The First Breakup – Part Twenty-three, 2 of 3

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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He had planned it well. The internet celebrity was supposed to drug Song Yucheng and have him taken to Xu Muzhi’s room. What he had not expected at all after all that waiting was to be informed by his subordinate that Song Yucheng was missing.

How could a living, breathing person just vanish into thin air? However, all of the club’s surveillance footage had been erased by somebody, and he could not find any leads.

And so, Xu Muzhi could do nothing else but to get the internet celebrity to come to him and have him questioned. He had discovered to his surprise that the internet celebrity had also been drugged, and he had clung on to him like a madman. That was when Chu Rong had stumbled into the room and seen them.

How could there be such a coincidence? This could be a calculated plan of Song Yucheng’s, to completely turn Chu Rong against him. Xu Muzhi very easily put all of the blame on Song Yucheng.

Another doubtful thing drew his attention too. A long-term reservation of a suite in a hotel such as this could only be made by a person of special status. It was still fine if this was someone in the Beijing circles, but if it was an outsider…

Plus, this person seemed to know the finer details of the matter. That person had even notified Chu Rong to come fetch Song Yucheng. If this was not a coincidence, then he could only say that he had underestimated Song Yucheng’s capabilities.

Xu Muzhi grew more convinced that Chu Rong was being deceived by Song Yucheng the more he thought about it, and he wanted to pull off Song Yucheng’s mask of lies.

Unfortunately, Chu Rong already hated him.

Chu Rong put Song Yucheng gently in his car. He was afraid that he would be cold, so he covered him with his jacket.

“Sleep for a bit, Songsong. I have something I’d like to say to him.”


“I’ll help you get back at him.” Chu Rong was earnest. He very thoughtfully wound down the window a little to make it easy for Song Yucheng to watch the scene unfold. He actually had an underlying motive — he wanted Song Yucheng to be thoroughly disappointed in Xu Muzhi.

“Xu Muzhi, this is not the place to talk now, but I will not stay idle when you’ve schemed to harm Songsong.” Chu Rong went straight to the point. Xu Muzhi had wanted to expose Song Yucheng, but he blew his top right away.

Ha! Did Chu Rong take him for a fool? Song Yucheng was, first and foremost, a person he had groomed. Chu Rong had snatched him up and even given him a warning — he was afraid that he did not have a place in Song Yucheng’s heart!

“Chu Rong, don’t do whatever you want just because I like you.”

“Because you like me?” Chu Rong scoffed. “You must be misunderstanding something about yourself, Xu Muzhi. I am the sole heir of the Chu family. You are just a bastard of the Xu family. You think you can have the stable position you have now if you don’t lick the shoes of that Godfather of yours? We have given you some thin veneers of respect on account of that Godfather. You should not have illusions of power.”

Chu Rong had been raised as the prince of a powerful family, so how could he not have a temper? The gentle Adonis of the entertainment world was just a fake persona he had assumed because he had been too lazy to take up the mantle of heir. In actual fact, he was much more aggressive than Xu Muzhi.

Xu Muzhi was speechless in response to Chu Rong exposing his secrets. He had indeed been born out of wedlock, and had taken a man younger than himself to be his Godfather, but no one had dared to casually bring up such humiliating things in front of him since he had become a person of power in the Xu family.

Chu Rong’s words made Xu Muzhi lose control. He grabbed Chu Rong by the collar and yanked him viciously to him, eyes blazing and looking like he wanted to tear him apart.

“You can look down on me, but don’t forget — Song Yucheng is a plaything that I’ve groomed.”

Chu Rong curved the corner of his mouth up mockingly. “You’d better watch your words. Songsong did not depend on your money to survive to this day. As for the word ‘plaything’ — it describes you more appropriately! You’re just a pet dog that Ludwig has in China.”

“You wanna die, you f*cker?!” The last bit of calm he had was ripped away. Xu Muzhi lost all sense of reason, and Song Yucheng, seated not far off in the car, was an intermittent reminder of his humiliation from being cuckolded.

He turned completely brutal. Xu Muzhi’s subordinates, too, stopped holding back. They raised their arms to strike blows, and the force which they used meant that Chu Rong would truly suffer if any of the blows landed on him.

But Chu Rong was not the least bit afraid; a trace of laughter appeared in his eyes.

“Intent to beat up a minor. You’re too bold, Xu Muzhi.”

Sh*t! Xu Muzhi’s heart sank. He immediately realised that he had fallen into Chu Rong’s trap. A sharp, abrupt pain in his lower body made him scream in reflex as he fell to his knees, bent over.

Who would have thought that Chu Rong would suddenly raise a leg while he was hesitating, and give his lower body a vicious kick?

Chu Rong was actually trained in some self-defence. He was still a minor, but his strength was definitely greater than the average grown man. Xu Muzhi felt like his balls had been smashed to smithereens.

“Take this as a warning. If you dare touch Songsong with vile intent again, I will teach you a lesson and let you experience what it is like to be a true eunuch! As for the rest, I’m sure the police will be very happy to chat with you when they get there. Soon.”

Chu Rong waved his phone in Xu Muzhi’s face when he was done talking. He’d called the police hotline. Chu Rong turned away and went back to his car, ignoring the sorry figure of Xu Muzhi, who was on the ground clutching at his lower body.

“Let’s go home.” Chu Rong’s iciness dissipated rapidly in front of Song Yucheng. He was a loveable kitty again. His beautiful eyes were full of pride, like he thought he had been awesome.

He had been awesome, hadn’t he? With the strength Chu Rong had put into that kick, Xu Muzhi would be rendered impotent for several days even if he had not been turned into a eunuch. Chu Rong had been quite a bad boy too, getting the upper hand and calling the police. This world was very strict in the protection of minors, so even though Xu Muzhi’s hand had not touched Chu Rong, that movement of intent of his, captured in a place full of surveillance cameras, was enough to count as a violation of the law.

Xu Muzhi had been cuckolded and almost turned into a eunuch, then taken away by the police in the end. Song Yucheng felt that the rumours floating around the next day would be very interesting no matter how he looked at it.

He could not help laughing. He turned his head to look out the car window, and, in the instant his gaze met that of Xu Muzhi’s hate-filled eyes, he mouthed, “Like it?”

Song Yucheng then shut his eyes and relaxed; he was enjoying the care Chu Rong was showering him with.

He had very firmly and definitely cuckolded Xu Muzhi now. He only had to enjoy the humiliation Xu Muzhi would suffer as a result next, and that was it.

Outside the car, Xu Muzhi had well and truly had his reputation destroyed. There was no impenetrable wall in his circles — Chu Rong’s falling out with him today would be the greatest joke amongst them the next day.

The substitute he’d groomed himself, taken away by the one he’d lusted after. And Xu Muzhi himself almost becoming a eunuch from Chu Rong’s kick… Hahaha!

“Damn it!” Xu Muzhi lay on the ground in agony. The immense pain made him unable to get to his feet, and the extreme shame and humiliation he suffered turned his eyes red. If looks could kill, he would have Song Yucheng and Chu Rong dismembered live!

The police who came later, though, cared not for all of that. They did not even consider sending him to the hospital when they saw him on the ground. Instead, they hauled him off the ground rather roughly, handcuffed him, and tossed him in the police car.

He would even lay hands on a minor! What scum! The police knew that he had been up to no good when they saw which part of him had been injured. Best if he really became “disabled” — Beijing would have one less source of disaster.


A night of chaos ended, just like that. It was nearly afternoon when Song Yucheng awoke the next day. He had had a good sleep and he felt no great residual effect from the drug other than a bit of weakness in his limbs. However, he was at a loss soon after he woke up.

He had totally messed up his character last night. The way he had solicited that young man last night, and the way he had indulged Chu Rong were all not in keeping with how he usually acted. It must be the effect of the drug. It was just so…

Never mind. Small flaws did not matter when he’d gotten a good result. He had successfully cuckolded Xu Muzhi.

As for what was left, well, he’d cross that bridge when he came to it. He had the guarantee of the System after all, so he had no worries about the old Song Yucheng’s aftercare.

Song Yucheng’s mood lightened considerably at that thought. He was even more amused when he was done listening to Li Zhao share gossip on Xu Muzhi being “King Cuckold”. The wrongness he occasionally felt in his body became unimportant.

In contrast to Song Yucheng’s relaxed state, Xu Muzhi was in indescribable misery; he was going to go mad.

Xu Muzhi had been released on bail by one of his subordinates early that morning. What he had not expected, was that somebody had actually recorded the scene in front of the hotel.


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