CGPA – Chapter 102

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Chapter One Hundred and Two


Su Yuyang and Ling Miao rushed to W&S at lightspeed. As they walked through the door they saw Feng Ji with his hand resting on his chin, dazedly staring ahead. Ling Miao wanted to say something to draw his attention, but Su Yuyang pulled him back.

“Xiao Miao, look.” Su Yuyang pointed.

Ling Miao looked in the direction Su Yuyang was pointing and his gaze landed on a youth’s profile. The youth’s eyes were clear and bright like a clear lake, and his faint smile was like a fresh breeze that rid one’s heart of all frustrations

“You like him? Ling Miao teased.

Su Yuyang said aggrievedly, “Since I’ve had you, everybody else is just like floating clouds. I haven’t got my eye on him, but someone…” Su Yuyang deliberately dragged out his words as he turned his gaze towards someone who didn’t notice Su Yuyang’s teasing glance and continued to look at the busy man in front of him, occasionally letting out a quiet laugh.

“Would the two of you like a table?” A low, musical male voice came. Ling Miao stared at the man whom Feng Ji was staring at, but before he could speak, a loud voice cut him off.

“An Yan, go do your work. Leave them to me.”

The man called An Yan blankly turned his head, clearly curious as to why Feng Ji was so worried.

Feng Ji strode over to separate An Yan and Ling Miao. An Yan rubbed his head uncertainly and walked in the direction of the kitchen.

Feng Ji had a dark expression as he watched the two people in the doorway who were holding back smiles. He said coolly, “You don’t visit my humble abode unless you have business. What do you need?”

At the mention of business, Su Yuyang’s expression grew grave. He glanced around and made sure no one was watching him before saying, “You have Yan Li’s manager’s phone number, right? Help me get in touch with her.”

Hearing Su Yuyang’s anxiety, Feng Ji took out his phone and asked, “What do you need Lin-jie for?”

Su Yuyang sighed and said frustratedly, “Fuck it, it’s Tang Xuan making trouble. Ah, I’ll tell you later. Help me get in touch with Lin-jie first.”

“What does Tang Xuan have to do with Lin-jie?” Feng Ji asked in confusion.

Su Yuyang explained, “I want to get in touch with Yan Li but both Yan Li and Ji Linxi’s cells go to voicemail. Xiao Miao reminded me that Yan Li’s manager is in touch with you, so I looked for you instead.”

The call got through to Yang Lin. Feng Ji exchanged pleasantries with her then handed the phone to Su Yuyang.

“Lin-jie, I’m Yan Li’s friend. There’s something urgent I need to talk to her about, but I couldn’t get in touch with her so I was hoping you could pass on the message to her…” Su Yuyang gave a summary of why he had asked Feng Ji to call Yang Lin. Yang Lin didn’t seem to be interested in listening further. She said impatiently, “Yan Li’s currently in isolation training and she can’t be disturbed.” When she finished, she hung up without waiting for Su Yuyang to respond.

“I…” Su Yuyang grit his teeth and held back the impulse to hit redial. He passed the phone back to Feng Ji and said worriedly, “I think I’m going to make tabloid headlines.”

“Su Yuyang, I heard you mention Tang Xuan just now. Did he post the thread?” Ling Miao watched Su Yuyang with a grave expression.

Su Yuyang rubbed his face and said with extreme exhaustion, “Yes, he posted it. He probably noticed that I got famous and also am earning a lot of money, so he wanted to get back together with me. After I rejected him, he posted the thread accusing me of plagiarism. The plagiarism issue is easy to explain, but he told me that he’s going to expose me for leading Yan Li on.”

“As for me and Yan Li— Feng Ji knows that it was Yan Li pursuing me at the time. After she learned I was gay, she gave up quite easily.”

Feng Ji shook his head and said sorrowfully, “Going by Tang Xuan’s character, he’ll say it was you who chased Yan Li.”

“Think about it. I’m gay, but I went to chase a woman. How many people are going to look down on me for it? Also, the other party is Yan Li. Her diehard fans are going to mob me, and if that happens I won’t be able to talk over them even if I go at 8000wph.” Su Yuyang seemed to have already seen the future. If Yan Li didn’t stand up and explain…

“Yan Li’s in isolation training. I can’t contact her and I can’t contact Ji Linxi, so now I can only wait for Tang Xuan to make his next move.” Su Yuyang rubbed his temples and smiled helplessly. “I just hope that when Yan Li’s company sees the thread, they’ll let Yan Li out to explain. Or else I’ll be greeted with rotten eggs the moment I walk out my door.”

“At the time I’ll pretend not to know you,” Feng Ji said disdainfully.

“That’s my matters for now. What about yours?” Su Yuyang suddenly changed the topic and looked at Feng Ji meaningfully.

Feng Ji understood what Su Yuyang was asking. He really wanted to pretend not to understand, but that’d be low of him so he hummed: “You’re allowed to get together with your employee, but I can’t date my worker?”

“The point is that he doesn’t have his eye on you!” Ling Miao splashed cold water from one side. “Besides, he might have a girlfriend.”

Feng Ji felt one hundred thousand ‘fuck you’ horses thundering through his heart. This arrow from Ling Miao had stuck right in… Feng Ji clutched his chest. Like a terminally ill patient, he said with difficulty, “My predecessor in love troubles, your heart is so hard that you’re willing to see me…”

“Boss, are you all right?” An Yan’s panicked shout came.

Feng Ji looked at An Yan awkwardly. He stood up straight and forced a smile: “I’m fine.”

An Yan looked Feng Ji over and said fearfully, “Your voice was so weak, it scared me.”

Ling Miao and Su Yuyang exchanged a look: Something is up with An Yan!

Su Yuyang patted Feng Ji’s shoulder and said into Feng Ji’s ear: “This guy’s quite worried about you. Maybe he really is interested in you. Take a chance.”

Feng Ji let out a ‘tcheh’: “I don’t know whether he’s interested in me, but for me, it was love at first sight.”

“Tsk tsk, I couldn’t tell.”

To one side, Su Yuyang and Feng Ji were shooting the breeze. On the other side, Ling Miao walked in front of An Yan and blocked his way.

An Yan asked confusedly, “Do you need something?”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Ling Miao asked, greatly daring.

Hearing Ling Miao’s question, Feng Ji and Su Yuyang instantly paused their conversation and pricked up their ears to hear An Yan’s answer.

“Mm?” Ling Miao’s question made An Yan’s expression change slightly.

An Yan’s narrow eyebrows knit together slightly, wariness gleaming in his bright eyes. He seemed to have noticed Ling Miao’s ill intentions and backed away several steps in order to consider Ling Miao. Ling Miao smiled faintly and let An Yan look him over.

“What does it have to do with you whether I have a girlfriend?” An Yan said, his expression cold.

Ling Miao didn’t answer. He then asked, “Then do you have a boyfriend?”

Cracks formed in An Yan’s wary facade and panic seeped through. Ling Miao watched every change in An Yan’s expression, and when he saw the confused look in his eyes, he laughed lightly. An Yan sensed the slight mockery in Ling Miao’s laugh and a line of fire rose in his heart. He said, “Hm, why do you care whether I have a boyfriend? Really. Is your mouth only concerned with other people’s business?”

As An Yan finished speaking, he picked up the serving dish and swiftly departed to the kitchen.

Ling Miao suddenly laughed out loud, causing people around him to look at him. Feng Ji and Su Yuyang also looked at him curiously, but he just kept laughing.

Ah ah ah, Feng Ji. To punish you for hiding Su Yuyang’s crush on me from me, I won’t tell you that guy turned red! Ling Miao laughed maniacally to himself.

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