The First Breakup – Part Twenty-five, 2 of 2

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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Ludwig had come visiting all of a sudden and he left just as swiftly. As for Song Yucheng, he started to prepare for what he wanted to do next after sending him off. He wanted to put the company the old Song Yucheng’s parents had left him in order.

He had actually already thought about doing this when he had just transmigrated to this world. He wanted to teach Xu Muzhi a good lesson.

Besides, what could be more upsetting than to be trumped by the plaything he’d groomed himself?

Song Yucheng powered up the computer with that thought in mind, and wrote a note in his plans. The corner of his mouth curled in a meaningful smile.

If the old Song Yucheng had remembered right, Xu Muzhi would have started moving his business focus from the entertainment industry to the tourism industry by now. Since that was the case, why not compete with him and see who’d emerge victorious?

He was going to cuckold him in his relationships, and make it such that he would get outplayed in business too.

Song Yucheng then thought about the offer from Ludwig and abruptly felt that working together wouldn’t be a bad thing. Ludwig’s background would help save him from various problems.

And Song Yucheng had always been decisive in doing things.

He was going to tidy things up, so he was going to get it done quickly, of course. The old fogies his scummy relatives had placed in the company were cut off, requests for new talents to submit their applications for job positions were sent out.

Song Yucheng’s opinion on this part of the plan was that, whether the employee was old or new, he wanted innovation and intelligent design. The people who could keep up with his lines of thinking would be the true arms and legs of the company.

He communicated his ideas to his subordinates, and went back to the computer to type, making modifications to the article of incorporation which he needed later. Song Crafts had started out as an original handicrafts workshop. The business had also offered traditional culture-styled home renovation services when Song Qingzhi was alive. This service, however, had been discontinued due to a lack of people capable of doing it in Song Crafts.

What Song Yucheng wanted to do was to restart the home renovation part of the business, and expand it quickly.

The countryside pension lodging from “Swapping Lives” had given him fresh ideas, and Song Yucheng wanted to do renovations for guesthouses and homestays. The tourism industry was now developing at a rapid pace, and the profits to be had from running these establishments were growing too. Most of the guesthouses were run privately though, and there was no official governing council. The furnishing and reception of these were also a mixed bag.

If he could successfully bring all of these together and make a standard brand of guesthouses… Song Yucheng felt that this was a very feasible strategy.

He had only just sent out his proposal when he was contacted by someone. Chu Rong was expressing interest in working together.

In the restaurant, Song Yucheng looked at Chu Rong sitting opposite him in a cream suit, and couldn’t help smiling.

It was quite obvious that Chu Rong had gone through a lot recently, and his aura, especially, was no longer that of faked warmth but a degree of skilled wiliness.

However, Chu Rong’s foxy thoughts were all locked away when he met with Song Yucheng, and he was just blindly obedient.

Besides, as an excellent specimen of a young manly man, he would never bare his teeth at Songsong. At that thought, Chu Rong pulled Song Yucheng’s steak to himself and cut it up for him with a knife.

“What about talking business?” Song Yucheng was at a loss too. He reached out and tousled Chu Rong’s hair in exchange for the cut steak and one of Chu Rong’s warm smiles.

Song Yucheng’s bad temper abated. He could only set aside the business talk for now, and simply eat a meal with Chu Rong.

But over an hour later, when they were finally done with eating, Chu Rong still seemed like he had no intention of talking business with him. Instead, he shoved the contract at Song Yucheng straight away, indicating that the deal would be done when he signed it.

“So you’re not afraid that my plan would fail?” Song Yucheng had given up resisting. Ludwig’s case was fine, but why was Chu Rong also being so blindly trusting of him? Was he really not afraid that he would mess up?

“I’m not.” Chu Rong shook his head and pointed to the document folder in Song Yucheng’s hands. “You’re now the most cutting-edge designer in China’s circles, and home renovations combining handicraft elements and tradition are now one of the most popular models. Plus, more attention has gone to guesthouses like these since ‘Swapping Lives’ aired. As far I know, though, you are the only one who can pull of this style right now.

“Plus, if I work with you, I will be in charge of promotion. Even if the guesthouse project fails, the direction of the business platform can change in the future. It won’t be difficult to move on to property rental software. So, why would I be worried about losing money?”

What Chu Rong said was entirely logical; Song Yucheng was speechless. Chu Rong then hugged him as he smiled, and said carefully in his ear, “Songsong, I’ve had too much to drink. I’m dizzy.”

Song Yucheng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “Get off. You got drunk just from two sips of red wine? Do you think I’m that naive?”

“Then I’ll drink more.” Chu Rong was not embarrassed at all when his lie was exposed. Instead, he picked up Song Yucheng’s glass and drained it. “It’s been about two weeks. I haven’t seen you for that long. Don’t you miss me, Songsong?”

There was no need to hold on to pride in front of a person he liked. Chu Rong recalled the how-to guide he had read recently and decided to take advantage of his “assets”. He was young, so he could act all coquettish.

And what Song Yucheng was weakest against was this exact behaviour. So, in the end, he gave in to his yearning eyes and agreed to take him home with him.

“I want to sleep with you.” Chu Rong put his arms around Song Yucheng from behind and buried his head on his shoulder.

“Sure, sure, let’s sleep together.” Song Yucheng did not move away. Chu Rong had indeed only had three mouthfuls of wine while they’d dined, but the glasses he had drunk after being teased added up to quite a substantial amount. He was probably genuinely drunk now.

Song Yucheng felt Chu Rong’s alcohol-breath against his neck and sighed helplessly. He had no other choice left than to take this flirty, clingy kitty home.

However, he bumped straight into Xu Muzhi in the doorway, right as he was going to take Chu Rong out the hotel doors.

It was obvious that Xu Muzhi had had a very bad time. He’d lost a lot of weight and his skin was terrible. The recent incident involving Song Hui had very apparently brought him quite a lot of trouble. Song Yucheng wondered if Xu Muzhi’s shattered family jewels still held value.

Song Yucheng could not help the mirth in his eyes, and he felt like today was quite a good day. He was getting bored, and hey presto — Xu Muzhi delivered himself to him to get mocked and face-slapped. However, this excitement abruptly vanished a few seconds later.

Behind Xu Muzhi was another person, and that person was the young man who had come looking for him a few days ago. Ludwig.

Uh… Well, this was awkward.




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