The First Breakup – Part Twenty, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

First Published on Chaleuria


Chu Rong was busy dealing with the situation on the internet and Xu Muzhi was not sitting idle either. Xu Muzhi looked at the two messages on his phone, and he got so mad that his temperature rose.

One of the messages was from Chu Rong, and it was just one line: Keep your distance from my Songsong.

It was short, and aggressive, warning him not to touch Song Yucheng and that he, Chu Rong, liked Song Yucheng. How laughable.

Xu Muzhi was so angry he laughed.

He had arranged for Song Yucheng to be on the programme to act as a stepping stone for Chu Rong, but Song Yucheng had ended up stealing Chu Rong’s heart and checkmated him. There were no impenetrable walls to keep things secret in these circles, and Chu Rong had already decided to make his move. He had even done a high-profile confession on Weibo. It wouldn’t even take a few days for all of the people of standing in Beijing to know that he, Xu Muzhi, had been cuckolded by the boy he lusted after and the substitute he had nurtured.

Heh. This was no different from simply bitch-slapping him across the face.

“Well, well. I’d never have thought that Song Yucheng would have this sort of capability.” Xu Muzhi glared at his phone. He felt like his breath was caught in his chest.

The second message which soon followed made Xu Muzhi’s anger boil over.

It was a sneaked snapshot, and the sender was a subordinate whom Xu Muzhi had sent to watch Song Yucheng.

The picture clearly showed Song Yucheng and Chu Rong through a window. Chu Rong was holding Song Yucheng in his arms, and his head was lowered in a kiss with Song Yucheng.

The threat from Chu Rong was not the slap which hurt the most. Chu Rong and Song Yucheng had kissed.

Ha! Hahaha! Great! He had groomed Song Yucheng for five years, and he had not had the chance to touch even a finger of his before he’d been played. Chu Rong was reckless on his part. Song Yucheng was still considered Xu Muzhi’s person, and Chu Rong still dared to pursue him so openly.

He had well and truly been cheated and cheated upon.

Xu Muzhi dashed the mobile phone to the ground, and paced about his house anxiously. He felt that he needed to calm down, but the picture he’d seen on his phone kept popping up in his mind. The image of the two of them being intimate surfaced whenever he shut his eyes. He also remembered his last meeting with Song Yucheng, and his malicious challenge in vivid detail.

So what would their kiss taste like? Would it be pure and innocent, or more seductive…

The thought flashed through his mind, and Xu Muzhi was shocked by his own imagination. His body, on the other hand, was very honest. His lower half had a very obvious reaction due to this desire, and stood as a representative of his true thoughts hidden under his anger.

Compared to punishment, what Xu Muzhi wanted to do more was to seize Song Yucheng right away and bring him here, then throw him on the bed and teach him a good lesson. He wanted to break his pride, and have him surrender completely to him.

And the small-time internet celebrity who had planned the attack on Song Yucheng’s reputation stumbled right into this current situation.

In Xu Muzhi’s office, Xu Muzhi f*cked the internet celebrity so hard that it was as if he would break him in two. His actions were much rougher and way more intense than the last time. His moves held a shadow of sadism; he swallowed the internet celebrity whole. Xu Muzhi tortured his lover for two whole hours before he let him go.

The moment he was finished with him, Xu Muzhi treated his lover like a piece of trash and kicked him to the floor. His lover was so weak in the knees that he could barely stand.

How boring. Xu Muzhi leaned against the headrest of the bed and lit a cigarette. He didn’t even spare his lover a second glance. Earlier, if it had not been for the lover turning up at that coincidental time, and his look of jealousy over Song Yucheng which reminded Xu Muzhi of Song Yucheng when he’d first found out that he was just a substitute, Xu Muzhi would probably not have been able to get hard with just him.

“Scram!” Xu Muzhi threw his clothes at him. He followed that with a double entendre. “Don’t look for trouble anymore, and no one will be able to touch you.”

He casually threw out that promise and ignored him afterwards, absorbing himself in his own matters. His bit of release earlier had calmed him down. He admitted to himself that he did desire Song Yucheng, but it was only because Song Yucheng had deliberately seduced him, just like how Song Yucheng had deliberately seduced Chu Rong during the filming of the programme.

Xu Muzhi thought of all that had happened, and felt that he should not let Song Yucheng be any longer. Who knew what greater trouble Song Yucheng would bring with his motives and methods in seducing people. As for Chu Rong, he wanted to find some way to help Chu Rong see what type of person Song Yucheng truly was.

And about him being cheated on… Chu Rong was still young. As a magnanimous lover, he could forgive Chu Rong for his little bit of straying. Xu Muzhi had that thought in mind when he sent a text message in reply to Chu Rong: Don’t make a fuss, Rongrong. Song Yucheng is a plaything.

Xu Muzhi put the phone down and waited for Chu Rong to write back. What he had not expected at all was that Chu Rong had no intention of replying to him. What Chu Rong did next was a heavy slap to Xu Muzhi’s face.

Chu Rong was sincere about his courtship of Song Yucheng. It wasn’t a high-profile courtship and there were many details which were kept quite hidden, but it could still be seen that his heart was really in it. Song Yucheng was the one who was being passive about it. He had not given him an outright rejection, but he had made to move to accept either.

The person whom Xu Muzhi had sent to watch Song Yucheng had done a thorough job too. He had a detailed report on all the times Chu Rong had gone to meet with Song Yucheng.

The twisted desire in Xu Muzhi grew increasingly scary as he looked at the photographs and information before him.

But Chu Rong’s cousin was continuously getting in his way in their circles. That young Godfather of his, too, was still in China. All these made it such that Xu Muzhi had no time to spare to work on the problem of Song Yucheng.

Xu Muzhi was just unable to tend to many things at the same time, but that internet celebrity was in a miserable state.

Chu Rong had been ruthless. The internet celebrity had smeared Song Yucheng’s name by saying that he was a kept pet, so Chu Rong had revealed all of the internet celebrity’s dark past. All was revealed, even the time from before he had entered the industry and had gone to another country to work as a male escort. Him being Xu Muzhi’s lover was and what happened after that was also posted to the internet.

It was different from Song Yucheng’s case, where it was just rumours about him being a kept pet and there being no hard evidence. The internet celebrity’s identity as a kept pet was without question. There was also the revelation that he had undergone plastic surgery; this piece of news brought him the most trouble.

This internet celebrity had gone under the knife to make himself look like Chu Rong on purpose, and used this new face of his to get himself sponsors. Compared to the doubts people had of Song Yucheng, this internet celebrity was obviously a real rent boy.

The internet celebrity was under fire now. The revenge he’d tried to take on Song Yucheng all came back to bite him, and he was soon too afraid to even leave his own home.


On his end, Chu Rong had just alighted from his car. A smile finally graced Chu Rong’s face when he heard the report from his subordinate that the negative information on Song Yucheng on the internet had been resolved by the public relations company. He took out his phone and sent a message to Song Yucheng. “There won’t be anyone causing trouble for you anymore. I will work hard, Songsong.”

Songsong? Wasn’t he being too presumptuous here? Song Yucheng was at a bit of a loss, but the message from Chu Rong touched him deeply.

Chu Rong had actually said it back when they had still been filming “Swapping Lives”, and he had delivered on the promise. Song Yucheng did not doubt the sincerity of his words. It was just… the feelings Chu Rong had for him was a little troubling.

He opened up the curtains and watched as Chu Rong stood in a corner outside his door, looking like he was afraid to knock. He sighed softly.

Chu Rong had come practically every day to see him recently, but for some reason, he had not knocked on the door, ever. He always stood there for a while before leaving, like a little kitty who’d been bad, ears down and afraid to go home.

How was he so guilty? It was Chu Rong who had read his diary by accident, and forced a kiss on him. He had not said that he was angry about it, but Chu Rong looked all pitiful like he’d been bullied. Come to think of it, his recent actions were indeed a little bit like a bully’s.

Song Yucheng shook his head helplessly and went to open the door for Chu Rong. As soon as his eyes met Chu Rong’s surprised eyes, he grabbed him by the wrist and pulled the hesitant kitty into his house.

It was almost autumn, and there was a big difference in temperature between night and day. Chu Rong had stood outside for quite some time, and his hands were cold. Song Yucheng was afraid that he would catch a cold, so he quickly sat him on the sofa and wrapped a blanket around him. He then went to make a cup of tea, and also brought him some snacks he had baked in the afternoon.

Chu Rong behaved himself this time. He ate whatever Song Yucheng gave him. He sat quietly for a bit after he was done eating, then volunteered to leave without prompting. He did not really say anything up to the point he left. He couldn’t help himself, and he hugged Song Yucheng and gave him a kiss on the forehead right before going out. Chu Rong then turned around and ran away.

He sent Song Yucheng a text message only when he was far off in the distance. “I’ve missed you, Songsong.”

So had he not spoken to him when they were face-to-face because he’d been afraid of rejection? Song Yucheng read this message and his heart melted into a puddle. This sweet child, Chu Rong, was such a silly boy. But… he couldn’t help curving his lips upwards in a warm smile.

What Song Yucheng did not know, was that the earlier interaction between himself and Chu Rong had been very coincidentally witnessed by a young man somewhere close by, and this young man was the young Godfather whom Xu Muzhi served.