The First Breakup – Part Twenty-six, 2 of 3

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

Translator: translationraven

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Later that night, after Chu Rong had gone to sleep, Song Yucheng quietly left the room. He unlocked his phone — there was a message from Ludwig.

“Call me when Chu Rong is asleep.”

It looked a lot like an invitation to cheat. Song Yucheng groaned to himself but still made the call. He had to settle things with Ludwig.

“Chu Rong is asleep?” Ludwig sounded calm as always, but his eyes held a trace of laughter. To Song Yucheng, however, it looked like he was finding delight in his misfortune. Song Yucheng knew that he was doing this on purpose, and he threw out a verbal attack of his own.

“Yeah, he is, and on my bed too. He also told me about you. You’re Xu Muzhi’s young Godfather. Your eyes are so beautiful but you are so blind.”

Ludwig was silent for a bit, then spoke in earnest, “I don’t know how to discipline my Godson. Xu Muzhi will be in your care from now on.”


What the hell? Come on, be reasonable! He didn’t want a braindead guy like Xu Muzhi for a Godson. Besides, he’d cuckolded this Godson earlier. No, now it looked like he was going to cuckold him twice. Xu Muzhi had led his unattainable love to him, and now his Godfather was being delivered to his door.

Ludwig could see that he was conflicted, and he changed the subject. “Have you thought about what I proposed the other day?”

“I can consider us working together, but another person has to be added.”

“Chu Rong?” Song Yucheng gave Ludwig a look, like he was stating the obvious, as soon as he said Chu Rong’s name.

This was going to get a little troublesome. Song Yucheng’s proposal disrupted Ludwig’s prior plans.

“You take very good care of him.” Ludwig’s calm was not disturbed but things to consider popped up in his head.

“Of course. I like young children like Chu Rong.” Song Yucheng laughed lightly, and his laugh was fairly alluring. Even over the phone, Ludwig felt like he was being seduced.

“Jealous? Then hurry up and keep your distance from me. I can be a scumbag.” Song Yucheng leaned against the balcony, and his tone of voice took on a laziness as he said into the phone, “Hold the phone a little further away.”

“What for?” Ludwig did as asked.

Song Yucheng looked closely at Ludwig for a bit, and was stunned.

Maybe it was because it was night time, but Ludwig looked more gentle than he did during the day. That coldness he had about him seemed to have melted away and his smiling face was especially warm.

Other than his smoky grey eyes, all his other features held hints of what Chu Rong would look like as a mature adult. But as an enforcement officer, Song Yucheng knew well that this world’s settings trended towards the normal world. This situation with two people and one soul was just too peculiar.

“So you’re really sure that these two people are one?” Song Yucheng asked the System.

“Definitely one.” The System sounded like it was in despair too. It even pulled out the detailed mission page and showed it to Song Yucheng. “Look, my Lord. If Ludwig and Chu Rong were two different people then your Cheat Number here should be two right now. But see, this shows just one!”

“Or maybe one of them doesn’t like me? Like, if Chu Rong is just mistaken.”

“Definitely not!” The System felt like its professionalism was being questioned and it flared up immediately. It sent Song Yucheng a flurry of angry, huffy-face emoticons to express its annoyance.

Faced with this irrational behaviour, Song Yucheng blocked the System out once more to let it cool down for a bit. As he did that, he said to Ludwig, who was on the other end of the video call, “Let’s talk tomorrow. It’s quite late now, and oh — don’t bully my kitty the next time we meet.”

The words “my kitty” was a jibe at his earlier reaction, of course. Ludwig didn’t mind, but he minded Song Yucheng’s indulgence in Chu Rong very much.

Things were more serious than he’d thought.

Song Yucheng was someone who liked beautiful children, and he not only liked to take care of them but was willing to invest in pampering them too. Ignore all else and just look at the other four who had participated in “Swapping Lives”, for example. It had only taken Song Yucheng a few days to have them all dancing to his tune. Ludwig could also bet that Song Yucheng would still be able to win over four additions to the group, so he was not worried about him being attracted to any one of them.

After all, if they were just average children, they would definitely not be able to stand up to Song Yucheng and would only be manipulated by him. However, that Chu Rong was a big problem. Ludwig felt that Chu Rong was a little too clever. Song Yucheng treated him like a younger brother too, and he was able to make Song Yucheng stretch his limits for him. When this boy grew older…

Ludwig found it all very interesting, but he was not going to back down. Even if he wasn’t a Puritan, he was very willing to be one for Song Yucheng.

At that thought, Ludwig unexpectedly said something in German and hung up.

Saying good night in a foreign language? Song Yucheng was stared blankly for a bit but he did not think more of it. He went to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water and got ready to return to the room to sleep.

What he did not notice was Chu Rong, who had got up at an unknown time. He was standing in the bedroom doorway, and he narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Ludwig had said “good night, my darling” in German. Chu Rong had worked with a German actor in one of his past movies, so he knew this line well. He also knew that this line was most frequently used on a partner.

This person was a threat. Chu Rong was sensitive to this man’s intentions towards Song Yucheng, and he frowned as his eyes glittered dangerously; there was no trace of drunkenness anymore. This change, however, passed in just an instant. Chu Rong returned to bed long before Song Yucheng came back to the room.

Chu Rong would not give up, and in his subconscious too, was a voice which kept telling him that Song Yucheng could only be his.


Whether it was Chu Rong or Ludwig, it was inevitable that Song Yucheng would end up with one of them. However, the two of them were smart people, and an obvious jealous fight was a tasteless move to them. This was why Song Yucheng was still having a rather peaceful time.

Everything had been going quite smoothly for him, other than his daily worry that things would go horribly wrong the next day. Even the preparations for the new designs he had were almost complete. Song Yucheng had been lacking in funds at first but Ludwig’s joining in of this venture meant that money was the easiest problem to solve.

The evil capitalist, Song Yucheng, listened to his subordinate’s report and sighed to himself. He instructed his subordinate to “do as planned”.

He had left the opening out for long enough — it was time to pull in the net. Xu Muzhi should also be getting his greatest punishment yet.



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