The First Breakup – Part Twenty-three, 3 of 3

World Hopping: Avenge Our Love

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Dirt on him was all over the internet gossip forums in the short span of a night.

# President of Xu Entertainment taken away by the police for assaulting a minor #

# An unexpected display of moral bankruptcy at a luxury hotel #

# The hidden true face of the dignified President of Xu Entertainment #

Various gossip headlines broke the news. What most caught Xu Muzhi unprepared, however, was that his all lovers had been implicated too.

The internet celebrity was exposed amongst his lovers as his boyfriend. There was very real evidence of this too — a recording of the two of them, entwined in the club last night.

“Woah, woah! I’M SHOOK! Those rich people sure know how to have fun.”

“Heh. Fun? My eyes burn from looking at their filthy display. That young man who ended his family line with a kick did a good job! Scum like this guy deserves it.”

“Don’t you guys think he’s a paedophile? Do you see it too? Every one of his lovers was taken under his wing in their early teens, and they all ended up in his bed. He’s sick in the head, right? I am not going to believe that he helped them out of the kindness of his heart!”

“No way! How was scum like Xu Muzhi released? He should be castrated immediately so that he won’t harm more people.”

Insults came flooding in from all over the internet, and Xu Muzhi’s public relations efforts were like tossing a cup of water on an inferno. What he found most unbearable, however, was the ridicule from within his circles. Even the young Godfather whom he feared so much sent him a message: You’re on your own.

“F*ck! Did you guys find who did it, or not? One night. Just one night and all of this information got made known to everyone. Are you people all deadwood?”

In his office, Xu Muzhi slapped his subordinate across his face. He paced about in agitation. His big movement, however, affected the injury to his lower body, and his face paled in pain immediately.

“President Xu, it’s probably Young Master Chu who did this. But you know too that we…”

“Get out!” Xu Muzhi did not want to hear excuses, and he sent everyone away with a shout. He sat rather strenuously on a chair.

Of course he knew that this was something that Chu Rong could have done, and he also knew that there was nothing he could do to overturn this disadvantage. Chu Rong was right. He was the only heir of the Chu family and had no restrictions on what he did. He was the cream of the crop, and Xu Muzhi the dregs. The Chu family’s public relations capabilities were the best in their circles too — there was no way he could compare.

Even so, he was not going to let this go. He couldn’t touch Chu Rong, but who’s to say that he couldn’t destroy Song Yucheng?

Song Yucheng, in particular, was just an orphan. He dared to plot against him, so he was going to let him experience hopeless despair.

Xu Muzhi forced himself to calm down at last, and recalled the online shop which Song Yucheng relied on for his livelihood. He knew that Song Yucheng had been able to support his own lifestyle the past five-something years due to the online shop. He was going to first cut off Song Yucheng’s source of income, and make him homeless.

Xu Muzhi thought of Song Yucheng’s gang of greedy relatives, and had an idea.


Perhaps it was the calm before the storm, but the next few days of Song Yucheng’s life were unusually uneventful. However, something interesting came to Song Yucheng’s door just as he was feeling a little bored.

It was related to the online shop that the old Song Yucheng had. Song Yucheng had had no work to do the past few days so he had drawn up two customised traditional clothing concepts and posted them up in the online shop.

He did not expect, however, that his shop would be closed down after he’d woken up. A lawyer’s letter had also been sent to his mailbox over the internet, suing him for plagiarism.

What was going on? Song Yucheng frowned in mild puzzlement. He logged in to the QQ chat app and immediately received a message from someone he knew in the crafting circles.

“You’re in trouble, you know. The Song family wants to sue you for plagiarism.”

“What?” Song Yucheng paused. What the person explained next, however, made Song Yucheng see what true shamelessness was.

The Song family members who wanted to sue Song Yucheng for plagiarism were none other than those greedy relatives of his. As for who’d given them the spine to take this action — it was, without a doubt, Xu Muzhi.

The so-called comparison images provided were a big joke too. They’d been smart, though. Instead of taking out the shamefully bad new products they had come up with in recent years, they had used the original drafts Song Yucheng’s mother had drawn before her death.

It was a design plan for a piece of traditional clothing, to be done with the indigo-dyeing method. The concept drawing Song Yucheng had posted the day before was, coincidentally, also using the indigo-dyeing method for the cloth.

Song Yucheng had got these skills from the old Song Yucheng, and the old Song Yucheng had learnt his skill from his mother. Their skills came from the same vein of learning, so the clothing made with these techniques were sure to have similarities.

“You’re being so wronged! It’s only a tiny bit similar. The most they can claim is that it’s the same technique — it’s definitely not plagiarism. But the Song family is deliberately targeting you this time. There are posts about you on all the online forums in our circles and the posts are all painting you negatively. What are you going to do?”

The friend giving Song Yucheng the details was also very anxious. It wasn’t just him — the shop owners who’d worked with Song Yucheng before were also worried for him.

This was simply an unsolicited attack. Song Yucheng was well-known for being low-key and having great crafting skills in their circles, and he had not offended anyone either. It did not make sense for the Song family to go after him like this.

Most importantly, this dirt they had thrown on Song Yucheng was just too scary. His online shop had been shut down too, so they were definitely trying to kill him off with their claim of plagiarism.

And to the crafting community, plagiarism was a sin deserving of death. The Song family was not leaving Song Yucheng any way out.

“Just how great is their grudge against you to do something so despicable!” Several people in the crafting circles who knew Song Yucheng were outraged. Unfortunately, these people were young and their words held no sway, so they could not do anything in the onslaught of negativity from paid posters.

However, this situation did not make Song Yucheng anxious; he was glad to see and hear it. He had not made a move right away when the internet celebrity had spread malicious rumours about him because he was waiting for these Song family members to join in — it was going to be easier to get them all in one go.

Unfortunately, Chu Rong had moved too quickly and he had not found a chance to do so. This time, however, it was just right… Because he was now an adult.

Back then, these Song family members had seized his parents’ assets under the guise of supervision. Afterwards, they had tortured the old Song Yucheng in various ways, and kicked him out of the house in winter. Song Yucheng thought of all that the old Song Yucheng had suffered at the hands of the Song family, and felt that it was now time for him to take back what they had stolen, with interest.

Besides, compared to love affairs such as cuckolding and the like, Song Yucheng was more adept at a head-on face-slapping!

With that thought in mind, Song Yucheng logged in to the old Song Yucheng’s forum account, and posted the same line on all the online forums where the Song family had posted their claims of plagiarism.

# Ink-dyeing Handicrafts Shop Owner: I’m back. Livestream will start at 9pm, sharp. #

All the netizens in the crafting circles who had been keeping an eye on his online shop situation smiled at this move of his.

Was this ‘Ink-dyeing Handicrafts Shop Owner’ guy retarded? He’d committed the sin of plagiarism, and his shop had been closed down. He actually still had the guts to step forward and do a livestream?

Was he drawing flak on purpose?



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