The First Breakup – Part Twenty, 1 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

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Chu Rong had actually misunderstood. Song Yucheng’s expression had changed not because he had invaded his privacy, but because that diary that Chu Rong had read was fake.

The foolish old Song Yucheng had fallen into complete despair after he’d found out that Xu Muzhi only treated him like a substitute — he would not have been in any frame of mind to write these heart-wrenching diary entries.

These diary entries were all fabricated by Song Yucheng after he had transmigrated into the old Song Yucheng’s body.

He had planned on giving this to Xu Muzhi as a gift after Xu Muzhi was filled with regret. The old Song Yucheng had been deeply in love after all, and someone had to know about it. He’d never imagined, however, that this newly-crafted diary would bring Chu Rong such great upset before he could use it on Xu Muzhi.

This was tough. Song Yucheng wracked his brain for an explanation. Before he could speak, however, Chu Rong dashed over and hugged him. The cup of tea in his hand dropped to the floor with a crash, shattering into pieces.

“Chu Rong.” Song Yucheng called his name, but Chu Rong held him stubbornly in a hug, unmoving. The hair of his head on his shoulder tickled, and he had none of the calmness of the ‘little Adonis’ his fans usually saw; he was like a frightened kitten who’d lost its way.

Why was he so afraid? Song Yucheng’s heart softened immediately, and he lifted Chu Rong’s chin forcefully so that their gazes met. The dominance hidden under his warmth was such that it could not be refused.

A red mark was left on Chu Rong’s delicate skin because of the pressure put on it. Chu Rong did not want to, but he didn’t want to disobey Song Yucheng either. He stared at him with aggrieved, red-rimmed eyes, looking like he was on the verge of crying. The feelings he could not hide burst out in that instant.

He said not a word, but his eyes said everything. It was a love which needed no words; a deep love which swept a person away.

‘Song Yucheng… Xu Muzhi is a bastard. Don’t give him your love anymore.

I will learn how to care for you. I will do my best to earn money, to mature faster and become an adult who can protect you.

I love you. Can you begin to love me too?’

Every unspoken word struck Song Yucheng’s heart, and he was shaken by the deep love Chu Rong showed him. He subconsciously moved a step back, trying to extricate himself from Chu Rong. This reaction of his, was, to Chu Rong, an obvious rejection.

But Chu Rong did not accept it. A dangerous thought came to his mind in that instant. He loved Song Yucheng, and he wanted him — all of him. How could he just admit defeat because Song Yucheng rejected him? He’d read Song Yucheng’s confession about Xu Muzhi, and was completely rejected by Song Yucheng, but Chu Rong was still a teenager and he began to lose hold on his reason under the influence of his emotions.

His mask of harmlessness was ripped off in his despair, and the wolfishness hidden under Chu Rong’s gentle, obedient exterior, was finally let loose.

In his great sadness, Chu Rong forcefully enveloped Song Yucheng in his embrace, and lowered his head to kiss him without restraint. He kissed his forehead, then his eyes, and next… his lips.

Ah, such a youthful kiss. Clean, pure, warm and passionate. It was unpracticed because of inexperience but it was also this inexperience which made the kiss so absorbing. It was just a simple skin-to-skin contact, but it had the bewitching power to make him have the strong desire to grasp true love in his hands.

Unfortunately, he was up against Song Yucheng.

Chu Rong’s lips touched Song Yucheng’s and he abruptly turned his head away to avoid it. He then maneuvered himself out of Chu Rong’s embrace and sat himself on the sofa again. His calmness was as if the earlier intimacy was just a dream.

“Why?” Chu Rong stood where he was. His blood, hot with passion, was instantly ran cold. The intimacy they had between them earlier also disappeared immediately.

Song Yucheng made no move to answer, and the two of them finally parted in unhappiness. Song Yucheng did not say anything to chase him away, but Chu Rong knew that it was not right for him to stay. Whether intentionally or by accident, he had touched a nerve of Song Yucheng’s. With Song Yucheng’s personality, he would not cut ties with him but he would definitely not want to contact him in the near future.

Even so, he would not give up.

He had been too impulsive. Chu Rong did not regret it, however. Song Yucheng understood his feelings for him, at least, and he would not look at him like he was just a younger brother anymore.

This could be considered a blessing in disguise.

Chu Rong stood outside Song Yucheng’s house in the courtyard for a long time in silence before he took out his phone and sent a message. He left reluctantly after sending the message.

Five minutes after Chu Rong left, Song Yucheng’s phone started vibrating all of a sudden. The news alerts from the Weibo phone app were coming in so rapidly that the phone seemed almost on the verge of dying from all the vibrating.

What was going on? Song Yucheng picked his phone up to see, and was stunned.

Chu Rong: I love you, Song Yucheng. @SongYuCheng

He’d confessed. He’d confessed in the most direct way, and to the world wide web.

It wasn’t just Song Yucheng who was stunned, but the netizens too.

Everyone would not have found it out of the ordinary if it had happened at another time, but this happened at this specific time. Right now, Song Yucheng could be said to be the object of ridicule of the internet. Other than the few diehard fans and Li Zhao and his friends fighting hard to vindicate him, the rest were all voices of ridicule.

So Chu Rong’s confession was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day, and it sent the entire entertainment world into a tizzy.

The fans of the Song Yucheng and Chu Rong coupling were keeling over in diabetic shock from this sweetness. In their hearts, they hoisted the flag for Chu Rong’s love and saluted his awesome boyfriend power.

Whatever their reactions were, the subject was finally changed from whether Song Yucheng was really a kept pet, to the matter of Chu Rong’s confession.

A popular celebrity’s love confession piqued the curiosity more than baseless gossip after all.

Chu Rong and Song Yucheng’s fan website received lots of attention immediately. The video clips which the fans had made to hint at tenderness between the two suddenly took on new meaning after Chu Rong’s confession.

There were even people closely analysing Song Yucheng and Chu Rong’s relationship. They scrutinised every move of theirs on the programme, and branded these interactions as a so-called ‘affair’.

So was this what people meant when they talked about “innocent playmates”!

The fans of the coupling were immediately all enthusiastic, and they felt a sort of satisfaction in the development. They used to call themselves a cult and they didn’t dare act too flamboyantly outside of their own circles too, but it was different now. They had official confirmation from Chu Rong! They were the messengers of truth!

As for the rumours that Song Yucheng was a kept pet, based on Chu Rong’s reaction, those were surely nonsense! Everyone knew that Chu Rong was the heir of the Chu family. If Song Yucheng had really been a kept pet from a young age, then how could Chu Rong, with his status, have such a high-profile courtship of him?

It must be slander!

“Don’t you dare come back, you people who left the fandom! Our Songsong doesn’t need you weak-willed weeds.”

“Yeah! Quick, go hug Songsong, Chu Rong! It’s so tough for you guys to have such an upsetting thing happen to you right after you came back to Beijing.”

“I actually want to know who first started smearing Songsong’s good name. Besides, it’s normal to have help from others. Calling it ‘being kept’ is overboard! Songsong is still a minor. Those who say that the pictures are real must have something wrong with their heads.”

The fans who had been pressured into silence finally found an opportunity to speak out again, and they finally launched a counter.

Chu Rong’s move, and his stance on it was so unyielding that it shocked others too. After his confession of love, the public relations companies under the Chu family corporate banner took the lead on refuting the malicious rumours. They directed the public’s opinion as much as they could without intruding on Song Yucheng’s privacy. Meanwhile, a flood of lawyers’ letters were sent out, and practically all the verified Weibo gossip accounts which had hurt Song Yucheng the most were hit.

That small-time internet celebrity was not let off the hook either, of course. He had caused a lot of damage to Song Yucheng, so Chu Rong was going to get his subordinates to damage him back.

Chu Rong read the data his subordinate handed to him and said scornfully, “Xu Muzhi is not just an idiot, but a blind idiot to have nurtured this sort of trash.” He then tasked his subordinate with posting this information on the internet.

Chu Rong did not care how miserable that little internet celebrity would end up being. He had made an underhanded move first and he deserved it.

With that thought in mind, he deliberately sent a text message to Xu Muzhi. He wrote just one line with the aim of infuriating Xu Muzhi.