The First Breakup – Part Twenty-six, 1 of 3

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

First Published on Chaleuria

For some strange reason, Song Yucheng got this feeling like he was some jerk who had gone to play around but got caught red-handed at home. Red flag, red flag. The feeling passed quickly, and he regained his calm.

Ludwig was not a red flag. There was obviously no real relationship between them, so there was no need to feel guilty. Song Yucheng became his usual smooth self again when he thought that thought. However, the hand which held him tighter about the waist made his headache start again.

A new lover, an old lover and a financial backer — the chess table was all set up. Song Yucheng suddenly felt like he was probably more of a cur than Xu Muzhi.

The System, however, let out an excited babble of “Hehehehehe~ How exciting~” and even made a chaos-inducing suggestion to Song Yucheng.

“Milord, Milord, you can kiss Chu Rong! This will definitely be more thrilling. Also, you don’t have to be shy. We Systems who’ve gone through training at the Head Office all have great moral integrity. We will censor it if you get down and dirty, of course.

Wonderful. Censoring! What great moral integrity. Song Yucheng couldn’t suffer the System any longer and blocked it out again. He felt like he’d really got the short end of the stick when he’d bound with this stupid thing.

While his mental well-being was being all messed up by the System, however, Chu Rong had seen with Xu Muzhi. Chu Rong was indeed drunk, but he was just tipsy. He had just been taking the opportunity to act cute and get Song Yucheng to pamper him by putting his arms around Song Yucheng earlier.

All his drunkenness went away now that they’d run into Xu Muzhi.

It was the same on Xu Muzhi’s end. Anger flooded him the instant he saw Chu Rong and Song Yucheng.

Things had been going badly for him recently. He’d been in and out of the police station twice, his reputation had become a joke, and he was getting pressured on the career front too, after getting out.

Xu Muzhi wished for nothing more now than to kill Chu Rong and Song Yucheng, the two who had started all of this.

The unattainable love he’d lusted after for years? Bullsh*t!

Chu Rong was just an enemy to Xu Muzhi now. He felt that the old him who liked Chu Rong must have been under the spell of some black magic for him to have been so reckless.

Their confrontation, however, was just some lame drama to Ludwig in the back. Ludwig was more interested in Song Yucheng.

He’d been observing the changes in Song Yucheng’s face from the moment he’d spotted him. He had caught Song Yucheng’s momentary awkwardness, of course, and the stillness which had come over him later. He saw the familiar way in which Song Yucheng showed tenderness to Chu Rong, and his grey gaze grew deep.

He liked to coddle beautiful people, but was also a naturally heartless man; he really was just too cute. Ludwig couldn’t help the smile in the corners of his mouth.

Ludwig’s admiration did not escape the notice of one person — Chu Rong.

Running into Xu Muzhi was already enough to get Chu Rong’s guard up, and the appearance of Ludwig made him even more wary.

Chu Rong was young, but he was much more advanced than Xu Muzhi in terms of mentality and attention to detail. He had sensed something between Song Yucheng and Ludwig almost immediately, and had a feeling that the two of them knew each other.

Chu Rong was confused. Ludwig was Xu Muzhi’s Godfather, so what was Song Yucheng’s relationship with him?

He turned to look at Ludwig and Ludwig’s gaze coincidentally met his.

The atmosphere became tense immediately.

Chu Rong became all frosty, and he let out the inner wolf which he usually kept hidden; he was especially dangerous. However, Ludwig was calm, like nothing could faze him.

Those silent few seconds were like a soundless battle. Chu Rong’s expression grew darker.

He’d remembered a person. That person who had rescued Song Yucheng when he’d been drugged by Xu Muzhi. He had a good background and had all the conditions to create demand in an unknown market. Ludwig was also the Godfather of Xu Muzhi, and it was perfectly natural that he would be able to take Song Yucheng from Xu Muzhi’s club without leaving a trace.

Chu Rong also remembered the shirt on Song Yucheng that day. That shirt was exactly the same as the one Ludwig had on now. So, the one who had saved Song Yucheng back then was him. What he didn’t know was if Song Yucheng remembered Ludwig.

But Ludwig seemed to be deliberately smiling at Song Yucheng in an elegant way, and Chu Rong could see his eyes, full of interest, from his angle.

Chu Rong instinctively tightened the hold he had around Song Yucheng’s waist.

Song Yucheng turned and glanced at Chu Rong. Damn it, the kitty was going to go crazy! Song Yucheng saw the interest in Ludwig’s eyes too, and he suddenly had an urge to punch him.

Heh, that damned Puritan. He obviously had nothing but he was still provoking Chu Rong and making the poor kid all unhappy.

“No tricks.” Song Yucheng gave Ludwig a warning look, then tousled Chu Rong’s hair reassuringly and said gently, “Let’s go home.”

“Mm.” Chu Rong was compliant as always in front of Song Yucheng. He felt that something was not quite right between Ludwig and Song Yucheng and he wanted to ask about it, but he did not retort.

There was no helping it. Chu Rong knew his place, and that he was too young. Song Yucheng had not rejected him simply because he was humouring him like he would a child; it was not love. But it was not the same with Ludwig. This man, from what Chu Rong knew of Song Yucheng, was definitely the type that would pique Song Yucheng’s interests.

At that thought, Chu Rong decided that he would need to make his moves more quickly.

The restaurant that Chu Rong and Song Yucheng had come to was the most famous Italian restaurant in Beijing, and there were many people coming and going. This was why Xu Muzhi didn’t dare to do too much, even though he was angry. Chu Rong decided too, that he did not want to start anything and simply left with Song Yucheng.

So had he managed to escape the situation? Song Yucheng had a strange feeling of after-disaster relief when he sat in the car. He quickly saw from Chu Rong’s reaction that “escape” was nonexistent.

There was no turning back the clock on this development now. There had been no fuss kicked up in the doorway of the restaurant only probably because out of consideration for him.

Song Yucheng looked at Chu Rong, who was hugging him and rubbing his head against his ear, and didn’t know what to say.

Song Yucheng: System, come out. You said before that the two of them have the same soul parameters, right? Why did it look like they didn’t know each other when they met?

System: Same soul parameters, yes. I compared the numbers several times, and it all points to Chu Rong and Ludwig being the same person. Eh, you can just play around and walk away anyway, my Lord. No need to worry so much about it. It’s not important.

Song Yucheng: …

Well, it’s not important to the System but the one dealing with all of this was him!

Song Yucheng cut his mental conversation with the System short and moved his attention to Chu Rong. He saw that he was not moving, and pinched his neck gently, saying in a gentle voice, “Sleep for a bit if you’re drunk.”

Chu Rong’s face was all pouty. He had been all ready to fight Xu Muzhi earlier and looked like he wouldn’t give an inch, but he was deliberately acting cute now.

A youth of around 17 or 18 was at his peak in terms of looks, and Chu Rong made full use of his looks ever since he discovered that Song Yucheng liked beautiful young men. He leveraged his youth to act all cute and coy with him, and make himself so adorable that he’d want to hug him.

Chu Rong saw that Song Yucheng was being nice to him, so he was going to take full advantage of that, of course.

His beautiful face had a bit of a drunken look as he looked at Song Yucheng with lowered eyelids. He was mildly annoyed and complained to Song Yucheng, “You’re attracting men left and right. You said that you’d wait for me.”

He was talking about the thing with Ludwig. Song Yucheng could not do anything about it too, and he explained, “Back then, at the club, it was him who helped me. I can’t just burn the bridge after I’ve crossed it, Chu Rong. You have to be reasonable here.”

“No!” Chu Rong hugged Song Yucheng. Every fibre of his being was screaming that he was jealous and that he was going to keep making a fuss till he was satisfied. He mumbled, “I will be even more good looking than him in the future, and more amazing too. I’ll love you more too so you have to wait for me, Songsong. You can’t like him.”

“Besides, Ludwig even took that moron Xu Muzhi in as his Godson, and put him in a position of power in the Xu family. Even a dumbass can tell how blind he is. Stay away from him, okay? Don’t catch his stupid.”

Chu Rong was all flirty while throwing dirt on Ludwig. Song Yucheng was charmed by his very obvious behaviour and felt that he was really just too adorable. He also couldn’t help thinking that if Ludwig and Chu Rong were really the same person, and if this was like in web novels where there were cutscenes… would Ludwig know that his other self was talking bad about him behind his back?

Song Yucheng looked lost in thought when he thought that, and Chu Rong took that chance to cause a little disturbance. He stole a kiss, and got on Song Yucheng’s bed while hugging a pillow.



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