CGPA – Chapter 103

The Complete Guide to the Use and Care of a Personal Assistant

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Chapter One Hundred and Three

Ling Miao’s laughter didn’t last long. A phone call from Tofu made his heart, which had relaxed after much difficulty, clench again.

Su Yuyang saw Ling Miao frowning and the faint smile on his face also disappeared.

Su Yuyang observed the change in Ling Miao’s expression and his eyes narrowed to slits, his entire body giving off a cold wave that shunted everyone else a thousand miles away.

Feng Ji felt the change in Su Yuyang’s aura. He scooted to the side and asked quietly, “What happened?”

Su Yuyang shook his head. “I’m not sure either, but looking at Ling Miao, it’s nothing good.”

Ling Miao put away his phone and his expression was dark as he looked at Su Yuyang. Su Yuyang probed, “Did Tang Xuan do something again?”

“Tofu just called to tell me that Massacre’s comments section is flooded. They all come from different accounts, but the content is about the same.” Ling Miao moved close to Su Yuyang’s ear and lowered his voice: “Every comment mentions the plagiarism story. I think Tang Xuan posted them. Tofu also said that he checked the whole comments section and found that soon after the forum thread was posted, there were already people going to the comments and asking about the plagiarism issue. Although the moderators deleted a few comments, there are still some that slipped through. But this is the first time it’s been flooded like this.”

“The comments are all posted by accounts where the names are just strings of numbers.”

“Tang Xuan…” Su Yuyang’s words had just left his mouth when his phone rang. From the display, Su Yuyang already knew what the other party was calling him for.

“Yu-ge,” Su Yuyang greeted lightly.

Mu Yu looked at Massacre’s comments section and said gravely, “Someone’s leaving comments saying you plagiarized. I asked the IT department to check, and the IP addresses are different for each account.

“I saw the forum thread too. The evidence is against you.

“Shu Yang, I believe you didn’t plagiarize, but so many days have passed. You should at least give everyone an explanation.”

Su Yuyang sighed and said apologetically, “Yu-ge, thank you for believing me. I originally intended to gather all the materials before posting a thread to clear the air, but since the other party has made a move, it’ll be admitting guilt by not saying anything now.”

“I believe my own judgment,” Mu Yu said with full trust.

After ending the call with Mu Yu, Su Yuyang turned his gaze toward Ling Miao. Seeing Ling Miao’s expression, which was even darker than before, he asked worriedly, “What happened now?”

“The forums for Heavenly Domain, Demonic Song Defying Heaven, Massacre of the Nine Heavens, and even the Shu Yang forum are all exploding,” Ling Miao stared at his phone screen and said. Every word seemed forced through his teeth. “Tofu’s currently deleting threads, but more keep popping up.”

“Tell Tofu to resume deleting tomorrow,” Su Yuyang said softly. “Let’s go home and I’ll make a thread to clear the air on this plagiarism matter.”

“Then the matter with Yan-jie?” Ling Miao asked uneasily.

Su Yuyang said helplessly, “Since we can’t contact her now, we can only wait for Tang Xuan to make a move. If we explain before he does anything, it’ll give people a bad impression.”

They said their goodbyes to Feng Ji and hurried home. In order to save time, they took the back way.

They were hurrying along when a familiar, cold, male voice came from behind them.

“Su Yuyang.”

On hearing one’s name, one will usually stop and turn around. But Su Yuyang didn’t want to have any contact with the owner of this voice, so he walked even faster, so fast that Ling Miao couldn’t keep up…

“Hey, Su Yuyang, are you bullying me for having short legs?” Ling Miao yelled, panting, at the person in front of him.

Ling Miao’s shout forced Su Yuyang to stop.

Su Yuyang turned and looked at Ling Miao, his gaze sweeping casually over the other man. The other party also looked at him—or should it be said, the other party had been watching him all along.

The man gave off an air of satisfaction, a mocking sneer on his lips. He stood straight in front of Su Yuyang and Ling Miao, whistling a tune in challenge.

Looking at the man in front of them, Su Yuyang reflexively stepped in front of Ling Miao. His action incited the man to give a mocking laugh: “Su Yuyang, am I that scary? Relax, I won’t do anything to your guy.”

Ling Miao wasn’t willing to hide behind Su Yuyang, either. Hearing the man’s merciless mocking, the fire that had already been burning in his heart now flared even higher.

Ling Miao pushed Su Yuyang’s arm away from his chest and stepped in front of the man. Taking advantage of the man’s surprise he punched the man in the stomach. The man stumbled several steps backward, pain twisting his face, but he was still laughing maniacally. The man stumbled to Su Yuyang’s side and said in a low voice into Su Yuyang’s ear, “Su Yuyang, fifteen million. I’ll give you three days.”

This man was Tang Xuan, of course.

Tang Xuan had blown a lungful of hot air into Su Yuyang’s ear and an unnameable disgust rose in Su Yuyang’s heart. Su Yuyang pushed Tang Xuan away and said, revolted, “Wherever you go, even the air makes me want to vomit.”

Tang Xuan seemed not to sense Su Yuyang’s disgust. He exclaimed, “As long as I’m alive, the air will contain my presence. Su Yuyang, will you vomit so much you die?”

“How I die doesn’t have a single thing to do with you,” Su Yuyang said coldly, then pulled Ling Miao as if to leave.

Ling Miao broke free of Su Yuyang’s hold and the fist he had already made now landed unceremoniously in Tang Xuan’s stomach. This punch was fast and furious and contained Ling Miao’s bottomless hatred toward Tang Xuan.

Tang Xuan had the opportunity to dodge, but he didn’t. He laughed out loud as he took Ling Miao’s blow.

As Tang Xuan was hit he fell flat on the floor. His laugh grew even more piercing, tears shining in his eyes.

Ling Miao rotated his wrists and looked from on high at Tang Xuan on the ground. It might have been Tang Xuan’s laughter that provoked him, but Ling Miao took two steps forward and drew back his fists again. Su Yuyang caught them again.

Why again?

When Tang Xuan had gotten close to Su Yuyang just now, Ling Miao had already readied his fists to strike. But Su Yuyang had noticed this and Ling Miao’s fists landed in Su Yuyang’s palm.

Su Yuyang grabbed Ling Miao and said, “You’ll get your hands dirty if you hit him.”

“I’ll just clean it with ethanol.” Ling Miao tried to get free of Su Yuyang but no amount of struggling worked.

Ling Miao had exhausted his strength and he yelled at Su Yuyang: “Su Yuyang, let me go! If I don’t beat him to a pulp today, my surname isn’t Ling!”

“Isn’t your surname Su?” Su Yuyang teased.

If Su Yuyang had said this when Ling Miao was calm, Ling Miao’s face would probably have gone burning red, but now Ling Miao’s restraint was hanging only by a thread and Su Yuyang’s words completely destroyed what remained of it.

“Su Yuyang…” Ling Miao bellowed. With a mysterious reserve of strength he broke free of Su Yuyang’s hold, but after he shouted he collapsed on Su Yuyang’s shoulder—Su Yuyang had knocked him unconscious with one chop of his hand.

Su Yuyang glanced at Tang Xuan panting on the ground, his eyes radiating thoughtfulness.

Tang Xuan panted for breath, one hand clutching the place Ling Miao had struck. He held out three fingers on his other hand and waved them in front of Su Yuyang: “Remember, three days.”

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