Song Yucheng met his eyes and shook his head helplessly in the end. Chu Rong’s eyes shone, and the corners of his lips curved up in a smile instantly, so beautiful that he could not tear his gaze away.

“I’m not even going to say yes to you. Why are you so happy?” Song Yucheng was puzzled.

“Because I don’t expect you to say yes in the first place. I just want a chance.” Chu Rong held Song Yucheng’s hands and opened the present box with him. He put the necklace in Song Yucheng’s hand.

“You have to be fair to me.” Chu Rong stared at him for a long time, then held him tight in his arms. “I know you only treat me as your younger brother, and that you keep rejecting me because you can’t bear to see me be in pain. But… you could wait for scum like Xu Muzhi for so long. I’m ten thousand times better than him. You have to at least wait for me to grow up before you judge me disqualified.”

Ten thousand times better? Was it right for him to boast like this? Song Yucheng looked at Chu Rong, who was hugging him like his life depended on it, and could not find any words of retort.

Plus, Chu Rong was beautiful, and gentle, and even his rare display of toughness had a tenderness to it. He was entreating him silently rather than being overbearing, and he was hard-pressed to not have a change of heart because of his sweetness.

And a child like this was what Song Yucheng found most difficult to refuse. He sighed soundlessly again, and inquired of the System in his head, “What will happen to Chu Rong if I left?”

“The owner of the body can rest assured. We will definitely give him the perfect ending he wants most.” The System seemed to want to make up for its blunder from when Song Yucheng had asked about the drug, and it did its best to add, “My Lord, no matter how many people you pull back from the abyss, they will all have the ending they want most as long as you desire it!”

“Besides, we, the Cheat System, are masters at losing our sense of shame. Love you, mwah~”

. . .

Song Yucheng was startled by the System’s “Love you, mwah~” and didn’t recover for quite some time. After a while, he said something which could be considered a settling of scores at an opportune moment. “Why did what you say come out all garbled when I asked you about the drug?”

“Not my fault.” The System was particularly aggrieved at the mention of that. “The Head Office said I’m not of age yet so they added a censor to what I say. So…”

So just what sort of transmigration administration office was this? They even had high-level things such as speech-censoring, but had let an underage System cooperate with an agent in a cuckolding task.

The thought that he might have joined a shady company came to Song Yucheng’s mind. However, he had gained a little something in this exchange with the System.

After he got the System’s guarantee, Song Yucheng could just throw all his previous reservations out the window. The child will be happy when he left, so why not enjoy the present? That’d be pretty nice.

Even so, Song Yucheng still said seriously to Chu Rong, “Chu Rong, I like you a lot but it is definitely not love.”

“I know, but mine is.”


The drug’s effects on Song Yucheng were still quite strong.

He had also spent quite some time talking with Chu Rong so he was, of course, exhausted. He soon fell into deep slumber yet again.

Chu Rong cautiously took Song Yucheng up in his arms after he’d fallen asleep, planning to move him someplace else.

This was because Chu Rong could see very plainly that this was someone’s private room. The clothes on Song Yucheng, too, were obviously some other man’s clothing, and this made Chu Rong’s heart most sour.

Argh, how could he be in another man’s clothing!

At that thought, Chu Rong put Song Yucheng down and called his driver to go down to the car to fetch him a set of his clothing. He changed Song Yucheng carefully before carrying him downstairs.

Song Yucheng was really out of it; he had not opened his eyes with all that flipping about. In contrast, Chu Rong was excited. He felt that all of Song Yucheng’s body right then, was his.

He’d even tried to steal a kiss, but unfortunately for him, Song Yucheng pinched the back of his neck before his lips touched his.

“Stop it.” Song Yucheng warned with narrowed eyes. Give this kitty an inch and it’ll take a mile.

“Mm, I won’t disturb you. Sleep well.” Chu Rong smiled happily and the gentleness in his face made his heart fill with yearning.

Song Yucheng raised his eyebrows and simply acquiesced to his small move. Chu Rong knew when to stop too, and he placed a kiss on Song Yucheng’s forehead. He stopped wasting any more time and carried him out the front doors of the hotel.

This scene was witnessed in all its entirety by Xu Muzhi, who had been watching outside for a long time. He was in a towering rage as he stepped forward to block their way.

“You two have become really capable now.” Xu Muzhi almost lost all sense of reason. He would definitely have made a move if he had not been concerned about himself being out in public.

His reputation had well and truly been shot to pieces today. Chu Rong had kicked up a lot of fuss at the club looking for Song Yucheng, and Xu Muzhi had run into quite a few familiar people when he had gone chasing out after Chu Rong. The faces of those people had been filled with sympathy. Even after they’d walked further off, Xu Muzhi had caught whispers of the words ‘bastard’ and ‘cuckold’.

The sight of Chu Rong babying Song Yucheng now sent him into a rage.

But Chu Rong was way angrier than Xu Muzhi. His usual gentle demeanor vanished and a coldness spread around him. He was young, but that made that sharp edge of his more apparent, like a blade which could easily hack a man to pieces.

“Rongrong, leave Song Yucheng behind and I can forgive you.” Xu Muzhi seemed to have dragged these words out of his throat with great effort.

Chu Rong scoffed and walked around Xu Muzhi, with Song Yucheng in his arms. He did not even acknowledge him. As for Song Yucheng, who was being carried by Chu Rong, he very coincidentally awoke in that moment and glanced at Xu Muzhi in interest. The angle as they passed made it such that Xu Muzhi could see the look on his face.

That look of mockery consumed Xu Muzhi with humiliation.

Xu Muzhi was so, so mad that he almost lost control.

Speaking of which, he was not sure just how he had ended up like this.

He had been in his own club and had done all those preparations to target a vulnerable Song Yucheng. He’d thought that his plan was perfect, but he had been slapped in the face in the end. Just based on what he’d seen of Chu Rong treating Song Yucheng like precious treasure, it was obvious that the move he had made had served as a catalyst for their relationship.